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April 2005

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General news
Bullyonline mentioned in Majrowksi v Guy's and St Thomas's NHS Trust Guardian article:,3604,1447068,00.html

Anti-Bullying Candidate to stand against Minister
Andy Taylor, a target of workplace bullying, is standing as an Independent candidate in South Cardiff and Penarth in the general election. He is standing against Alun Michael, the Minister responsible for his former employer DEFRA. Andy is campaigning on accountability, integrity and highlighting the issues of workplace bullying. Andy's website is at and he can be contacted on 01444 443088.

Updated pages
The Andrea Adams Trust web site has been restructured:

Suspensions in the NHS
Two reports published:
Suspension Failure in the NHS:
The Role of Unions in NHS Suspensions (PDF format):

NHS Expose questions the alleged transparency of whistleblowing in the NHS

Panorama on Sunday 10 April 2005
Panorama, BBC1, 10.15pm: Why Bullies Win: Campaigns tell bullying victims to speak out, but does this always work? We look at how bullying is tackled in schools, asking why thousands of children are left with nowhere to turn.

Workplace Bullying

Protection from Harassment Act applies to workplace bullying
In Majrowski v. Guy's and St Thomas's NHS Trust the Court of Appeal has confirmed that the Protection from Harassment Act applies to workplace bullying and that an employer will be vicariously liable for harassment committed by an employee (subject to normal vicarious liability rules):

Head teacher found guilty of bullying
Former Flintshire headmaster Norman Closs-Parry found guilty of bullying and sexual harassment at Ysgol Merllyn in Bagillt, near Holywell, North Wales:

NASUWT conference hears horrific tales of bullying by head teachers
Since 1996 Bully OnLine has helped thousands of teachers being bullied by incompetent heads:

Independent reports highlight bullying culture in Army, Navy and RAF
Some living conditions were "little better than slums:

British business beset by lack of leadership

TUC welcomes draft corporate manslaughter bill

Doctor must pay in bullying case
Indianpolis heart surgeon owes a former co-worker $325,000 to cover lost wages, jury says:

New study reveals one in three Americans are chronically overworked

Workplace bullies more than mean
Mistreatment on the job on the rise, experts say:

School bullying

Four-year-olds who watch too much TV are more likely to become bullies

Support the Bully Police proclamation for Bullying Awareness Week 17-23 April 2005
Bully Police USA is a watch-dog organization reporting on State anti-bullying laws & advocating for bullied children:

What is bullying?
A page from Massachusetts Citizens for Children:

Stress, health and PTSD

Traumatic stress under-recognised
5% of males and 10% of females will develop PTSD in their lifetime says the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE):

Long working hours damages family life,3604,1439314,00.html

Media requests

Bullycide, harassment and female gang bullying: my name is Wersha Bharadwa and I'm a freelance journalist currently researching stories on bullycide in teenagers and adults, work place harassment and bullying and female gang bullying. If you're in the UK and you have ever experienced this or have had a loved one commit suicide as a result of being bullied, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am looking for male and female case studies. You will be paid for your time, but should be willing to be photographed for the magazine. Please contact me asap at and I will get back to you right away.

From Ottawa, Canada: I'm Natalie van den Bosch, a News Reporter working for CJOH Television, a CTV News affiliate in Ottawa, Canada. I am looking for someone living in the Ottawa area who has experienced workplace bullying and would be willing to talk about it. It is for television broadcast but we can conceal their identity if that's a concern. Anyone who is interested or would like more information can contact me at or by telephone at 613-274-4318

Persuasion: my name is Abigail Adams and I'm researching a new BBC TV series on Human Behaviour. One of the programmes explores Persuasion and will examine the techniques used, both good and bad, to influence our attitudes and behaviour. I am looking to interview somebody who has been bullied into doing something against their will and somebody who has used, or still uses, bullying tactics to get their own way. It might be at work, at home or when out with friends. You should be aged 18-50 yrs old and living in the UK. For an initial, informal chat (no obligation), please call Abigail Adams on 020 8752 6329 or email by 29th April 2005. All calls in confidence.

Bullycide: The Aegis Trust works with a wide range of partners, including governmental, non-governmental, educational and academic institutions around the world on Holocaust and genocide issues. We are currently completing a film on making sense of bullying and we would like to interview parents whose child committed suicide as a result of bullying in school. This film is used to educated young people and adults who visit of centre, to learn about the consequences of bullying. The parents should be in the UK, and if possible within the area of where we are (East Midlands). Please contact Chantelle Lee at or tel 01623 836 627.

Teachers being bullied in the UK: Have you experienced bullying in the workplace from colleagues? We want to hear about your experiences of bullying in the education sector and how it was dealt with by the school. This is for a piece on how bullying in the workplace can be resolved positively, to be broadcast on a new TV channel for Teachers. Please call for further information. We will not identify anyone, or the school if requested. To get in touch please email or call or tel 0161 832 7211 ext 3952.

Media requests are at media/media.htm

Conferences, meetings etc

David Kinchin's PTSD workshops on 25 and 26 April 2005: stress/workshop.htm

See workbully/conf.htm and workbully/events.htm

Support groups

Support groups are listed at resources/groups.htm

Surveys etc

See workbully/surveys.htm

Web sites of interest

Trees for Life helps plant fruit trees in developing countries to provide a low-cost self-renewing source of food

Freecycle is changing the world one gift at a time

Achievements of survivors of bullying

What survivors of bullying have gone on to achieve...

Books and articles etc

Workplace Mobbing in Academe by Kenneth Westhues
A comprehensive introduction to workplace mobbing in today's colleges and universities:

Corporate Hyenas at Work by Dr Susan Marais-Steinman and Dr Magriet Herman
Updated and republished:

Dealing with computer viruses and spam

Are you bombarded with computer viruses and spam?
There's guidance for new (and old) users of the Internet regarding viruses, spam and scam: action/newuser.htm

Stockists of books published by Success Unlimited

What readers say about Bully in sight

"It is brilliant and seems as if it was written just for me"

More reader feedback on Bully in sight at successunlimited/books/tstmbis.htm
See reader feedback on Bully in sight at and

See reader feedback on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: the invisible injury at and

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