Case 087 - School

Many people believe that school bullying is a fairly recent phenomenon. I attended a very famous Grammar School at Grays in Essex during the war and bullying was rife there.

For two years my friend was mercilessly bullied by members of his class and others. This included serious sexual assaults carried out in the school toilets. He was a very timid boy due to severe illness when very young. His whole character changed and his class work suffered so that he finished up in the lowest class of the school. He contemplated suicide and I advised him to report what was happening to the form master. 

In desperation he did this and was sent to the headmaster and beaten for lying. This bullying profoundly affected this boys life, he drifted from job to job and although he married he could never have a proper relationship. Originally he was a very clever boy but his whole life was ruined.

I have written this just to show that even in those far off days bullying was a real problem for some children and they could do nothing about it.

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