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April 2003

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Tim Field announces public seminars
I've put together two public seminars where I share my insight with you. One is on Understanding and Tackling Bullying at Work, the other is on Recovery and Re-empowerment after Bullying and Abusive Life Events (eg harassment, discrimination, stalking, domestic violence, abuse, redundancy, trauma etc). The first pair of seminars will be in Oxford, and the second pair will be in London, both in June. I plan to host these seminars around the UK (and later outside the UK) so if you can recommend a venue (eg a well-placed hotel) let me know. More at successunlimited/seminars/index.htm and you can book online.

50% of teachers bullied at school
An Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) survey confirms UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line and Bully OnLine experience to reveal head teachers as main culprits:

Teachers discuss bullying of teachers
Join the discussion on the TES forum Bullying of staff:

UK Parliament debates bullying at work and

Dons at risk of violence
University lecturers are in danger of being attacked, intimidated or harassed by students:

Academics demoralised
AUT survey shows high levels of dissatisfaction in further and higher education:

£400,000 bill for GMB members
The behaviour of Robert Parker, nicknamed Mr Bolly (is this a spelling mistake?) because of his love of champagne, is likely to cost GMB members £400,000. Mary Senior, who accused Parker of bullying, harassment and victimisation, said: "It saddens me that members' money has been spent on defending the indefensible": and
The GMB is refusing to expel Mr Parker:

Kingston-upon-Hull Council contest award for bullying
Environmental Health Officer Chris Dunnachie is to become a test case to establish whether damages can be awarded for the stress and humiliation caused by a dismissal process:

CIPD findings mirror pattern of calls to UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line
Teachers, doctors and nurses are most stressed out workers:

More people opting out of rat race to escape stress
A Datamonitor survey reveals over two million qualified experienced people have shunned the workplace for a quieter, less stressful and more stable life whilst many are "kept on the career ladder by fear": and

Employment Act 2002 not likely to address bullying
The UK Government states the creation of a "highly productive, modern and successful workplace through fairness and partnership" as the aim of the Employment Act 2002, however, the insistence on grievance procedures - which are wholly unsuited to dealing with bullying - means that it's unlikely to be of much use if you're in a bullying situation: action/legal.htm#EA2002 (summary) and (full details).

European Union issues consultation document on stress and its effect on health

Quebec moves to outlaw bullying and psychological harassment
Katherine Harding writes in The Globe and Mail:

Employers are not meeting the costs of workplace injuries and illness
Workplace injury and illness costs the UK economy £18 billion a year but the average British boss pays just £70 per employee in insurance to cover the annual cost of compensating staff hurt at work:

Bullying by email on the increase
One in six workers in the UK has been bullied via email according to a study by Internet job recruiter

Risk factors for unemployment identified
The Government likes to infer that the unemployed are all potential skivers, malingerers and benefit cheats but research shows otherwise:

Boss walks free after being found guilty over teenager's death
Suspended sentence and fine not enough, say some, whilst unions say a law on corporate manslaughter is needed:

Early Day Motion on Corporate Manslaughter
It's not just accidents that kill people, many workers end up committing suicide because of bullying at work. It's time to write to your MP to make bullying a crime:

Harvard Business School starts to take notice of toxic bosses
Left unchallenged, emotional pain can cripple an organization:

Australian Workers Union (AWU) calls for limits on psychometric testing
Psychometric testing should be replaced by testing for psychos:

New Zealand whistleblowers get recognition

10% of European workers now experience physical or psychological violence at work
...says a new study from the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, the Dublin-based EU Agency:

HSE warns that violence at work must not be tolerated
But like domestic abuse, much in-house violence at the hands of bullies goes unrecognised and unpunished:

One in five nurses in Alberta and British Columbia suffer workplace violence
But many don't report it:

Ambulance Trust criticised for bullying
Essex Ambulance Service NHS Trust criticised in report: and

Ambulance Trust criticised for bullying
Wiltshire Ambulance NHS Trust criticised in Commission for Health Improvement (CHI) report:

National Audit Office (NAO) report reveals increase in violence against UK health workers
In 2001/2 there were 95,501 reported incidents of violence or aggression against health workers - but no mention of psychological or emotional violence by managers against staff:

NHS woes continue
Operations cancelled at University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff because staff find themselves barred from parking: whilst doubts are cast over the cost of Private Finance Initiatives: and government investment makes little difference:

Girls mean business
Women bosses are twice as likely as men to bully staff, a survey claims:

Trade union trends
Focus on union legal services for injury victims:

CBI calls for new curbs on compensation culture to contain rise in insurance costs
No mention of identifying and dealing with the causes that give rise to insurance claims though:

Insurers must not invade people's privacy
Lord Woolf criticises insurance companies who use private investigators to help them evade liability:,3604,911756,00.html

Workplace counselling works
A press release from the BACP:

If it smells like hell, it’s probably Pictsweet
The Mayor of Salem speaks out about human rights on the home front:

Employers worried about war stress
Employers have recently called on the MoD to provide advice and guidance on reintegrating reservists back into the workplace after their tour of duty in Iraq, especially those who are at risk of developing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). However, the MoD has no advice to give - a policy which is unchanged for a century (see stress/ww1.htm). The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) reports that it expects levels of PTSD to be higher than in previous wars - perhaps because people feel more secure in admitting their symptoms. Untreated, PTSD can blight a person for life (with consequent lack of employment, use of NHS and benefits); however, with recognition and treatment, prospects for recovery are excellent. More on PTSD at stress/ptsd.htm

Support Your Employees - It's Good for the Heart

Cubiks stress survey How is stress impacting on the 21st century business environment? online
Survey conclusion: "It has been well established for some time that high employee stress levels can have a negative impact on both individual and organisational performance. Given that this is the case, it is surprising that so many employers seem to be taking such a cavalier attitude to the way stress is perceived and handled in their workplace."

Male teacher wins sex discrimination case
Bob English wins his trbunal claim against Whitford Primary School, near Holywell in north Wales:

Being forced to wear a tie is discriminatory
The need to control what others wear often features in bullying cases:

More on toilet breaks
Or lack thereof:

CIPD backs toilet training for employers,9897,920384,00.html

Despite progress hidden racism still pervades Britain’s workplaces

Government initiatives to tackle racism
A report titled Ethnic Minorities and the labour market from the Prime Minister's strategy unit suggests giving employment tribunals the power to name and shame employers who are repeatedly named in tribunal actions. Meanwhile, ACAS's own Race Relations Advisory Service is to be doubled in size. See - we just need to do the same for employers who are repeatedly guilty of bullying.

Women still face long hours at work without pay
Can you believe this?

Census reveals impact of sex on life at work
Plus ça change:

Employers must do more for women working through the menopause

Revised 'snoop' plans outlined
Fewer authorities will be able to monitor your phone calls, emails and web site visits:

Anti-depressants 'could impair driving ability
1m UK motorists could exhibit side-effects of anti-depressant drugs including aggression, dizziness and blurred vision, the RAC has warned:

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) 'better than anti-depressants' claim researchers
Oxford University researchers say there is strong evidence that the controversial treatment may be more effective than drugs:

Department for Work and Pensions report examines employment retention after the onset of sickness and disability
The UK government has ordered an urgent review into why job centre workers and benefits staff take almost twice as many days off sick as other employees. The civil service union PCS says high rates of sickness absence are easily explained by low morale, chronic understaffing and high levels of stress (aka bullying):

Bullying, sexual harassment and intimidation of women patients
An independent inquiry has found ample evidence of abuse at Broadmoor mental hospital in Berkshire: whilst former Broadmoor manager Julia Wassell claims she was victimised when she drew attention to this, a charge the hospital denies:

Female city analyst wins right to equal pay tribunal

Magistrate's unduly lenient sentence increased
Mansfield magistrate Steven Walters had his 2 year jail sentence increased to 3.5 years by an Appeal Court. He was convicted of six counts of indecent assault and two of indecency with a child, and had previous convictions for dishonesty:

Stalker pair make life hell

Government take webmaster to court
The Prescription Pricing Authority is bringing a case against campaigner Tony Martin alleging he wrongly claimed for a prescription of anti depressants costing £6.10:

'No third party' in deaths at Deepcut army barracks
Police say no evidence of third party involvement:



Bullying becomes criminal offence in Edmonton, Canada
Edmonton passes what is thought to be world's first bylaw on bullying:

Teachers' union NASUWT wins fight over disruptive pupils

NASUWT survey reveals nearly 1,000 cases of physical and verbal abuse of teachers
Many teachers said they were 'made to feel it was their fault':

Teachers in fear of the young bullies

Dad kills innocent teen in bully incident
Father, upset over son being bullied, fatally shoots innocent teen:

Bullies on trial for killing mentally retarded man
Security video records brutal assault:,0,3902346.story?coll=hc-headlines-local and,0,454204.story?coll=hc-headlines-local

12-year-old Natalie Ruddick murdered by intruder after skipping school because of bullying
Natalie was a pupil at All Saints' College in Newcastle which recently made headlines for adopting a "zero tolerance" policy on bad behaviour (, with 114 pupils suspended and four expelled. "Natalie was one of those kids who loved going to school," said family friend Dawn Pattison. "But she had been getting bullied recently":

10-year-old punched, kicked, beaten, assaulted, spat on, and humiliated
Dale Hunter is picked on because of port wine stain birthmark. The bullies get a short suspension and detention whilst Dale and his parents are offered "a meeting with the bullies and their parents":
If this was an attack carries out by adults it would be a criminal offence of assault possibly resulting in a prison sentence - note the disparity between adults and children in how society rates the integrity of self. How would the headmistress Frances Kelly feel if she was attacked and brutally beaten on the way home from school and by way of resolution was offered a meeting with the attackers' mums and dads over a nice cup of tea?
Glasgow City Council provided the textbook response, insisting that "the 'serious' attack had been properly dealt with" and that "bullying will not be tolerated at any Glasgow school. Any perpetrators of such incidents can expect serious disciplinary action." Now where have we heard that before?

Intimidation and fear of violence driving pupils to join street gangs
Levels of "intimidation and fear" are rising for many schoolchildren says Lord Warner, chairman of the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales: begets violence
... according to researchers in Chicago:

Violent behavior is likely to be more prevalent among the bullies

Second schoolgirl found hanged
14-year-old Jade Hughes was found hanged on a Swansea footbridge over a railway line not far from where classmate at Pentrehafod Comprehensive School Kirsty Botto also took her life: and

Bullying leads to bullycide
15-year-old Sarah Harrison from Mapperley in Nottinghamshire, England, who had wanted to be a model, hanged herself at a Nottingham children's home after enduring months of bullying:

One third of kids bullied at school
But most are too frightened to take action:

Bullying causes PTSD whilst verbal abuse and name calling is the worst kind of bullying
...reveals a report by Dr Stephen Joseph, a psychologist at Warwick University. Also revealed is the fact that one third of bullied children suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): and and and

Exam revision firm rapped over encouragement of bullying

UK Government to invest in anti-bullying programmes
Education minister Ivan Lewis promises more funding for anti-bullying programmes and better communication between victims and teachers with a £470m Behaviour and Attendance Programme:

Teenage self-harm widespread
More than 10% of adolescents has deliberately harmed themselves according to research by the Centre for Suicide Research at Oxford University:

Parents given advice on dealing with racist bullying

Conference hears about text message bullying

Web site devoted to cyberbullying

I Power I
The first London-based Anti-Bullying Conference for young people, 10am-5pm, Union Chapel, Compton Avenue, Highbury Corner, Islington N1. Monday 19th May 2003, 10am-5pm:

Converting bullies with books
An article in the Christian Science Monitor:



Snooping and surveillance
BBC Radio 4 are looking for somebody in the UK to talk about being on the wrong end of employee surveillance techniques. Have you found yourself under surveillance by a snooping boss or colleague in an effort to undermine or bully you at work? If so, and you'd like to talk about it for a programme to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in late May, then please email
Complete anonymity can be provided. All emails will be treated in strictest confidence. Deadline: 18 May 2003.

More media requests at workbully/media.htm



DAWN - Dignity At Work Now is planning a seminar on Establishing Anti-Bullying in the Workplace Support Groups, to be held in Birmingham on Saturday, 18th October 2003. Venue, cost and programme still to be arranged. The event will be aimed at those (a) wishing to share their experiences of having already set up support groups, or being involved in other anti-bullying in the workplace initiatives, and (b) individuals wishing to set up a support group in their own area. Anyone wishing to register their interest in attending, or to contribute suggestions and ideas, are asked to contact Keith Munday at To keep updated, please refer to the DAWN web site:

New Anti Workplace Bullying Support Group in Vancouver, BC, Canada
We're Barb and Stephen and we're two targets of workplace bullies who would like to set up a support group in the Greater Vancouver area (Canada). We are hoping to meet monthly. Our aim is to share information pertaining to laws and regulations in British Columbia (which seems to be at least ten years behind much of the "civilized" world) and raise enough awareness within the province to facilitate a change in attitude. We also wish to offer mutual support, advice help and encouragement for fellow targets of workplace bullying. To join or find out more, please email us at, letting us know how we may contact you, which city you are from and, if you like, a bit of background with regards to your bullying experience.

Psychopathic Personality and Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Learning, resource and support group for those dealing with a psychopath:
Learning, resource and support group for those dealing with a narcissistic personality disorder:



Articles on workplace bullying in the British medical Journal (BMJ)
Workplace bullying, The silent epidemic by Brian R McAvoy and John Murtagh:
Bullying in medicine: Anita Houghton defines what bullying is and what can be done about it:
Who's a bully then? Elisabeth Paice and Jenny Firth-Cozens discuss how anyone could be accused of bullying:
How can a deanery win the battle against bullying? Brendan Hicks discusses how the deanery for Kent, Sussex, and Surrey is tackling bullying:
The way I see it... Me? A bully?
Tips on ...What to do if you are being bullied:

Doctors blow whistle on NHS bullies

ACAS publishes updated guides on bullying and harassment
Bullying and Harassment at Work: Guidance for Employees:
Bullying and Harassment at Work: A Guide for Managers and Employers:

So the boss is a bully. What's new?
An article on workplace bullying in Japan from the International Herald and Tribune:

The toxic mind: the biology of mental illness and violence
The continual suppression of emotions during fight or flight reactions contributes to depression and other symptoms:

Case law on bad references and action/spring.htm

How to deal with bullying at work
A publication from the mental health charity MIND:

Frequently asked questions about Employment Tribunals

Been let down by your solicitor?
Unjustis provides a platform for victims of dishonest or grossly negligent solicitors to state their complaints:

When counselling borders on disciplinary action

Secretaries take imaginative revenge on bad bosses
Don't try this at home:

Reactive depression

What sort of treatment can a patient suffering depression expect from the NHS?

Healing from depression

The seven-minute course on self-esteem

Child Emotional Care Influences Genetic Expression

Partners with PTSD

Are acute stress disorder and PTSD distinct diagnoses?

The psychology of torture
An article by Dr Sam Vaknin:

Narcissism on Wall Street

Guide to business

Dispute resolution in Britain
A background paper, including likely costs to the employer of employment tribunal:

Dreams and illness
Dreams can sometimes be an important reflection of health and illness, indicating underlying disease and possibly even triggering problems:

Workplace bullying
A Finnish study on the work environment, well-being and health by Maarit Vartia-Vaananen:


Conferences, meetings, seminars and training

Tim Field shares his insight
Understanding and tackling bullying at work: successunlimited/seminars/s1b.htm
Recovery and re-empowerment after bullying and abusive life events: successunlimited/seminars/s1b.htm

Davinder Sandhu celebrates Millennium award
Workplace Bullying: A Survivor's Guide by Davinder Sandhu is a booklet sponsored by the Council for Ethnic Minority Voluntary Organisations (CEMVO) with the aid of a Millennium Award. Davinder is holding a public meeting at City Hall, (between London Bridge and Tower Bridge, map at, on Wednesday 30th April at 6.30pm, to launch the guide. Details from Davinder, email

Anti-Bullying Network (ABN) annual conference in Glasgow

Third Joint CCA/TUC conference on law enforcement and corporate accountability



What have I ever done to you?
Robert Higgs, Pegasus Books, 2003: and



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