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April 2004

Quote for the month
"Whilst accidents and assaults injure and kill people quickly and spectacularly, bullying and consequent prolonged negative stress injure and kill people slowly and secretively. The outcome, though, is the same."
(Tim Field)

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Workplace Bullying

Barber v. Somerset County Council verdict announced
This is a personal injury case that has ramifications for all bullying cases:

UK government launches £1.8 million study of workplace bullying
After more than a decade of campaigning, the government is taking notice: and DTI news release at's+Releases+Frame/9B349D38EAE84DD380256E610038EE52?opendocument

Teachers report bullying at work
Bullying by fellow teachers and head teachers outnumber calls about pupil bullying: with one teacher's personal experience of being bullied out of his job:

Trainee teachers 'face huge debt'
Newly qualified teachers take 10-20 years to pay off student debts whilst 10% expect to leave the profession after five years or less:

Commission for Health Improvement (CHI) survey of UK NHS staff
37% of staff experience bullying harassment or abuse: with survey results at and comment from Amicus-CPHVA at

Bullying of nurses

UK government to target homophobic bullying

Big Brother bosses are bad for business

Poor Pay, Long Hours, No Promotion - Life on the Council Front Line
30% of council staff want to quit according to a Unison press release:

Stress recognised as cause of sickness absence
But no mention of bullying as a principal cause of stress:

IIAC behind the times
The Industrial Injuries Advisory Council (IIAC) ignores the damage caused by prolonged negative stress:

Teacher suicide linked to stress of overwork
Pressure of work lead to death of Cornwall teacher Jane Dibb: and Hazards guide to work-related suicide:

Employers not taking action on stress

Micromanagement makes workers sick

United Methodist Church campaigns against bullying

School bullying

Primary school bullying 'falls'

US authorities attempt to blame mother for school bullycide
On 2 January 2002 Joseph Daniel Scruggs hung himself in his bedroom closet without leaving a suicide note. He was 12 years old. Subsequently the Connecticut authorities have been attempting to imprison his mother for neglect - you are invited to write on Daniel's behalf schoolbully/scruggs.htm

UK has Europe's highest rate of child self-harm
1 in 10 children self harm, many say bullying is a factor:

CBS TV series "Without A Trace" looks at bullying
Programme brings huge response:

Student dies after alleged assault by seniors
From Malaysia: Mohd Farid Ibrahim is found dying in school toilets:

Opening the school gates
A one day seminar to be held in the Council Chambers, Inverness, Scotland on Saturday 24th April, 2004. Organised by the Anti-Bullying Network, Scottish Schools Ethos Network and Children in Scotland. The single most effective thing that a school can do to eliminate bullying is to develop a whole school policy which involves all members of a school community including pupils, parents, teachers, non teaching staff and the wider community beyond the school gates. The key elements of a community approach are a shared understanding of bullying as a problem and a shared resolve to eliminate the problem. A whole community anti-bullying ethos encourages a shared responsibility and a willingness to report bullying incidents which might otherwise go unnoticed. Sign up online now!! You can find the link through the what's new section of the ABN site. Visit the ABN website.

Media requests

Bullying Makeover: my name's Jenny Ward and I'm doing a documentary for BBC Radio 1 about bullying and how best to deal with it.  I'm hoping to follow one person's experience of being bullied and take them on assertiveness workshops, counselling sessions and other programs to help make life better and hopefully make the bullying stop. I'll be interested to hear from anyone in the UK who is being bullied who'd like to form the main part of a 30 minute documentary. Ideally I'm looking for someone in their early twenties (15-24 is the listenership). I'm also interested in anyone who is involved in programs which help people cope with bullying eg therapists, drama workshop leaders etc. It's all early days so if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for the programme they'd be gratefully received too! Please get in touch at

Stress in the education and health sectors: I'm Thea Jourdan and I'm a feature writer for the Good Health section of the Daily Mail researching an article on stress related illness. I am looking for case studies, possibly in the health field or the teaching profession, who have been signed off work suffering from stress. I aim to interview case studies on the phone for about 25 minutes each. If you agree to take part, you will need to give your name. Ideally, we would also like to take a (flattering!) portrait photograph. This piece is not critical and judgemental, although I am interested in your views on negative attitudes to this problem. I am looking to discover what lies behind the epidemic of stress-related illness. Please call me on 0207 813 2520, or e-mail

Film on workplace bullying: I'm Tom Hewett and I'm a film Student from the Surrey Institute of Art and Design making a short film on workplace bullying working in association with the Andrea Adams Trust. I am looking for people in the UK who have been affected or had experience of workplace bullying who would be willing to speak on camera about their experiences. We are looking to raise more awareness of the issue and show the effects it can have on people. If you can help in anyway please email or phone 07810 270302.

Bullying in the Armed Services: Sky News, based in West London, is trying to find a man or woman who was bullied or is being bullied in any of the armed services. The type and nature of the bullying is unimportant. Merely that you were the victim of bullying is the important factor. Neither is it important that you left the services because of bullying or saw out your time. Sky would like to interview you about your experiences, how the bullying started, how your complaints were treated and any action taken. Sky News would, of course, protect your identity if you require, by hiding your face and changing your voice. We could interview you anywhere in the UK at a time that suits you. If you feel you could help please contact Clive Kerfoot, Planning News Editor, Sky News at these numbers: 020 7705 3429 or 07736 734424 or by e-mail to

BOSS REVENGE & OFFICE RAGE: do you have a tale about how you got even or fantasised about getting even on your boss or fellow employee who wound you up?  Or has office equipment annoyed you up to the point you actually took your frustration out on the unfortunate pc or photocopier? The BBC are looking for people to take part in a 1 hour documentary.  It is a light-hearted look at what winds us up.  Please contact Nick Denning with you office anger stories. Email

Have you been stalked? We're a glossy magazine looking for women in the UK, aged 22-33 to talk about their experiences of being stalked. We would like to raise the profile of this crime and increase public awareness of the scale of the problem. We are willing to pay people for their story and understand that this is a delicate issue that needs handling sensitively. If you, or anyone you know fits this criteria and would like to tell us their story, please email or call 020 7439 5966.

Bullying of redheads: I am making a television documentary for a major broadcaster about Britainís treatment towards redheads. I am keen to contact anybody who has been treated badly because of their red hair and who thinks that there should be laws in place to protect redheads. My email address is or you can contact me (in the strictest confidence) on 0207 502 5778.

More media requests at media/media.htm

Conferences, meetings etc

Proposed Confederation of UK Anti-Bullying in the Workplace Support Groups
A meeting will be held beginning at 10.30am on Saturday 24th April 2004 at Aston Students' Guild, Aston University, The Triangle, Birmingham, B4 7ES, to discuss and take forward issues regarding the proposed Confederation. Anyone wishing to register their interest in attending the meeting, or requiring further information, should contact Ozzie Ffield: postal address: DAWN, PO Box 11435, Birmingham B32 2WD, or tel 0121-449-7546, or email (messages sent to this e-mail address will be forwarded to Ozzie).


Employment for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome or Non-Verbal Learning Disability: Stories and Strategies
Yvona Fast, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2004, ISBN 1-84310-766-X. Most people with Non-Verbal Learning Disorder (NLD) or Asperger Syndrome (AS) are underemployed and many are bullied. Chapter 37 by Lana Kapchinsky and Gerriann Fox is titled Workplace Bullying and the AS/NLD Individual.

Encounters with Every-Day Angels
By Kathy Noll, A Workbook on Bullying and Character Development

Media appearances

Tim Field appears on a BBC1 TV series Britain's Secret Shame: Bullying which will transmit at 12:30pm (immediately before the One o'Clock News) on BBC1 on consecutive weekdays from Monday 19 April to Friday April 23.


David Kinchin has a new range or courses and workshops on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: stress/workshop.htm

Dealing with computer viruses and spam

Are you bombarded with computer viruses and spam?
There's guidance for new (and old) users of the Internet regarding viruses, spam and scam: action/newuser.htm

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