Case 031 - Local Government

I was a Local Government Officer in a senior position. My boss (who had never liked me) generally let me get on with things but in 2000 he began to bully me. All the usual things like praising others for work which was 90% mine, constant criticism, shouting at me if I dared approach him when others weren't around etc etc. This seemed to coincide with a change in the sickness monitoring procedure which meant that I "triggered" all the time since my medical condition causes me to have frequent odd days off. Eventually, I began to crack and ended up sounding off to a colleague. This minor misdemeanour was blown up out of all proportion and I was subjected to "informal" disciplinary procedures "for my own good." Eventually I gave in and left.

On Friday (15th Feb 2002) I received a letter from the Employment Tribunal telling me that the initial hearing will be on the 18th March (2 days before my son's 18th birthday.) Also in the letter was the delayed reply from my ex-employers to my tribunal application.

They denied everything. Absolutely everything. They said that I had not made any complaint about my boss, either formal or informal even though I have a letter from the Assistant Director inviting me to a meeting to discuss my allegations of being bullied! They said that they never discriminated against me because of my disability, but even if they had, it was more than 3 months before my complaint so I am out of time anyway. In short, I must be prepared to prove everything and fight very hard even though my boss's bullying has left me barely able to cope with the part-time work that I now do. My house is a mess and I am on strong medication for depression (for the first time in my life.)

I know that only 1 in 10 "constructive dismissal" cases succeeds and the Union have already told me that I have little or no chance of success so why am I going on? Because I am this man's fourth victim (that I know of.) The others all left with their tails between their legs but I want to draw attention to what he is doing. OK, the management appear to condone his actions so far, but if people start taking them to Tribunal they might just consider him too hot to handle and his day then might be over. It is not a question of revenge but of justice.

Please will everyone who reads this wish me luck.

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