Case 062 - Chemical Industry

Bullying of manager in a heavy chemical company

Coming from a "poor" family I have always been intent on achievements and doing well. My academic background is one I am proud of : cum laude in chemical engineering and many distinctions in my second, part time, BSc degree with a family of three children - me being the sole breadwinner with a disabled daughter (spina bifida). I moved up fairly quickly in a steel production company and moved to a heavy chemical company for career reasons and met a manager which I always read as "strange". After making my mark there, I was offered a line management role - something always detested but chose for experience.

For a year-and-a-half I put up with a manager who constantly nit-picked, always changed important goals, followed the line of everything is important - why has my issue not been resolved, totally destroyed my personal life with cell-phone SMS's, used audiences for belittling, turned one against the other by false quotation, played the tune "I care" whilst twisting the invisible knife, promoted specific individuals who were sheep whilst downcrying those who questioned, gave me warnings for issues ignored in other places etc. etc. I could bore you with the issues. The outcome of this was me having an anxiety attack (now on chronic illness beta-blockers), abusing alcohol in order to sleep, ignoring my friends, undergoing hypnotherapy for stress management, and almost losing my marriage. I also made other people lose their jobs in the time as this was the only way I saw my survival.

Fortunately, my technical desires and strengths allowed me to move to a different company after several interviews, and I now suffer from some PTSD issues which are so well covered in this website. My resignation was questioned by the managing director of the company, and I used to opportunity to tell the true story. I have also since then contacted the manager and told him quite clearly what was wrong. All I can say is that the web site is amazing. Thank you, and my word of advice is - never give up, if you are not happy then use your network and seek something else, or just face the music and seriously blow some whistle. These people with low self confidence hide themselves behind many masks. I am now very happy back in a technical role adding value that is once again respected by my peers and managers. Thanks again for the web site - brilliant.

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