Case 022 - Receptionist, Not For Profit

I was a receptionist who primarily gathered credit data on commercial business for a not-for-profit group. Although stressful, the job had some pleasant people when I first came there, especially "Mr P." However, my direct supervisor, "N'' was quite bizarre (obsessed with playing bridge), and a petty thief. When he stole some small items, I had to confirm that he had indeed taken the items. I now realize that's when the harassment began. By the way "N" would literally spend the whole day on the phone with his wife, which is stealing in itself. Some years passed.

Eventually, "Mr. P" retired and moved to his home state. "N" was promoted to his position. This is when the harassment began. "N" began hiring his bridge-obsessed buddies. Just for starters, these folks would blab about bridge all day. Fine for them, but I was doing all the work. "X" a truly hideous woman in appearance and action was claiming I was not turning my work in, and that I was lazy. Through some lucky fluke, I think a change in lunch plans, thus going to lunch at a different time, I saw her hiding my work in a pile of papers to be recycled! When she went to lunch, I was all alone in the office. I retrieved and hid the papers. When everyone was back in the office, I walked into the common office area, brandished the papers and said. "So, you say I'm not turning in my work. Well, here it is, I found it when you were dumping it in the recycling pile!" After the pandemonium subsided, she was put on probation for several weeks, perhaps a month.

Meanwhile, "N" hired another buddy, "C". "C" did not work in my department, nor was he a supervisor. But he constantly harassed me. EG: when putting envelopes thru the postage machine, he blew up and went after me! He truly looked and acted crazy. Then one morning, I brought in a certain type of juice. Apparently he did too. When I was drinking this juice, he went crazy, accusing me of drinking his juice! I was able to prove it was, indeed my juice. Meanwhile, he drank up my container! While ranting and literally raving about me.

Then, one morning before the other offices in the building were open (had to wait for the other tenants to arrive to activate the elevator) I was merely looking out the lobby window at a pleasant day. "C" started raving and screaming, accusing me of looking at him, or giving him a look. (Neither one true, and I started screaming back.) Finally, "C" left work early one day claiming illness. Something seemed fishy, though. When I arrived home, I found a filthy porno magazine left in my door. It was still in the bag with a receipt and a nasty note. It appeared to be in his writing, and a neighbor phoned to say she saw a suspicious vehicle park on my lawn about two hours after "C" left work. This would be a very unusual time for people to be around in that neighborhood, to boot. I did get the police involved, and made all at work aware of this incident, and that the police were surveilling my house because of the magazine and the note. I told a co-worker that the writing appeared to be "C"'s and that the police handwriting team was analyzing it. I told another worker, who was rather close to "C" that I only wished the person who did this to me would apologize and get help.

I had my mother call me every day at work about "the police case" and tried to do so where "C" would "overhear" these conversations. When I told my mother "I'm not afraid, because cowards don't sign their names, but the police would soon trace the person because he left a receipt in the bag, and he had been caught by a surveillance camera in the porno store (which I claimed was there due to a special "sting" taking place." "C" conveniently over heard the whole conversation. Miraculously, the next day he did not show up!!!! He had resigned (no notice given) and had supposedly left so abruptly to finish up his degree at ----- College (funny, the semester was well underway, and no one could have started attending classes in that part of the semester. But, "C'' was gone.

Then more harassment from "N" having my receptionist desk and duties taken away, etc. Ultimately, I found a job in a career I had been wanting to undertake. I learned years later from a client that "N" was fired by the board of directors. Also the client said the board would NOT have permitted the harassment and other nonsense to go on any further. I was quite sure I was being forced to quit, and feel so fortunate a job in my field opened up. Also, I've learned since then that "N" owns a nightclub, and according to musician friends of mine, he has a reputation as a crook and those who play that club need to grab their cash, or cash their check immediately.

"X" is working as a baby-sitter, how I pity the children in her care. My career? Broadcasting. I'm on the number one adult contemporary station, and I'm on hundreds of TV commercials. I hold no ill will towards my former tormentors, but I relish the thought that they could hear me on radio or TV anytime, whether they want to or not!!!!

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