This is the original Bullyonline website developed by the late Tim Field. It is provided as a testament to his pioneering work. Visit our new website.

Half the population are bullied ... most only recognize it when they read this
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The following significant changes (most recent at the top) have been made to this web site:

Page Contains Date change made Changes
thefieldfoundation The Field Foundation home page April 2003 Established new web site
Bully Online Bully OnLine home page April 2003 All information and support activities moved to Bully OnLine
successunlimited Tim Field's books and seminars April 2003 Cleaned up web site
related Issues related to bullying March 2003 Move related pages to related
action.htm Action to tackle bullying November 2002 Move action pages to action/index.htm
stress.htm Stress and injury to health October 2002 Moved stress and injury to health pages to stress/index.htm
cases.htm Case histories - stories of survivors October 2002 Case histories moved to their own section
news.htm News on bullying from around the world September 2002 News pages concentrated in their own section
Bully Online Home page August 2002 New domain ... Bully Online is now the main entrance portal
student.htm Bullying of students at college or university 26 April 2002 Added new page
grieve.htm Why the grievance procedure is inappropriate for dealing with bullying March 2002 Added new page
myths.htm Overcoming the myths, misperceptions and stereotypes which sustain bullying 10 January 2002 Added new page