Case 079 - NHS

I work for a medical secretary in an NHS Trust. In November 2002 a new manager started in our department. From day one she made it clear that she was the manager, and questioned everything we did and wanted us to keep tally sheets to see what work we were doing. She constantly questioned the way we worked and wanted to change things within the department even though she had never been a medical secretary or worked in the NHS Trust.

I went to my Service Manager quoting some of the things she had said to me ie I will ask you what to do and if you don't do it I will tell you. My Service manager basically said there was more structure needed in the department and the line manager was here to make sure that happened.

The next thing I was asked to help do was the Consultants Clinic that I work for! I could hardly believe it, but she kept on insisting that I take on this extra responsibility. She then tried to get me to learn someone else's clinic as well and I just could not believe it, and took time out to get my head round all of this. I felt like too much was being put on me and felt that I was being constantly confronted and asked to take on this extra responsibility. I have yet to see the outcome of this.

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