Case 011 - Further Education

My work history was predominantly manual, then I took up typing as a hobby and found I excelled at this. Following a short period of seeking the right qualifications I joined a local educational establishment for unemployed adults.

They liked what I did and offered me a job. All was well and good till one of the senior lecturers was promoted. Almost immediately the change set in. She had started there almost at the same time as myself and always seemed friendly and chatty. Caring profession her speciality, but some seemed wary of her. I didn't see the problem. Then she became the boss of our section, and well what a change.

I was already doing more than my fair share and she picked me to take on a high profile job. Fourteen months later and I had to resign to get relieved from this after not applying for the post officially a couple of weeks before. A few months later and she wanted me doing it again, only now I was heavily pregnant with weeks left before maternity leave. Disciplinary for refusing, not founded.

As soon as I was back she was at it again, I asked why always me and not the others and she compared herself years ago to my own single parent status and full-time job trying to raise a family and said she could see my talents and wanted to guide me onward and upward. I told her I just wanted a steady job, one I could do, with a regular wage, being on benefits it would not make a difference to me to get any higher pay.

She has shouted at me, singled me out, had me in disciplinary without any notice and would say things in her office, without any presence of any other staff there.

She has threatened me with job loss, taking me to the Assistant Principal to explain what I did for a living for trying to shed some of the work pressure and faked that she cared in front of others when I have broken down, only then to try to get me alone to add on the pressure and insecurity I was being subjected to.

All this from a nursing professional, who knew the stresses and strains of the tasks she asked of me and who now lies and tries to manipulate the truth in a testimony to the court. I have even known her to ask others if they can find any old clothes they don't want because I cannot buy new and let the side down for dressing poorly. She has even brought second hand clothes to work and asked me to wear them to look more office like.

Now she says I was happy and that she had no idea I was suffering stress, even after two letters to management telling them so. She just says she had no idea and if she had had then she would have dealt with it.