Case 030 - Community - vendetta

About 18 months ago a woman I have known for many years as an acquaintance started behaving in a hostile manner towards me, ie malicious comments to others in our group behind my back. At the time the purpose of this seemed to be to sever my friendship with a close male friend of mine, whom I had also known for many years, though he was only a friend and no more.

Eventually she turned him against me and I ended the friendship, as by then I was being threatened by innuendo that she would influence him to steal from me again (he already had), and that she would persuade him to cause conflict between me and my parents and brother. I thought this would be the end of the trouble.

Next I found another acquaintance was constantly on the end of my ‘phone also threatening psychological violence by innuendo, i.e. that trouble would be caused in my job, that my family would still be turned against me. I banged the ‘phone down on her eventually, even though she indicated that she was being pressured, as I knew the threats were originating from the psychopath. But it did not end there.

After that I received threats from two of my friends, and six people in my block of flats, by ‘phone and obviously coming from the same source as above. The threat now is that if I try to sell my flat and move, my flat will be broken into and demolished. I replied, also by innuendo, that if this happened I would leave immediately and rent it out. The reply to that was that my fitted wardrobe would be demolished and my walls “painted”. In addition, I have received a further threat that she will pursue me wherever I move to.

The law, although sympathetic, does not cover this kind of behaviour, and I am now in the position of wondering what this person is aiming for and where all of this will end. I understand that the person who displays this type of personality disorder usually wants something, either control or elimination of their target, but neither seems to be the case here. I can only think that destruction of me, by whatever means, seems to be the goal.

If anyone has any experience of this type of behaviour in their personal life or suggestions as to how I can resolve this situation, or what the aim of this person could be I would be grateful to hear from them.

I also hope this page will help others. My message is Never Give In To Threats. Whatever the outcome may be, it must be better than having the rest of your life controlled by a psychopath.

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