Case 023 - Private Industry - Instrument Manufacturer

I am a 46 year old artist and inventor, now divorced, with 2 daughters aged 14 and 17 and one son 7 years old.

I had studied instrument making and design for about 18 years and had become well known as a guitar maker and designer when my first real success came about in the industry as a result of a trade show exhibition of some of my designs that netted over 400 orders from just the introduction of a prototype.

I had only one other man who I had taught what I was doing in my shops and although I did not like his character in some respects I did not understand what I was going to be facing by making him a part of my organization of a company. He was hired to do the construction and to take care of ordering the parts. I was to take care of the research and development and to operate the corporation.

Shortly after we had begun into production I found that he was always seemingly angry and remarked how his office was smaller than mine as the founder and manager. He did this in front of others who were visiting. He began to make remarks like "wouldn't it be great if I was the designer someday?" and to let things slip out into the local
community where he actually told others that he owned a guitar company when in fact he had only been taught how to work on them and was titled "production manager".

Although he had never worked on instruments before I met him and had no knowledge of the tools even, he began to tell people that he had been working on them since he was a teenager. When confronted with any of these things he would say that he had been misunderstood when he had told someone about this. I had granted him some company stock and one day he insisted that he deserved more than I had given to him so I issued him some additional shares. He thought he should be paid the same as I was being paid so I obliged this request too.

In front of others he would introduce me and make a great thing out of telling how good it was to work with me. Eventually however this turned to threats he made in private telling me what it would be like for me when he was running the company.

Then, he began to call my wife and began to tell her that I was involving myself with the secretary at the office. This was not true but disrupted my personal life. Then, while I tried to solve the problems created there I was hardly able to progress with work at the offices.

When ever I worked on creative projects to move the company forward they were greeted with sneers and comments like "what are you doing now, we already have enough of your work to run this company on".

I became so depressed from my situation at home and at work finally that I went to a counsellor with my wife. The counsellor first thought I was ADD which may or may not be. Later she concluded that I was suffering from severe depression and began to ask me more questions about my work situation and what was happening.

After I explained about this man grabbing me by the collar and telling me that I would be working for him and not him for me someday and things like this and then turning around and publicly saying how good it was to work for me she said that I had involved myself with a person similar to a wife beater and that this kind of individual was a type of psychopath.

At her advisement I left the company and let the "Bully" operate it until he ran it broke. This was all I could do to survive really since I could not stay in proximity to him and could not oust him from the company. Everything I shared with this supposed "friend" about my personal life and situation were used against me by him to make me look "crazy" and to gain the confidence of others so he could gain control of what I had worked for years to create.

He would say things like "I am only doing this because I really care about the stockholders and otherwise I could be working somewhere else making 6 figures". So, after leaving the company I had to watch and see it fail and the stockholders received no reports, no payments were made to the banks and my home was lost as a result of this.

The man is now working as a "Mr. Fixit" and has some pieces of paper that he made up (not actual business cards even) that he gives out to try to find work.

So, his incompetence is finally well known and an otherwise successful company was nearly destroyed for good by his words and deeds for which he still feels no remorse and does not ever indicate that he
thinks he did any wrong.

The company was dissolved after he proved what he was and so the design patents and the name of it reverted back to me and I have found a new manager for them now. Yet the losses can be tremendous when involving one of these people in your life and believing in them at all. They cannot be reasoned with surely.

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