This is the original Bullyonline website developed by the late Tim Field. It is provided as a testament to his pioneering work. An updated version of this page is available on the current website here.

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For free, confidential advice on employment relations problems including bullying, ACAS still operates a free helpline and their website is here 
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School Bully OnLine
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School and child bullying, bullycide, myths, advice for parents

Media centre
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media archive

Bully News
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newsletter archive


(from the 2014 Tim Field Memorial Lecture)

Bully Injury
stress, bullying, injury to health, trauma, complex post traumatic stress disorder, ptsd, cptsd,
 complex PTSD, suicide, chronic fatigue
How bullying injures your health, understanding psychiatric injury, stress,
denial, trauma, PTSD,self-harm, suicide

Bully OnLine

Workplace bullying: what is it,
how to recognise it, myths,
facts, costs, and why me?

Bully Action
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 settlements, judgements, tribunal, law
Practical advice for tackling bullying, legal action and case law

Bullying Case Histories
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 survivor, survivors,
You are not alone: bullying survivor stories

For employers
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 conflict, management, equality, discrimination, dispute, resolution, tribunal, reform, litigation, employment
Anti-bullying policy development

Bully Relations
violence, rage, anger, stalking, spree, killer, killers, killing, bullying
Related issues, violence, rage, stalking, spree killing

Family Bullying
family, bullying, families, parent, sibling, siblings, brother, sister, mother, father
Bullying in the family

Bully Resources
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 ptsd, suicide, links, support, groups, advice, guidance
Links, resources and the world's best books on bullying and related subjects

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