Action You Can Take

As an individual, what can I do to tackle bullying at work?

Workplace bullying often takes place behind closed doors with no witnesses and no obvious evidence. Bullies will lie to save their skins and can be convincing, and will not hesitate to make their victims look and feel like fools if they complain about being bullied. (That's bullying too). Bullies have to be clever to get away with it, but you can be clever too. Here are some ways to deal with bullying at work:

Step 1: Regain Control

Step 2: Plan for Action

Step 3: Take Action

Collect Evidence

Try Working through your Employer and Human Resources

Read and Research about Bullying

Get Help from Elsewhere

Consider Taking Legal Action

Leave for a Better Job

Also Remember

If you are fighting a case of bullying against a serial bully and the employer chooses to not respond positively, remember the Achilles heels:

As an employer, what can I do about it?

Information for employers on dealing with bullying - from creating an anti-bullying ethos within the organisation to developing an anti-bullying policy - can be found here. Bullies are bad for business and the bully causes you, the employer, to incur vicarious liability for their behaviour. Also, download and read Bullying and harassment at work: a guide for managers and employers from the ACAS website.