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Bullying in the family
relationship bullying, emotional bullying, family bullying, partner bullying, adult bullying
abusive personality, abusive partner

See these pages:

A bully in the family: related/family.htm

Attention-seekers, drama queens, relationship bullying and more: workbully/attent.htm

Serial bullies - abusive personalities and how to recognise them: workbully/serial.htm

Munchausen syndrome: workbully/munchaus.htm

Borderline Personality Disorder: workbully/bpd.htm

The Suite101 Emotional and Verbal Abuse web site:

Spousal and Domestic Abuse on Suite101:

Abuse in the Family:

The Freedom Programme a) helps women understand the beliefs held by abusive men; b) illustrates the effects of domestic violence on children; c) assists women to recognise potential future abusers; d) helps women gain self-esteem and confidence to improve the quality of their lives; and e) introduces women to community resources.

Sibling abuse:

SAFE New Hampshire - taking a stand against violence:


For dealing with an abusive partner or family member (or anyone), I recommend Patricia Evans' book The verbally abusive relationship. See and and

If the person fits the profile of the sociopathic serial bully at workbully/serial.htm then these books will prove useful:

Without conscience: the disturbing world of the psychopaths among us, Robert D Hare, The Guilford Press, 1999, ISBN 1572304510. Accurately describe the psychopathic mindset. Easy to read and highly recommended. In any proceedings it may be useful to insist that the serial bully undergo a psychiatric evaluation, specifically the Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R). More at

The mask of sanity, Hervey Cleckley, Textbook Publications, 2003,  ISBN 0758179936 (originally published by C V Mosby Publishing, Fifth Edition, 1976). The standard work on psychopathy which describes at length the damage a psychopath causes to families and to the community is  It's still in print and if you're dealing with a serial bully it's essential reading. First written in 1941 it's rather long and the language is at times quaint but it's as insightful today as it was then. 

These two books, based on real families, describe in detail the devastation caused by a psychopath in the family: 

Everything she ever wanted, Ann Rule, Pocket (reprint edition 1 December 1993), ISBN  067169071X.

Nutcracker: money, madness, murder: a family album by Sharna Alexander, 1986.

There's more suggested reading on and around the subject of bullying at resources/books.htm

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