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Ban Bullying at Work Day
Tuesday 7th November 2006

Andrea Adams was Britain's pioneer in identifying and dealing with workplace bullying. Her seminal book Bullying at work: how to confront and overcome it, co-authored with the late Neil Crawford and published in 1993, is still available.

To celebrate a decade of progress since Andrea's death in 1995, the Andrea Adams Trust is organising a Ban Bullying at Work day on Monday 7 November 2005 as part of its continuing campaign to raise awareness of bullying at work.

The prevalence of bullying at work is often hidden behind excuses, euphemisms, myths, misperceptions, disbelief and denial by employers, whilst many employees feel they have to put up with this behaviour as part of their job, or do not complain for fear of further victimisation or of being labelled a troublemaker. Fear is no way to manage a business.

Surveys and studies indicate that between 1 in 5 and 1 in 2 people are bullied at work each day. Here at Bully OnLine we've always believed that bullying is a major albeit poorly-recognised cause of stress. Workplace bullying causes 18.9 million days to be lost to industry every year and costs individual companies around 10% of their annual profits on top of the threat of costly litigation.

Supported by many organisations including Bully OnLine at The Field Foundation, the Andrea Adams Trust is spear-heading a national campaign endorsed by the Government to raise awareness of workplace bullying, culminating in a Ban Bullying at Work day on Tuesday 7 November 2006. The idea is for everyone - employees, employers, groups, individuals - to take suggestions from and do whatever they are able to raise awareness. People should put out their own press releases, get involved with the media themselves, and raise their own profiles.

The Andrea Adams Trust needs you and/or your organisation to share their commitment by getting involved in raising awareness of this important issue within your workplace. As well as distributing posters and activity packs your organisation could run a variety of stimulating and interactive events to take place on the day. Activity packs are available from the Andrea Adams Trust.

How can you participate in Ban Bullying At Work Day?

Some thoughts

Up to half the UK workforce experience bullying at work yet there is still no law against bullying and for over a decade the UK government has shown no substantive interest in legislating against it despite intensive lobbying, press coverage and campaigning.

Every year at least 100,000 UK employees find themselves with little option but to make an application to an employment tribunal. The government's response is to ignore the causes of why so many people find themselves needing to bring a claim and instead to make it harder for people to bring cases to tribunal.

Many people who are bullied out of their jobs spend years on benefits and even if they are able to return to the workplace they are likely to earn substantially less and therefore pay much less income tax for the rest of their working lives. My own calculations suggest that the direct, indirect and consequential costs of bullying to UK plc could be as high as 30 billion annually. The Chancellor Gordon Brown does not understand what is causing the 7 billion Black Hole - or should that be Brown Hole? - in his budget, despite me having told him.

Tony Blair claims Gordon Brown is Britain's most successful Chancellor but the alleged prosperity of the UK economy is dependent on keeping everyone in debt, currently to the tune of 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) - more than the debt of many Third World Nations. Debt is a form of control, and control is the main objective of people who bully. The UK is an oil-producing nation but few people see the levels of individual wealth enjoyed by those in the world's other oil-producing nations.

Since 1996 the largest groups of callers and enquirers to Tim Field's UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line and web site Bully OnLine have been teachers, nurses and healthcare sector workers, social services and council employees, and those in the voluntary / charity / not-for-profit sector. [More statistics]

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