Case 039 - NHS

I worked for the NHS as a Public Health Senior Analyst. The team consisted of four analysts, myself and another manager and a senior manager. I had been out of the NHS for a few years as I had been working in the private sector.

On my first week on the job the senior manager asked me to start disciplinary procedures on one of my staff. I refused to do this saying that I could not start disciplinary procedures on a member of staff that I had little experience of working with. After that incident my boss and the other manager started to pick on me. They would come to management meetings with an agenda they had planned in advance, often this would involve blaming me for not performing. I had stated at interview for the job that I would require support from the senior manger this was never given.

When I was given work from the senior manager I would follow her instruction but when I had completed the work she would say that I had not produced what she asked for. The two managers worked well together. I was made to feel so stupid and even people outside the team were encouraged to believe that I was not good at my job. However the team I managed supported me fully and when they realised what was going on they were careful they were wary of saying anything to the senior manger in case it was taken as a criticism.

I found out after a few months that the employee I protected had been the previous victim of their bullying. I found no problems with her work. I spoke to Human Resources about the problems but they were unhelpful. As usual they suggest I talk to the director, however the director already thought the problems in the team were due to my incompetence thanks to the two managers. There was no where for me to go but to leave. I am totally frustrated that these mangers are protected by the system.

In my exit interview I was honest about what was going on in the unit. Nothing was done and since I have left the two managers started to pick on the most junior member of the team, I have since heard that this girl is pregnant and at one stage nearly miscarried and the two mangers have now started to pick on someone else within the team.  My analysis is that both these managers are insecure and they do not trust each other for support, they only way they can stick together is to pick on someone in the team.


How many more lives must be ruined. Will it take a suicide before HR and the NHS actually do something about these people?

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