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Half the population are bullied but most don't recognise it till they read this

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Half the population have experienced bullying or are being bullied now. Browse Bully OnLine, a gold mine of insight and information on bullying which exposes the serial bully. One person in thirty is a serial bully and everyone knows at least one serial bully. A compulsive liar with a Jekyll and Hyde nature, the serial bully is emotionally cold, joyless, humorless, deceitful, displays a compulsive need to control, but is always charming, self-assured and plausible. Click here to see who this describes in your life.

Browse this web site to recognize and learn how to deal with the bullies in your life ... start with Am I being bullied? then move on to What is bullying? To find out what you can do about bullying, click Action to tackle bullying. Have a look at the profile of the serial bully which is common to abusers, violent partners, harassers, stalkers, rapists, pedophiles, even some serial killers. Learn to recognize dangerous people before they cause you harm.


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For other terms, copy and paste the above address into your browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator or similar) and replace the word "bullying" with your word.

A recent survey of popular search terms used in one search engine in one month revealed that "free" is always a word that attracts punters - 51103 times. Some people don't seem to care what it is as long as it's free! I was intrigued with the 24511 requests for "free xxx". xxx is obviously in demand. "I'm just popping out for some free xxx, dear" you say as you leave the house one evening. What you come back with is anybody's business. Or maybe it's just your business. Free stuff scored 33556 suggesting that what is free is less important than the fact that it's free, whilst 7723 people looked for a free sample. Of what we may never know.

Internet services feature prominently, with free email at 41173 (and its poorer hyphenated relative, free e-mail, at 9543 and warm version hot mail at 8766), ahead of free screensavers (21896), free software (13391), free wallpaper (12459 - screen background), and free web space (10502). The visual attraction of computer screens is popular with picture (165263) and pics (11609 and free pics 16266) displaying frequently. Free clipart and its spaced-out cousin free clip art scored 10561 and 11017 respectively. Search engines scored highly with the singular search engine being requested 80137 times. Search engines also offer people search (42175), find people (10075), people finder (20270) and people find (6037). The word "search" itself generated 10905 searches. 17189 people conducted their job search on the web. Bill Gates (6953) with Microsoft (29840) and variations also featured often.

The advantages and popularity of online ordering are borne out by the high number of requests for an airline ticket (67859), a ticket on its own (23286), a cheap ticket (23215), then all sorts of tickets.

Chat is popular with the Internet providing free chat (20596). Net surfers are not as isolated as you might think with searches for free greeting card scoring 16395.

Another big score was music (410276) with music video (58728), rock music (28514) and mp3 music (21075). Classical music only struck a chord with 11104 surfers.

Play is prominent with free game at 30501 and free downloads at 14654. With Christmas (only 6078) looming, the popular toy appears to be pokemon (158796, with pokemon card 24864 and pokemon picture 10058), although at 1065 the story has gone out of toy story during 1999. Star Wars (23451) remains popular after the new Star Wars film this year. Old favorites such as monopoly (2848) and scrabble (2261) vie with each other for their appeal to all ages.

Sport (159685) is a firm favorite, with baseball (14100 plus variations), football (31811), soccer (22951) and golf (30992) trying to score over each other. At 30525, fantasy football was nearly three times more popular than college football (11509). Swimming (3208) and athletics (1021) are less popular with jogging running up the least energetic score of 399. Perhaps most joggers are away from the keyboards. Mind you, these days I exercise my mind by thinking about jogging.

To jog is to travel, which at 516808, is one of the most frequently searched terms, with travel agency notching up 26832. Discount travel checks in at a cheap 9100 but with only 3519 people looking for a travel bargain. 8027 people wanted a travel ticket. Air travel (7688) and airline travel (8639) suggest equal numbers of prospective fliers thinking an using an airplane compared to flapping their own wings. New York (12222) or New York City (7821), home of The New York Times (19245) and New York Post (1783), proves to be a popular travel destination.

Talking of news (47328), the Dallas Morning News (5307) proved one of the most requested papers. It all happens in Dallas ... and is reported in the Dallas Morning News, apparently. Media giants CNN News (4325), ABC News (4015), BBC News (2810) trailed a long way behind but maybe people can guess their web site addresses more easily, or perhaps they're already available via channels. Sport news scored 23711.

Food and eating is always popular, with 50963 requests for a recipe with chicken recipe (2414) and cookie recipe (2192) the most hungered after. Next came salsa recipe (1982), with low fat recipe (1831) scoring a low calorie fifth.

Health prompted 140504 enquiries with slimming and weight loss weighing heavily on 43227 people's minds. 11381 people sought information on cancer, 10512 typed depression, but only 7424 required medicine. To be on the safe side, 11226 looked for insurance whilst 9059 wanted health insurance.

The turn of the millenium is occupying some people with the Y2K problem reaching 34040, slightly more than those wanting free stuff. No doubt it increased as the millenium dawned. Or, with millennium only counting down 4713, is that "yawned"?

Education (31053) is also a hot topic of study and surprisingly 22759 requests were made for "back to school". Whether this is to ease or avoid the return is unclear! Maybe the 9848 requests for psychology give us a clue.

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Tim Field's book Bully in sight validates the experience of bullying and
defines the injury to health caused by bullying and harassment

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