Case 033 - Central Government

I work in a central government department who are very proud of their policy on Harassment and Bullying which actually does no more than pay lip service.

I was bullied with unrelenting vehemence by a new line manager from February 2001 to August 2001. The bullying was witnessed by other managers and my staff (all of whom stood up to be counted and relayed to higher management what had occurred).

I went through four months of informal resolution meetings where the bully had a forum to openly abuse me, this behaviour was then tackled. However in order to tackle his 'basic beliefs' I was used as the 'whipping boy'. During the last meeting I was shouted and sworn at in front of two senior managers who did nothing to protect me. I protected myself by leaving the meeting.

Somehow I managed to go to work every day and eventually for the first time in the history of this government department the bully was reverted to a lower grade and moved.

This was not the first time he had bullied someone indeed a formal complaint of bullying was brought against him (and upheld) whilst he was bullying me.

Why is he still employed? Bullies destroy lives and when driving into a motorway bridge seems preferable to driving to work then things have gone way too far.

I stood up for myself and am now being victimised as my request to apply for a post on promotion is being blocked because last years events reflect on me although it is recognised that it was not my fault and that I handled the situation well!

I have not and will not give up. I have written to the head of the government department and am meeting with him on March 1. Change has to start somewhere and I feel strong enough with the support of my excellent trade union rep to continue the battle.

Good for him!

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