Action you can take

As an individual, what can I do to tackle bullying at work?

Workplace bullying often takes place behind closed doors with no witnesses and no obvious evidence. Bullies will lie to save their skins and can be convincing, and will not hesitate to make their victims look and feel like fools if they complain about being bullied. (That's bullying too). Bullies have to be clever to get away with it, but you can be clever too. Here are some ways to deal with bullying at work:

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Grievance letter

How to put your complaint into words

Updated October 2015

This page helps you set out a "grievance", which in an employment situation is an employee's complaint to their employer. Where employer and employee have a cooperative, reasonable relationship, grievances are unnecessary and some people get through their entire career without ever having to resort to them.

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Support and Discussion Forum


The Bullyonline forum is intended for people to seek or give help, and to provide relevant commentary on the topic of bullying in general, but especially at work. It was established by the late Tim Field on 7 September 2000. Topics typically include the Serial Bully, bullying (of course!), stress and its effects on health, the effects of bullying on career and personal life, and ways to cope with intolerable conduct. This does not mean that other subjects can't be discussed but keep in mind to make the topic relevant to other members who have joined this forum for that reason.

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