This is the original Bullyonline website developed by the late Tim Field. It is provided as a testament to his pioneering work. An updated version of this page is available on the current website here.

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Constantly criticized, nit-picked, undermined, sidelined, ignored, humiliated, passed over? Read this

How to deal with workplace bullying and how to tackle bullying at work

"All it needs for evil to prosper is for people of goodwill to do nothing" (Edmund Burke)

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As an individual, what can I do to tackle bullying at work?

Bullying takes place behind closed doors with no witnesses and no evidence (in the traditional sense). When called to account, the bully uses charm and their Jekyll and Hyde nature to lie convincingly. Bullies are clever, but you can be clever too. Here's how to deal with bullying at work:

Step 1: regain control

Step 2: plan for action

Step 3: take action

If you are fighting a case of bullying against a serial bully and the employer chooses to not respond positively, remember the Achilles heels:

As an employer, what can I do about it?

Information for employers on dealing with bullying - from creating an anti-bullying ethos within the organisation to developing an anti-bullying policy - has been moved to a separate page. Bullies are bad for business and the bully causes you, the employer, to incur vicarious liability for their behaviour.

Training videos which help employers recognise and deal with bullying are listed on the videos page.

Action plan for everybody


Once you become alerted to abuse taking place, if you then choose not to report it, you are accepting a share of the responsibility for all subsequent abuse committed by that person.

Recommended reading on bullying, harassment and psychological violence

bully in sight: how to predict, resist, challenge and combat workplace bullying; overcoming
the slience and denial by which abuse thrives by Tim FieldOver 10.000 copies sold in more than 30 countries
Bully in sight
How to predict, resist, challenge and combat workplace bullying
Overcoming the silence and denial by which abuse thrives

Tim Field
Foreword by Diana Lamplugh OBE
ISBN 0952912104
Published by Success Unlimited 1996
Paperback, 16 chapters, 384 pages, resources, index
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"Will be eagerly read by those waiting for an update [to Andrea Adams' book]"
Times Educational Supplement 7/3/97
"Powerful, compassionate, practical" Nursing Times, 1/1/97
"Bully in sight is a Godsend. I think you're the only person in the world who really understands what happens when you're bullied at work. As a result of your book personnel are starting to take me seriously for the first time, management are backtracking (they were threatening to dismiss me) and the bully (a power freak who's destroyed several predecessors) is looking stressed for the first time in her life. I can't thank you enough."
(UK employee)

Readers' feedback and comments.

Written with the experience and insight only a fellow experiencer can impart, Bully in sight:

Confirms and validates your experience of bullying when those around you are trying to deny it
Enables you to regain your sanity, stability and objectivity
Offers practical advice throughout, is rich in content and free of psychobabble
Invigorates you with insight and information
Teaches you that you are not alone in your experience of being bullied
Identifies and describes the injury to health caused by bullying and harassment
Enables you to overcome the feelings of shame, embarrassment, fear and guilt that bullies use to control you
Re-empowers you so you are able to regain control of yourself, your situation, and your life
Provides the means for you to break the bully's hold over you
Explains to partner, family and others the hell you are experiencing
Assists you with the legal process including case law for constructive dismissal
Helps you restart your existing career or start on the path to a new career
Is packed with insight, ideas and direction, plus sources of help and suggested reading

Bully in sight identifies bullying as the common denominator of harassment, discrimination, prejudice, abuse, conflict and violence, and describes the principal perpetrator of psychological violence, the serial bully.

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Recommended reading on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and recovery from trauma

post traumatic stress disorder: the invisible injury, 2001 edition by david kinchin
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
The invisible injury, 2004 edition

David Kinchin

ISBN 0952912147
Published by Success Unlimited 2004
Paperback, 16 chapters, 224 pages, resources, index
Click book cover (left) for more details

"This is the book I so badly wanted when I was traumatised."
David Kinchin, Author

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: the invisible injury provides clear, practical advice for recovery from major traumatic experiences, including violence, harassment, assault, rape, accident, fire, explosion, disaster, or witnessing such events.

PTSD is a natural emotional reaction to a deeply shocking and disturbing experience. The symptoms are surprisingly common and include sleep problems, nightmares and waking early, impaired memory, inability to concentrate, hypervigilance (feels like but is not paranoia), jumpiness and exaggerated startle response, fragility and hypersensitivity, irritability, violent outbursts, joint and muscle pains, panic attacks, fatigue, low self-esteem, exaggerated feelings of guilt, feelings of nervousness and anxiety.

David Kinchin's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: the invisible injury is a revised and updated edition of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: a practical guide to recovery published by Thorsons in 1994.

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Tim Field's book Bully in sight validates the experience of bullying and
defines the injury to health caused by bullying and harassment

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