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Updated 3 December 2005

**** Please note that this service will be withdrawn at the end of 2005 ****

Past mentions of bullying on radio, TV or in print media
Programmes on bullying etc scheduled
Requests to take part in or contribute to surveys, questionnaires, books etc
Requests to meet fellow targets, witnesses, etc

Someone from the media (radio, television, newspapers, magazines, or freelance writer) contacts me almost every day for information on bullying. Often, there is a requirement for a survivor of bullying to be interviewed or featured. Several chat shows (Kilroy, Esther, Scottish Women, Oprah, Open House with Gloria Hunniford) have aired programmes on bullying or associated topics. It's likely there will be many opportunities to take part in discussion programmes.

Help raise awareness of bullying by sharing your experience and contact the individuals as indicated. If you require anonymity, ask for it at the outset. Most responsible media organisations are happy to disguise cases and change names if required.

Feel free to forward these requests to anyone who may be interested in taking part - thank you.

Requests to meet fellow targets or to provide information for legal cases has been moved to a new page.

Media requests:

Bullying at work or by neighbours: If you've been bullied in the workplace or by neighbours, and think sharing your experience could help others, please get in touch. I'm the features editor at Prima, a national monthly glossy magazine for women aged between 30 and 55 and I'd love to hear from you. Each month we feature real women's stories in a positive, non-sensationalist way. Please bear in mind that we need to identify anybody who we feature and also photograph them, but we can offer a small fee for your trouble in taking part. To get in touch email me, Ruth Tierney, at or call me on 0207 312 4120.

Bullying and depression: I'm Laura Reid and I'm a trainee Journalist at Nottingham Trent University. I am making a short documentary about childhood depression and its causes and treatments in the UK. I am looking to speak to children who are currently or have in the past suffered from depression, or the parents of a depressed child or adults who have suffered from depression in their childhood. Also any experts in the field. Anyone interested in being involved whether to input in my research or to take part in the documentary should call Laura Reid on 07786 868 448 or email

Women bullied at work: I'm Liz Scarff and I'm a feature writer working on a piece about workplace bullying. I am looking to find UK female participants, aged between 20 and 45 who could talk about their own experiences. The feature is for a national women's glossy magazine and would involved a telephone interview and a photograph. I'd love to hear from you whatever your experience. I can be contacted on

Bullying and Stalking: I'm Dale Tyler and I'm a magazine feature writer working with all the major titles like Take A Break, Cosmo, B, Chat, Pick Me Up, etc. I wish to raise awareness of this terrifying problem, so am looking for stories from anyone who has suffered at the hands of a bully or stalker within the last five years. You will be paid a fee of up to £1500 for any published stories, although please be aware that you will be identified except in extreme circumstances. UK only please. For further information, please contact Look forward to hearing from you.

Stalking over the Christmas period: I'm Natasha Holt and I'm writing a feature for a national magazine about stalking. I need to find someone who was stalked, in particular over the Christmas period, who is willing to speak to me about their experience. There is a payment, but you will need to be identified. However, the story will be dealt with very sensitively. Please contact me as soon as possible on

Workplace bullying: My name is Monika and I work for Firecracker Films in London. We are making a one-hour prime-time documentary for Channel 4 in the UK, which looks at egomania or "preoccupation with self". We are looking to contact people who have had to deal with an egomaniac in the workplace. Please contact me if you would be willing to share your story on camera or for research purposes only. Please phone 020 7637 9310 or e-mail me at Many thanks!

Workplace bullying in childcare settings in the UK: I'm Justina Hart and I'm urgently looking to interview someone briefly over the phone who has been on the receiving end of workplace bullying in the childcare sector in the UK. You may be a childminder who has been bullied by parents, or perhaps a nursery / nursery school staff member who has been bullied by a colleague. Your story would be included in a short article for Sure Start Magazine, which is aimed at highlighting bullying in the caring professions and which will offer constructive advice. I am a freelance writer and editor who has written for the Guardian, the Independent, the Times Educational Supplement etc. Please contact me in confidence (names can be changed) at by 28th September 2005 - thank you.

Workplace bullying in the UK: Urgently looking for compelling stories of workplace bullying: I am a freelance journalist who has written for the Guardian, Times Educational Supplement and others. I am currently researching workplace bullying in the UK for a feature story to accompany the publication of new research on this topic in mid-September. I would like to tell your story to highlight the severity of the impact of bullying and the wide-reaching consequences of being a target. Would you like to take part in raising awareness of this pervasive social ill? Please contact me in confidence at by 1 Sept 05. I will respond quickly.

Workplace bullying in Alberta, Canada: Hi, I'm Pam Lasuita and I'm a story producer for CFRN-CTV Edmonton, researching a series on workplace bullying. I'd like to talk to people who've experienced workplace bullying who live in the central to Northern Alberta area in Canada. I've produced many workplace issue stories and have a background in psychology, and understand the sensitivity of this topic. I'd really like to hear from those who'd like to initially chat about possibly sharing their story. Please email Pam at Confidentiality respected. Thanks!

Child bullying: I'm Mandy Appleyard and I'm writing a feature for WOMAN magazine, looking at different challenges faced by 21st century mums. One of the issues we want to look at is bullying. For my article I'd like to do a telephone interview with a woman who will speak about her child bullying other children (either in the past or on an ongoing basis), and about the problems and difficulties that might have caused. She will need to be identified and willing to pose for a photograph with her child, and I'd need to do the interview by August 19 at the very latest. I need to interview a woman who doesn't feel she is in any way responsible for her child's bullying - ie, she's done what she can to help combat the problem, but it remains a problem. The magazine can pay £50 to anyone who agrees to take part. Contact Many Appleyard, tel 07891 341336 or 01482 863079, email

Supernanny: Is your child suffering from behaviour problems as a result of being bullied? Or perhaps itís your child thatís being the bully? Never fearÖ.SUPERNANNY IS HERE TO BEAT THE BULLIES! Fresh from dealing with everything that the Americans can throw at her in Supernanny USA, Britainís number one nanny, Jo Frost, is soon to be back on Channel 4 dishing out more top tips and expert advice to families throughout Britain. Each programme follows a different family as they open their doors to Supernanny Jo Frost, whose mission is to create order from chaos in just a few weeks. For the next series Jo is hoping to tackle bullying head on. So if your family has suffered issues with bullying and you think you might need her help - get in touch, weíre waiting to hear from you. Supernanny is also still on the lookout for all the classic childhood problems, from taming tantrum-prone toddlers to banishing backchat, sorting out sibling rivalry to fixing your fussy eaters. If you would like Supernanny to come to your rescue and want to be involved in the next series, contact the Supernanny team at Ricochet South. Call 0800 10 777 31 or apply via our website or directly to

Bullying of redheads: I am making a television documentary for a major broadcaster about Britainís treatment towards redheads. I am keen to contact anybody who has been treated badly because of their red hair and who thinks that there should be laws in place to protect redheads. My email address is or you can contact me (in the strictest confidence) on 0207 502 5778.

Bullying by neighbours: I'm Lucy Morgan and I'm currently developing a four part series for Channel 4 about neighbour disputes and the benefits of mediation. Our series is presented by an expert in neighbourhood dispute resolution, a trained mediator and ASBO ambassador who also uses hands-on methods of achieving results. I am trying to contact families in the UK who might be interested in taking part in our series. I am happy to discuss it with anyone and these conversations are held in confidence. The contact details for the programme are Tel 0207 258 6848 or email

Bullycide, harassment and female gang bullying: my name is Wersha Bharadwa and I'm a freelance journalist currently researching stories on bullycide in teenagers and adults, work place harassment and bullying and female gang bullying. If you're in the UK and you have ever experienced this or have had a loved one commit suicide as a result of being bullied, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am looking for male and female case studies. You will be paid for your time, but should be willing to be photographed for the magazine. Please contact me asap at and I will get back to you right away.

From Ottawa, Canada: I'm Natalie van den Bosch, a News Reporter working for CJOH Television, a CTV News affiliate in Ottawa, Canada. I am looking for someone living in the Ottawa area who has experienced workplace bullying and would be willing to talk about it. It is for television broadcast but we can conceal their identity if that's a concern. Anyone who is interested or would like more information can contact me at or by telephone at 613-274-4318

Teachers being bullied in the UK: Have you experienced bullying in the workplace from colleagues? We want to hear about your experiences of bullying in the education sector and how it was dealt with by the school. This is for a piece on how bullying in the workplace can be resolved positively, to be broadcast on a new TV channel for Teachers. Please call for further information. We will not identify anyone, or the school if requested. To get in touch please email or call or tel 0161 832 7211 ext 3952.

CASE STUDIES REQUIRED FOR NEW ZEALAND TELEVISION DOCUMENTARY: I'm Mary Percy and I work for an independent television production company in Auckland, New Zealand, called Greenstone Pictures who specialise in making documentaries and series for national and international broadcasters. The company was established 11 years ago and has been responsible for a number of award winning documentaries over the years including Ė Cave Creek, Crump and Kirsa Ė A Motherís Story. We are currently working on a documentary looking at issues surrounding office politics in New Zealand. We want to cover topics like bullying and harassment right through to areas of conflict such as gossip, lazy workmates and air conditioning disputes. We're looking for stories to include in this documentary. So if you work in New Zealand and have experienced office politics as an organisation or as an individual, then we'd like to hear from you. You will not be committing to appearing in the programme at this stage it is more an exercise to see who is out there and what the main issues in the workplace are. The information will be kept confidential and we do not need to expose the name of your organisation. She will then go through all the stories and make a selection of the ones we would like to include in the programme. To contribute to the programme, call me or send me an email at briefly outlining your story (a few bullet points is sufficient) and include a contact phone number, then one of us will call you back. Please also forward this request to anyone you know who may be interested. At this stage the documentary is in the early stages of production and as we work in a very competitive environment, we would ask that you treat the details of the documentary as confidential. Contact: Mary Ann Percy, Researcher, Greenstone Pictures, Tel 09 630 7333, direct dial 09 623 7762, email

Men bullied at work: I'm Sarah Hecks and I work for Menís Health magazine. Iím researching a piece on bullying in the workplace. I'm trying to get hold of men who are willing to talk about their experiences of bullying at work (either being bullied or participating in the bullying). Everything will be treated in a confidential manner. Contact Sarah Heck, tel 020 7339 4438, email

Stop Bullying: Iím Georgina Seldon and Iím currently researching for a documentary about bullying. I am studying BA Television Production at Bournemouth University. Iím interested in getting in contact with people who are willing to share their experiences of bullying whether it be school bullying, bullying within the workplace or perhaps friends and family of a victim of bullying. The objective of the piece is to make a powerful statement against bullying and to raise awareness of the issue with the aim to help others in similar situations. Filming is due to take place on the 30/31st October and I need your help. If you would like to take part or feel you could help with research please contact Georgina Seldon in confidence either by telephone: 07890 478803 or email:

BBC Newsround: I'm Sally Meeson and I'm currently working on a special programme on bullying for the BBC's children's news programme Newsround. We're currently looking for a number of guests for our programme including:
1) A teacher who would be willing to talk about being intimidated/ bullied by his/her pupils
2) A child who has been a bully but has now reformed but would be willing to talk about what made them do it/ what made them change/ what they would say to other bullies
3) A celebrity (preferably one who is quite young and therefore well known by our audience) who could talk about being bullied themselves at school then fighting back at the bullies by becoming succesful
4) A child who would talk about being "e-bullied" ie being sent intimidating texts/emails/chat room messages
The programme is due to air on Sept 17th and the majority of the filming is planned to take place on the first week of September. Contact Sally Meeson, Newsround, Tel 0208 2256210, email

Are schools doing enough? Iím Tamsyn Kent and I'm working on a piece for the 7 oíclock News about bullying. We are a half hour nightly news programme aimed at 25-35 year olds. We are looking for an interviewee who fits into this age group (or very near) who could talk about whether schools are doing enough to tackle bullying. The government has a bullying charter and is launching the Anti Bullying Alliance and yet some childrenís charities say a third of schools operate a no-blame policy which isnít working. If you're able to contribute contact me at work on 0208 624 9399 or email

Bad girl made good: I'm Claire Roberts and I'm writing a feature on 'bad girls made good' and one of the 'bad girls' I have in mind is someone who used to be a bully before seeing the 'error of her ways' and then 'making good'. Perhaps she herself was so scared of being bullied that she did it to fit in, or perhaps she was having such an awful time at home / school / uni / work that she thought she'd dish a bit out herself. The premise of this is that it's a positive piece - we're not looking to vilify anyone here, it's more about self awareness and the story behind how this woman turned her life around to be the super-successful XXX she is now. It would involve pix and an interview over the phone. Ideally I need the case study to be aged 30-40 and in the UK. If you fit the bill, call me, Claire Roberts, on 07939 514823 or email

Neighbour bullying: Talkbackthames Productions are looking to make a television series in which a central expert "negotiator" can help with solving difficult neighbourhood disputes. I would love to hear from people (initially in the London area) who would be willing to feature in the series, put our negotiator to the test and see if a satisfactory resolution to their problem can be found. Anyone interested or with a query should feel free to contact me on tel 020 7861 8465 or by email

Let down by your solicitor? Have you been wronged by your solicitor? Did you seek help from the Law Society? Did the Law Society let you down? If you can answer yes to all three questions and you wish to share your stories with the public, please email Liz Rosilio at BBC Television: Please include a contact number and a brief outline of your experience.

Beat The Bullies: in the autumn (6-12 September 2004) BBC Radio 1 will be carrying out a bullying awareness campaign called Beat The Bullies. We feel it is important to highlight the issue as it relates directly to our target audience. Radio 1ís aim is to assist with tackling the problem with help from trained BBC counsellors and the Department for Education and Employment. We will be talking to people all over Britain, as well as high profile celebrities. To find out more about the nature of our social action campaigns, log on to and click on One Life. We are looking for individuals in the UK who have been victims of bullying in the workplace, to interview briefly about their experiences. Contact Sam Olagbaju, Broadcast Assistant, Tel 020 7765 2981 or Antonia Jolly, Campaigns Producer,, Tel 020 7765 5898.

Bullying and suicide in young people: Maverick Television, the makers of Channel 4's Born Too Soon, are looking to speak to families who have been affected by bullying. We are researching for a campaigning film about the devastating links between bullying and suicide in young people. We would like to speak to people with personal experience and strong views on what issues should be tackled in a programme of this sort. All calls/emails will be treated in confidence. Please call Jenni or Andy on 0121 224 8398 or email or

Britain's Worst: Do you know a bullying neighbour, bullying teens or a bullying mother-in-law? Hi my name is Sarah Thornton and I am an associate producer on a new series of shows that seeks to improve bullies by putting them through a series of challenges designed by experts. We are currently looking for people who are being bullied to nominate:
We have experts on board who will attempt to improve your situation by offering their expertise and challenging the offenders to improve. As well as receiving genuine help, participants have the opportunity to win prizes along the way. Please contact us by phone 0207 258 6766 or email

Women going though a bullying crisis: my name is Liz Scarff and I am looking to get in touch with people who may be interested in taking part in a feature I am working on for Glamour magazine. The feature is a piece about women who go though a crisis, ie bullying, and find the experience is the impetus to completely change their life for the better. I am looking to speak with women who are aged between 23 and 35. Taking part would involve a telephone interview and a photograph. If you are interested or require further information please contact me on

Stress in the education and health sectors: I'm Thea Jourdan and I'm a feature writer for the Good Health section of the Daily Mail researching an article on stress related illness. I am looking for case studies, possibly in the health field or the teaching profession, who have been signed off work suffering from stress. I aim to interview case studies on the phone for about 25 minutes each. If you agree to take part, you will need to give your name. Ideally, we would also like to take a (flattering!) portrait photograph. This piece is not critical and judgemental, although I am interested in your views on negative attitudes to this problem. I am looking to discover what lies behind the epidemic of stress-related illness. Please call me on 0207 813 2520, or e-mail

Bullying in the Armed Services: Sky News, based in West London, is trying to find a man or woman who was bullied or is being bullied in any of the armed services. The type and nature of the bullying is unimportant. Merely that you were the victim of bullying is the important factor. Neither is it important that you left the services because of bullying or saw out your time. Sky would like to interview you about your experiences, how the bullying started, how your complaints were treated and any action taken. Sky News would, of course, protect your identity if you require, by hiding your face and changing your voice. We could interview you anywhere in the UK at a time that suits you. If you feel you could help please contact Clive Kerfoot, Planning News Editor, Sky News at these numbers: 020 7705 3429 or 07736 734424 or by e-mail to

BOSS REVENGE & OFFICE RAGE: do you have a tale about how you got even or fantasised about getting even on your boss or fellow employee who wound you up? Or has office equipment annoyed you up to the point you actually took your frustration out on the unfortunate pc or photocopier? The BBC are looking for people to take part in a 1 hour documentary. It is a light-hearted look at what winds us up. Please contact Nick Denning with you office anger stories. Email

ARE YOU A BOY BEING BULLIED? Granada TV are making a programme for ITV's REAL LIFE STRAND following the experience of a young teenager who is currently being bullied. The programme will tell the story of what it's really like to be taunted and picked on by bullies at school from the point of view of the bullied boy. We would like to film with the bullied boy over a period of several weeks. We will film them at home and outside school and may use reconstruction to illustrate their experiences at the hands of the bullies. We are looking for a boy from 12-15 years old who would potentially like to be involved in a project like this. We will need your parents'/guardian's consent to you being in the programme. If you are interested in taking part then we would like to hear from you. Please call Emily on 0117 974 5891 or email her on

School bullying and bullycide: I'm Emily Fairweather and I'm a producer at Granada Television in Bristol. I'm doing some research on a documentary about bullying. We're filming with some families whose children are currently experiencing bullying. We would also like to talk to some parents whose child actually committed suicide as a result of bullying. As a parent myself, I can't imagine how awful it must have been for you to experience such a loss and my heart goes out to you. If it is something that you would like to share then please do contact me on my email or tel 0117 974 5891.

SUFFERING STRESS AT WORK? DO YOU HAVE THE BOSS FROM HELL? I'm Claudia Lewis and I'm a producer on a new BBC1 popular science series called Should I Worry About... I want to hear from people in the UK who are worried that their office may be making them ill.
1) Are your stress levels going through the roof?
2) Are bullying bosses putting your health at risk?
3) Do you work in the call-centre from hell?

Neighbours from Hell: I'm Fiona Henderson, I'm a researcher at Carlton Television and I'm currently looking for contributors on the next Neighbours from Hell documentary. I'd like to speak to people who are currently having difficulty with neighbours or people in their community. Ideally you will have some evidence of what's gone on such as camcorder or cctv footage - but if not then please get in touch anyway as the story alone may be enough. You may feel it's time to expose the problem, this is your last resort or that it may help matters to get your side across. If you are interested please call me on 020 7612 7313 and I'll call you straight back or email me at

Bullying of HR professionals: I'm ZoŽ Roberts and I'm the news editor for People Management magazine ( We are a fortnightly magazine for human resources and management professionals . We've just had a debate on our letters page about bullying, with a number of people who work in human resources writing about their experience of being bullied by female managers. I'd really like to talk to an HR professional who has experienced being bullied, this could be done anonymously and I would also check with the interviewee what quotes we would and wouldn't use. The focus of the article is that bullying is not a gender issue (both men and women are bullied and can be bullies) and that bullying happens in HR departments too. We'd really appreciate it if someone feels they could share their experience with us. If interested please email me at

ARE YOU BEING BULLIED AT SCHOOL? We are making a programme for ITV's REAL LIFE STRAND following the experience of a teenager who is currently being bullied. The programme will attempt to tell the story of what it's really like to be taunted and picked on by bullies at school. We would like to film with the bullied boy or girl over a period of several weeks. We will film them at home and outside school and may use reconstruction to illustrate their experiences at the hands of the bullies. We're looking for a teenager from 12-15 years old who is articulate and would like to be involved in a project like this. If you are interested in taking part in a documentary then Granada Television would like to hear from you. Please call Emily on 0117 974 5891 or email her on

Female and aged 20-50? I'm Hannah Davies and I'm a freelance journalist currently writing a feature on bullying in the workplace for one of the women's magazines. I need to find a woman aged between 20 and 50 in the UK who has suffered at the hands of bullies who would be happy to talk to the magazine about their experiences and be photographed. Their story needs to be very strong. If you can help please call me on 07966 549321 or 020 8488 0971 or email

Are you a teenager being bullied? I'm Sharon Ward and I'm a writer working for BEST magazine. I am looking for a teenager to talk to me about what it's like to be a bullying victim. We can pay them for their story but we would need pictures. My phone number is 01905 759795 or e-mail

Anger: I'm Jo Barr and I'm making a documentary about the growing problem of anger in todayĻs society, and to this end am looking for people with anger management issues to take part. You could be from any kind of background, of any age (as long as you are over 18 years) and we will be looking at all sorts of anger issues. If you feel that you would benefit from a two day intensive anger management course with the British Association of Anger Management I would like to hear from you. We would cover all fees, accommodation and food for the duration of the course. In return, we would have your permission to be filmed before, during and also for a period after the course, as you put your newly acquired anger management skills into practice. The whole filming process should take no more than four weeks on and off. We would also arm you with a home video camera so you can record your own video diaries over this period. Please email me on if you think youĻd like to take part or would like to know more.

Award-winning TV documentary company is currently undertaking research into social work: we are seeking ex social workers with recent frontline child protection assessment experience who would be interested in working on the documentary with us. If you are interested please contact Carl Callam on 020 7286 0333 or email

Children's Express Newcastle : I'm Phillip Clark, a 15 year old, working with a team at Children's Express Newcastle to produce a story on bullying and all the aspects involved with that. Children's Express is a programme of learning through journalism for young people aged 8-18. We have strong links with local newspapers and the majority of our work is published in the media. For more information on Children's Express, please check out the website on We are looking to interview a wide range of people; we are particularly interested in interviewing a young person who has experienced bullying and is willing to talk about it (you can remain anonymous if wished). We are also looking to interview a parent whose child has, or is, being bullied. Interviews will take place by telephone, if you would like to take part and are living in the UK please e-mail me at

Radio diary: I'm Heather Goddard and I'm a news researcher for BBC Radio Norfolk. I'm interested in finding a child who is being bullied at school with the aim of recording their thoughts and views in a radio diary format. I am specifically looking for a child from the Norfolk area. They can remain anonymous if need be. I feel very strongly about this having been bullied at school myself and am positive that such a diary will raise awareness of bullying amongst our listeners, many of whom who have children. Contact Heather Goddard, tel 01603 284797, email

Sex in the City: BBC Current Affairs team is investigating bad working practices in the City of London's financial firms. We'd like to hear from anyone who has experienced bullying or racial or sexual discrimination/harassment by colleagues or bosses at work. All calls will treated in strictest confidence. Please either leave a message on our 24 hour hotline ansaphone 0208 752 6316 or email us at with your story. We are looking to start filming end of August through to mid-September so if you are interested please do contact us as soon as possible!

Royal Mail tackles bullying and harassment: BBC Radio is looking into whether recent policies to tackle bullying and harassment at the Royal Mail are working, for a possible radio documentary. If you live in the UK and have had any experience of these issues there, then we would like to hear from you. Please contact researcher POLLY HOPE via email Nothing you tell us will go on the record without your consent and your anonymity can be preserved if this is your preference.

Lifeline, Birmingham, England: I'm Alex and I'm a researcher for Carlton TV on a programme called Lifeline, which is a 1m 30sec piece that transmits each day at 3.10pm. We cover the Midlands area of the UK including Oxford, Birmingham, Coventry, Nottingham, Derby etc. We would like to interview someone who has suffered bullying and is willing to talk about their experiences. They would have to live in our area and we would travel to their home. At the end of the programme we offer an address so people can write for more information. Please contact me if you'd like to part: Alex Seabright, Tel 0121 634 4372, email

New York Daily News: I'm Jordan Lite and I'm a freelance journalist with an assignment from the New York Daily News to write about bullying in the workplace. I'm looking for people in the New York metro area to interview who have experienced any of the following while on the job: repeated, malicious verbal harassment of a general nature (NOT sexual harassment or discrimination based on race, gender, age, sexual orientation or religion); deliberate humiliation; or the withholding of resources or support that prevented them from performing their jobs. The abuse could have come at the hand of a supervisor or a colleague. In the case of teachers or people working in the retail or services industries, it could also have come from students or customers. I am especially interested in talking with people who experienced short or long-term health effects from the abuse -- stress, depression, insomnia, nightmares, phobias, gastrointestinal troubles, etc. -- or whose careers or lives outside the office were significantly impacted by it. No workers comp cases, please. Willing interviewees should e-mail me at ONLY if they live in the New York metro area. The paper strongly prefers that sources be identified by name, though exceptions may be made if absolutely necessary. The piece will be written such that the business where the abuse occurred and the bully will not be recognizable.

Set the record straight: I'm Susan Wallace, a well-established freelance feature writer for UK women's magazines. I'm looking for a person in the UK who has recently won a tribunal or court case against a company for being bullied out of a job. Real names and photos will be used, so there must be no gagging order (which I know is often the case when compensation is involved.) It must not have been in any women's magazine already either. You will be handled sensitively and it's a chance to set the record straight. Tel 0151-233 3689 / 07801 055556 (I'll ring you straight back.(UK.)) Or e-mail Don't delay - please ring today! Thanks.

From the makers of Big Brother: I'm Dawn McVeigh and I'm working on a new programme which will involve a dozen or so 18 year-olds living together. They need to be in the UK and available for a couple of weeks from the end of July to the beginning of August. At the moment we are in the processing of casting and we are looking for really good contributors - great characters who are brilliant talkers with a bit of a story to tell. As part of our research we are looking into issues that affect teenagers and we know bullying is one of them. For instance, we'd be interested to hear from anyone who has been bullied but confronted their attackers and come through the other side. Or possibly someone who was a bully but has changed. Contact: Dawn McVeigh, Researcher, Endemol UK, Tel 08705 100 791, email

Bullying in social services: I'm Carl Callam and I work for Films of Record who have established a reputation of making social documentaries in sensitive subject areas. I'm currently undertaking research for a film which investigates bullying in the area of social services. We would therefore like to speak to people in social services who are currently being bullied. We would like to use testimony, video diaries to tell their stories and we fully respect the issues of consent and confidentiality. To take part please email me at

Trouble with the neighbours?: I'm Alison Palmer and I'm writing an article for Woman magazine on problem neighbours. It will include details of who to turn to for advice on dealing with neighbour issues etc, but we also want to carry a few stories from people who have had or currently have neighbour problems. So I want to hear from anyone in the UK and Ireland (ideally women but some men too) who have either had a problem with a neighbour, made a complaint, moved as a result of a neighbour etc or who currently have a problem. It needn't have gone/be going to court. Problems can be anything from noise, boundaries, trees, fences, animals ..... It will require ten minutes on the phone with me and I will ask a few of you to send in a pic of yourself if possible. Thank you. You can contact me any time on 01353 720572 (I'm freelance and work from home) or email

Girls bullying girls: I'm Barbara Jacobs and I'm an agony aunt, broadcaster and writer, currently writing for Penguin Books (read about me on the client list at Penguin have commissioned me to write a book about girls bullying girls, and because I want authentic voices and experiences in the book, I'd like bullying survivors of 16 or above to fill in some questionnaires for me. It would be good if parents of girls who have been bullied by girls could fill in my 'parent' questionnaire, too. You can fill in the questionnaire online at
All questionnaires will be anonymous You can ask me for more details, too. Your help would be very much appreciated - thanks.

Teenage girl bullying: Paula Greenspan is a journalist working for J17 magazine. She's looking for teenage girls under the age of 18 who have been bullied, but who have overcome the bullying and have made it through the ordeal. The girls would be asked to be interviewed and photographed for the magazine. If you would like to share your story, and perhaps help other girls out there who are being bullied, please contact Paula on 07946 635005 or

Corporate bullying: my name is Linsey Summers and I am hoping to get in touch with employees working in small private firms who have been subjected to Corporate bullying. I am writing an article to highlight this abuse of employees and the inadequacies of the law. It will be published in Code a fairly new national men's magazine. I would be very grateful for responses so I can include some real life accounts. All correspondence can be treated confidentially and I can be reached at

Bullycide: I'm Paula and I'm a freelance magazine journalist who would like to get the story of bullycide to where it matters most - to teenagers themselves - via teen magazines. In order to do this and to show how serious bullycide is, I'd like to tell the story of a teenager who has been affected by it, perhaps the sister, friend or cousin of someone who has committed suicide because of bullying, or someone who has been bullied and has contemplated suicide themselves. If you are a teenager who would be willing to tell your story in order to expose the problem of bullycide, please e-mail me on

Southern Daily Echo: I'm Nadine Bateman and I'm the women's editor for the Southern Daily Echo newspaper based in Southampton, England. I'm researching a feature on harassment and bullying in the workplace for the paper's LIFE section and I'd like to interview someone in our region, for preference someone who is willing to be identified, perhaps someone who has successfully taken their employers to an employment tribunal. If you're willing to share your experience, especially if you successfully sought help, please get in touch. Email

Domestic violence: are you experiencing domestic violence in a same sex relationship? Are you hit or controlled by your partner? Are you being abusive to your partner? Would you be prepared to share your experience as part of a BBC documentary? If so then please call Sara at the BBC on 0208 752 5108. A phone call will be in complete confidence and does not commit you to the programme.

Tonight with Trevor McDonald: ITV's current affairs series Tonight with Trevor McDonald is making a
programme about bullying particularly amongst girls. If you would like to speak to the producers about your experiences then please email

Pearson Television are making a series of programmes about the difficulties people face in their places of employment. One programme will cover toxic working conditions such as those where bullying and harassment are rife. If you'd like to describe how toxic bosses make (or made) working life a nightmare for you then contact Liam Tully at Pearson TV, tel 0207 691 6450.

I work for a TV company called Lion TV and are making three documentary films for Channel Four TV about personal morality in Britain today. We have decided to make one of the programmes about the work place, and one of the issues we are looking at is bullying at work.
If you have been bullied, or blown the whistle, or have been a bully at work then we would very much like to talk to you about your experience. We appreciate that sharing an experience like this can be a big step, so at this stage I would ask that if you feel you might be able to help us in anyway that you simply e-mail or phone. You would in no way be committing yourself to any filming and our discussion would be absolutely confidential. It would as much be an opportunity to see if you felt that we would be able to tell your story in a way that would be fair to you and helpful to others in the future. Should you decide not to take things any further we would not try to persuade you to change your mind. Many thanks for your help. Carole Gilligan, Tel: 0208 735 4057.

I'm a feature writer for COSMOPOLITAN, the woman's monthly magazine, I'm currently researching a feature about women who have experienced harassment in the workplace. This may be anything from sexual harassment to bullying - physical or verbal. In particular I'm wanting to hear from women aged 20-35 who may have experienced harassment and who have stood up to their harasser. In other words, they have sort to resolve the situation in-house rather than take their case to an industrial tribunal. The feature is intended to be a very positive, pro-active piece offering advice and support for any women in this situation. If you have experienced harassment and stood up to your harasser then please call me now: SUE SCOTT on either 02380 712402 or 07801 522977. All calls will be treated in strict confidence and I'll return your call immediately. There is no obligation, simply a chat. Identities can be protected. I look forward to hearing from you.

My name is Annie Miller and I am a features writer for an agency called National News. We write for all the national papers and the top selling women's magazines. My specialism is stories with an emotional factor and family problems. I am currently interested in writing a piece about office bullying and am hoping that some of you might be brave and volunteer to be interviewed about your experiences. I am particularly hoping to speak to men who have been bullied and to people for whom the bullying had huge knock on effects. For legal reasons, it would be easiest talking to people who have already been through their tribunal or those who have no intention of taking their cases to tribunal, but I am happy to speak to anyone. If you are happy to be identified by name and sometimes by photograph and think you would like to talk about what has happened to you then please call me on tel 0171 684 3000 and ask for Annie. I can call you back whenever it is convenient. Look forward to speaking to some of you soon.

Caters News Agency write feature articles for Bella, Best, Woman, Woman's Own, etc and want to talk to people who have survived a bullying experience, including anyone helped by the National Workplace Bullying Advice Line. For an informal chat without obligation contact Caters News Agency Ltd, Room 306, Cornwall Court, 19 Cornwall Street, Birmingham, Tel 0121 616 1100, Fax 0121 616 2200.

Other requests

Freedom to Care campaigns on behalf of whistleblowers and have now brought together a project group to look into tampering with health records by some healthcare personnel. When there's a complaint or litigation, some doctors and nurses will unethically and illegally tamper with records to cover tracks. If you have evidence or suspicion of tampering, FtC would like to hear from you. Write in confidence as soon as you can to: Freedom to Care, PO Box 125, West Molesey, Surrey KT8 1YE, UK.

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