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August 2002

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Consignia pays out for bullycide
Royal Mail accepts that postal worker Jermaine Lee committed suicide because of bullying: and

HSE incident cost calculator
The UK health and Safety Executive (HSE) is pushing the message that incidents at work hit employers where it hurts - in the wallet. The pages at enable you to cost an incident at work and although bullying isn't mentioned, the principle is the same.

Mediation the wrong solution for bullying
Progress is being made in Australia in recognising the destruction caused by bullying:

Germany picking up on mobbing
Following news last month of a clinic in Saarbrucken which treats targets suffering Complex PTSD, mobbing is gaining more attention in Germany:

European week on stress
... runs from 14-18 October 2002:

MoD to investigate suspicious suicides
...amid claims that bullying and sexual harassment was rife at barracks:

Is your boss a psychopath?
Mad, bad and dangerous to know. They're glib, superficial, remorseless and they're sitting at a desk near you:

New Zealand jails rife with bullying

Longs hours and heart attacks

UK lags behind on discrimination

Legislation likely to make things harder for targets
The UK government is trying to encourage settlement of employment disputes in the workplace with a view to reducing pressure on the employment tribunal system: and

Councils accused of bullying and intimidation
UK councils have been accused of widespread intimidation of workers ahead of a planned national strike by 1.2 million staff:

Bullied worker fears action over website
Swindon (UK) social services worker Deborah Rees fears retaliation but coucil chief resigns after a damning government report on education plus a £3m social services overspend: and

Ripon Cathedral dean refuses to go

Lincoln Cathedral staff feel "bullied" and,1,page.html

Firms get tough on email abuse
HP sacks and suspends workers:

Is psychiatric injury a legally-recognised disability?
The UK Disability Rights Commission is undertaking a Legislative Review with a questionnaire they want filled in during the consultation period which ends on 16th August 2002. See the section titled Legislative Review Consultation at

UK government to consider special rape prosecutors
Targets of bullying will recognise the prosecute-the-victim mindset that infests the legal system in rape cases. In the UK one in twenty women have been raped and of the 1 in 5 who report it to the police, many later regret taking legal action:

Scotland calls to change rape prosecutions
Seventeen-year-old rape victim Lindsay Anderson committed suicide after being cross-examined in a manner which was worse than the original rape (a scenario familiar to targets of bullying and harassment): and

How to deal with a bully at work
Case #50 demonstrates the role of power in bullying: workbully/case50.htm

Suggested reading
These two books reveal the devastation caused by a psychopath in the family:
Everything she ever wanted by Ann Rule
Nutcracker: murder, money, madness: a family album by Shana Alexander

Genetic link to antisocial behaviour?

Tim Field in Australia
I'm speaking at a conference and giving seminars in Emerald and Brisbane, Queensland, at the end of August. Details at workbully/conf.htm#Emerald



Yorkshire bullycide
An inquest hears how 13-year-old Jack Glasby hung himself after being bullied at Caedmon School, Whitby, Yorkshire, which he had left five months previously. As targets of bullying know, the cumulative psychiatric injury caused by bullying endures - it doesn't just "go away" when you leave the toxic environment. As far as I know there are no treatment facilities for Complex PTSD in the UK and often the injury is not even recognised. Jack's story is at

New school bullying case history
This one eloquently describes the misery that millions of schoolchildren still endure: workbully/case48.htm

Oprah features bullycide;jsessionid=P0FJQG2CEPHIFLARAYFCFEQ
Now is a good time to email Oprah about bullying at school and at work:

Nova Scotia considers separate school for bullies

Emotional abuse a bigger concern than physical abuse
A survey of 1,000 Maryland kids found the violence that most impacts their lives is emotional:

Study reveals students justify bullying and seldom defend peers{11D2242B-999A-4E96-BA0D-685CCB76B7D8}

Nomorebullies the complete kid-friendly site about bullying .. its effects on young children and what can be done about it:

Self harm
200,000 secondary schoolkids aged 11-15 self harm. Bullying is one major factor behind this:

Ribbon of Promise National Campaign end school violence:



For More Magazine, URGENT!
We'd like to reunite two girls in the UK, the bully and the girl she bullied (now aged between 20-25) and find out how they both feel about their experiences after the event. They would need to be photographed.
For Bliss Magazine:I'd like to interview two best friends (aged between 14-17) in the UK who fell out when one started bullying the other, or when one started bullying other people and she didn't want to get involved/didn't approve. They would need to be photographed.
If you're in the UK and can help then contact Ketty Melrose, email, mobile 07767 624980

Teenage girl bullying
Paula Greenspan is a journalist working for J17 magazine. She's looking for teenage girls in the UK under the age of 18 who have been bullied, but who have overcome the bullying and have made it through the ordeal. The girls would be asked to be interviewed and photographed for the magazine. If you would like to share your story, and perhaps help other girls out there who are being bullied, please contact Paula on 07946 635005 or

Teenagers in East Midlands, UK
Matt Teale doing a series of items on teenagers for the local TV news in Nottingham, UK. One of the topics for discussion is stress, which is where the issue of bullying comes in. Matt is trying to find either a teeneger in his area who might tell their story, or the family of a teenager who may have committed suicide because of bullying to talk to us. Can you help? We cover the East Midlands, so Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Northampton, Peterborough and Lincols are the main areas I'm looking at. If anything comes to mind, perhaps you could give me a call? My number is 0115 964 5586 or my email address is

Bullycide feature
Jennifer Campion is a freelance journalist looking for a mother in the UK who would talk to her about the suicide of her child due to bullying for a leading national newspaper. Can you help? Contact Jennifer at or tel 0208 5580386

Corporate bullying
My name is Linsey Summers and I am hoping to get in touch with employees working in small private firms who have been subjected to Corporate bullying. I am writing an article to highlight this abuse of employees and the inadequacies of the law. It will be published in Code a fairly new national men's magazine. I would be very grateful for responses (preferably in the UK) so I can include some real life accounts. All correspondence can be treated confidentially and I can be reached at

Have you been bullied for being short or tall?
RDF Television, one of the UKís leading independent television production companies, are making a documentary for ITVís flagship documentary series, Real Life, about what itís like to be shorter or taller than the average. The fifty-minute film will be broadcast this winter and will explore peopleís experiences of being short and tall, as well as challenging societyís prejudices about height. If you're in the UK and have experienced or are experiencing bullying because of your height, we would be grateful if you could contact us for a confidential chat. At this stage, we are researching the subject and contacting us in no way commits you to taking part. Contact David Wise tel 0207 313 6836 email or Zac Beattie tel 0207 313 6809 email

New links this month

Narcissistic Personality Disorder
by Sam Vaknin:

The Impact of Narcissism on Leadership and Sustainability
by Bruce Gregory, PhD:

Pronounced "expediency" this page contains health and safety abuse and harassment links:

Easy to read page
Advice on bullying for young people who are vision-impaired:


...focuses on violence prevention in schools for teachers, pupils, parents and people interested in this area:

For survivors of abuse and bullying
A personal site with information and support for survivors of abuse and bullying:

Cult information centre
Cult leaders are often serial bulies:

The Stress Doc's Top Twelve Tips
...for Beating (Mostly) Moderate Chronic Clinical Depression:

Growing Beyond Emotional Abuse
Resources for Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse:

Broadcaster - Interviews, Campaigns, People and their Stories and more
...including bullying:

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