Case 044 - Home Care, Social Services

We worked as teams going out at night putting people to bed and answering lifeline calls. I had had one or two experiences with this person shouting at me and humiliating me, often putting myself in danger of crashing the car because of her constant shouting at me.

I had used a new mug from the kitchen of our headquarters to have a cup of tea this one morning as you do. She informed me that the mug belonged to X, I said I was sorry for using the mug washed it and thought no more about it.

When I returned to work the following week there was another new mug with a note inside it 'Hands off we know who you are'. This continued for three weeks, new mugs turning up with notes and drawings all saying 'Do not use this mug or else'. She had bought the three new mugs for my work colleagues each week specifically to write the threatening notes in. I reported this to the line manager, taking with me a union representative as witness.

The manager had a little chat to the bully, but the bullying continued. I was also summoned to our offices by lesser managers who had got wind of this bullying and had wanted to question me alone, they asked me to attend a meeting with them at the outside offices making the excuse I had missed something in the meeting they wanted to go over. I arrived on my own only to be confronted by two managers and the notes and drawings the line manager was supposed to have kept in safe keeping. This was not private anymore. This had become public knowledge. Needless to say I left the meeting in tears and hastily, I was not going to answer any questions, and how come they had the notes when the line manager was supposed to be keeping them privately.

By now the bully was irate with me and continued to make my life a misery. I could not work under these circumstances so I went off sick, she sent me a Christmas card with the words 'Return to work or else', I was traumatised I was not going back to work there. The bully followed me around for six months afterwards I often saw her following me in her car. I lost my job. The bullies kept theirs. I lost my pension after fifteen years service.

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