Case 038 - Corrections Institute

I work in corrections in Ontario, Canada, which is equivalent to the Home Office in England. I work with youthful male offenders at present. The bullying started two years ago after an incident involving two offenders who were twins. I had them both on my caseload and was accused along with a probation officer of forcing a volunteer to testify for the defense. The probation officer's supervisor was supportive of her. My supervisor was not supportive of me and accused me of unethical behavior. My reply at the time was to bring me up on charges in front of the College of Social Work. This of course was not done.

This started in December of 1999. Since that time my direct supervisor and the Deputy Superintendent of Programs have been micro managing me and finding fault with everything that I do. In addition to this they placed a social worker who is considerably junior to me on a prestigious committee. This was meant to be an insult to my competence.

The Chief Psychologist has also been interviewing my clients. I do not know what goes on in these interviews. However, I do know that afterwards my clients who are youthful offenders seem to doubt my ability to help them.

At present I have a harassment grievance filed which is going to stage three.

Someone has advised me to go to the Human Rights Commission as well I think I will do this.

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