Case 024 - Police

All I ever wanted to be was a police officer. I spent the first nine years of my career dealing with normal police tasks, with the odd dead body under a train, or the Brixton riots, Finsbury Park riots, football duties, etc.

Then one day whilst in CID I met a young man that meeting was to change my life, eventually we started to go out, he was 8 years younger than me we were both single albeit I had been in a violent marriage some years previous.

He eventually told me he was being bullied by a police sergeant I at that time still believed in the system, still thought that you could trust people. That was the biggest mistake of my life!

He told me that the sergeant was making his life hell, he was going to leave the police as he felt threatened by the sergeant's behaviour. I told him he had nothing to fear and that I would stand by him. He made the complaint and I kept my word and stood by him, even making a statement to my Superiors stating that my then boyfriend had reported the sergeant's behaviour to myself.

I was subsequently interviewed by the Complaints section of my force, but then sinister things started to happened. I was in CID and had been for about 12 months, I was due to go on a CID course, it was cancelled, the driving course I was due was also cancelled, when I asked WHY, no reasons were given. My files started to either disappear or I would find used condoms in amongst the papers (hence to say the paperwork had to be re-done).

Myself and the boyfriend decided to get married, In those days you had to inform the Job you intended to marry, I was advised not to marry my boyfriend, I was told in no uncertain terms things would be made difficult. I was threatened physically and mentally (I was asked how would my first husband also a police officer feel, if he knew I was to remarry, certain people that were senior to me had worked with both my ex and myself they knew just how violent my first marriage had been).

Still I stood by my boyfriend on 1st September 83 and we married in December 1983, I got injured on duty, by then I had left CID after receiving numerous threats. I had returned to uniform and was now stationed in the same location as the Sergeant that had bullied my husband.

The night I was injured I was refused to be allowed to attend hospital until some four hours later. I was refused a pension on the grounds it had to be awarded. My husbands life was still made hell, but now I was out of the way. I received visits from senior officers at home, warning me to keep quiet. My pay was cut!

Eventually I went to my MP, there was an agreement, a statement was taken as to what had happened. I was advised I would get my pension, but my husband was to leave the Job, as well as me being pensioned out.

I paid the price for standing by someone who was bullied, I lost my health, the chance of a family, my career and my home. Now years later I am still paying the price, not just physically you see as my health has got worse. I have been asked by various doctors and other agencies WHY didn't your force look after you.

I think we all know why. (The bullies look after each other).

Now after being pushed to the brink, and trying to kill myself, I have realised that you are on your own. Even to this day I do as I was warned KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, OR YOU LOOSE YOUR PENSION.

The Doctors say I have had a breakdown after all the years of abuse they say I am suffering Complex PTSD. They keep asking went did happen when I was in CID.

Even as I write this I still live in fear.

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