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August 2003

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Seminars in London and Leeds
There are still places available for both my seminars Understanding and Tackling Bullying at Work and Recovery and Re-empowerment after Bullying and Abusive Life Events in Leeds in September. The latter seminar on healing and recovery is attracting a lot of interest. Details at successunlimited/seminars/index.htm and you can book online.

NUT issues £100,000 libel writ against Tim Field
National Union of Teachers (NUT) solicitor Graham Clayton has issued a writ seeking £100,000+ damages against Tim Field for an alleged libel concerning Oxfordshire County Council personnel education officer and NUT member Tom Long (schoolbully/truancy.htm). It appears that Graham Clayton Solicitors (the NUT solicitors) want to silence Tim Field by driving him into bankruptcy - a course of action which, if successful, would lead to the closure of Bully OnLine and all associated support work. How do NUT members feel about the NUT solicitor squandering their subscriptions on frivolous legal actions to silence those who highlight injustice when the NUT refuses to support its own members who are losing their job, career, health and livelihood because of bullying? What do senior officials of the NUT have to fear?

If you're a NUT member, former NUT member, NUT official or former NUT official who's unhappy with the way NUT solicitors and senior officials of the NUT are behaving, please get in touch:

If you know of teachers who are not yet members of a union but who are planning to join a teaching union, or teachers and NUT members who are not in receipt of this enewsletter, ask them to complete the form at successunlimited/books/irform.htm and I'll send them their own copy each month.

If you have experience of conducting a libel trial and are willing to share your knowledge, please get in touch:

Documentary maker sought
The David and Goliath battle between a campaigner who's devoted his life to fighting injustice and the National Union of Teachers (NUT), a big powerful and once-proud union that appears to have lost its way (annual turnover around £18,000,000 with extensive legal resources and no apparent limit on legal spending) will make great television. If you're a documentary maker who's interested in making a film following me through this libel trial - which might prove even more interesting than that of Jeffrey Archer - please get in touch:

Dispute resolution procedures - UK government invites comments and

New move to settle work disputes
UK government again makes mistake of thinking that all employers are reasonable: and

Flintshire County Council loses appeal
Whistleblower Andy Sutton, who lives in Wrexham, has welcomed a tribunal's decision to reject Flintshire County Council's appeal in a case where Mr Sutton says he was constructively dismissed whilst being prevented from accessing documents possibly linked to alleged fraud at the council:
Flintshire Council was at the centre of the North Wales Childrens Homes inquiry in which the ringleaders managed to evade arrest and prosecution.

Torridge District Council seriously damaged by "endemic bullying"
Targets of bullying will not be named:

Unfair dismissal does not include consequential loss
Last month's link went dead so here's another page commenting on Johnson v Unisys:

UK employers face recruitment and retention woes

Royal Mail has the worst race discrimination, harassment and bullying record in the UK

Quarter of people in media industry bullied
Survey reveals bullying is a "standard tactic" for "rubbish but self-righteous" managers:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) under the spotlight

Our jobs make us sick - official
HSE publishes detailed data on work-related ill-health survey:

Stress is top cause of long-term sick leave
Stress is the top cause of long-term sick leave in non-manual workers, and has reached 'alarming levels' in the public sector, a new study has found. A survey of 1,300 human resources practitioners by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) found almost 60 per cent of public sector organisations cite stress as the leading cause of long-term sickness absence, more than double the proportion in the private sector. (The top three groups of callers and enquirers to Bully OnLine have, since 1996, been teachers, nurses and social workers, see workbully/worbal.htm):

Practical Solution to tackle stress at work
New research reports on stress prevention and rehabilitation are being published by The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which will help inform the developments of new guidance for managers this Autumn:

Stress ages immune system

Too much work, too few workers

Too tired for fun and sex
Britain's workers are burnt out:,6903,987105,00.html

Health and Safety is key to a civilised society

UK government student debt policy fuels depression
Many workers are psychiatrically injured before their first job; figures from the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) suggest that over 10% of students who sought counselling were suicidal or had attempted to kill themselves:

What makes you angry at work?
A recent survey suggests that bad management is the main cause of anger amongst workers:

80% of staff would take revenge if unfairly dismissed

Top execs receive an average 23 per cent pay rise

Employers count the cost of stressed workers

Stress test will determine those most susceptible

Unemployment "triples suicide risk"
Researchers say people who are unemployed have a three times greater risk of committing suicide than those who are employed:

Suicide is the single biggest cause male death
A report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveals that suicide is now the main cause of death for UK males:

New report from Ireland suggests link between sexuality and mental health underestimated and underreported

Queensland detective wins landmark legal battle
Detective Senior-Constable Patrick Bocking successfully sues Queensland Police Service over consistent bullying and harassment:,5936,6851828%255E2765,00.html

Australians forgo the pleasure of leisure by not taking their full quota of annual holidays

Age discrimination to be made illegal in the UK

Consultation is good for business and and

Irish lecturer receives £3K damages after "stupid" allegations

Women discriminated against

IVF worker sacked after fourth miscarriage
Embryologist Saghar Kasiri treated "without compassion" and seen as "an inconvenience" by managers at Imperial College London:

Traffic warden manager fired for bullying pregnant colleague loses unfair sacking claim

82-year-old shop owner sexually harasses 19-year-old employee

£1m win for bullied City trader and

Head 'spent £7,000 on shoes'
Former nun Colleen McCabe found guilty of stealing £500,000 from school:

Committee set to fight growing bullying threat and

Police investigate Port Talbot's YMCA where three staff members have been suspended

Attacks against NHS staff soar and

HSE opens new portal on workplace violence

CBI launches new attack on workers
...but no mention of incompetent bullying bosses or toxic workplaces:

Lambeth Council accused of discrimination culture

Law Society wins race appeal
Ms Kamlesh Bahl has lost her latest battle with the Law Society. An Employment Appeals Tribunal has ruled her counter-allegations (which appeared after she was found guilty of bullying) "little short of ludicrous":,3604,1010083,00.html

UK bankruptcies running at record levels

Deepcut soldier faces rape charge

Deepcut families to meet minister

Deepcut deaths 'not suicide'
Forensic expert Frank Swann says that fours soldiers did not commit suicide:

Army barracks deaths: families demand justice
Since 1990, at least 1,748 members of the United Kingdom (UK) Armed Forces have lost their lives through "non-natural" causes in or around barracks: (see also item below)

Soldier's death report obtained
18-year-old Paul Cochrane, from Castlereagh, East Belfast, shot himself at Drumadd Barracks in County Armagh in 2001:

UK prisons fail to cut suicide rates

UK female prisoner suicide rates at record levels

The trauma of reporting rape
The Fawcett Society publishes a report highlighting the inconsistency of rape services across Britain:

From spin doctor to teacher
Jo "a good day to bury bad news" Moore takes up a new career with children:

Fewer employee complaints registered
Government closes offices and lays off staff in Employment Standards and insists new system is eliminating friction in workplace:

Former University of Queensland lecturer sues stalker
Trevor Cullen asks Western Australia Supreme Court to award $100,000 damages in his Internet defamation case against Los Angeles cyber-stalker Bill White:,5936,6851360%255E2765,00.html

Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (AMWU) makes its 2003 occupational health and safety manual available online
Includes bullying:

New Zealand OSH Guide highlights impact of workplace stress

Canada workers stressed and overworked
Working Canadians feel most stressed by jobs that keep them at work too long or make too many demands on their time:

Studies show workers experience more stress than their bosses

President Bush shows contempt for workers’ pain

Which is the more heinous crime in the USA?
Downloading music from the web or killing employees? and

Business schools share Enron blame

Broadcast emailing is not spam, rules California Supreme Court
Intel whistleblower Ken Hamidi delighted at verdict:

Korea gets tough on corruption

Japanese widow compensated for karoshi
Toyota Motor Corporation employee committed suicide in 1988 as a result of overwork:

BBC sweeps European online awards
Readers of Bullying Times will notice I reference BBC News Online a lot ... the material is of a high quality and reliability, it stays online, and there are no annoying pop-up adverts. I would be willing pay ten times my license fee to support the BBC. OK I got a bit carried away a bit but those nice BBC journalists were rewarded at a recent prize-giving:



Bullied for doing too well at school
11-year-old Thomas Thompson kills himself with an overdose of painkillers because he was bullied at school for being "too clever", say his family, who also reported that Thomas had been bullied for years. Wallasey School headteacher Martin Pope said, "[Thomas] didn't discuss concerns about bullying and there were no reports of bullying in the school." Children who are being regularly abused and terrorised are too afraid to tell the responsible adults, especially when they are likely to be met with denial. The responsible adults must be proactive in fulfilling their duty of care - if they're reactive, it's too late:

Fundraising in memory of 'bullied' teenager
15-year-old Christopher O'Reilly, from Leeds, hangs himself with a Leeds United scarf:

School abdicates responsibility for Duty of Care
St Wilfrid's Roman Catholic School, Ripon, North Yorkshire. says it can't guarantee childrens' safety:

Paignton Community College defends image but pupils tell a different story
You may recall last month's story of Liam Kirk who had his arm broken during an anti-bullying class at Paignton Community College, Devon, England. Now Liam's father says other children and parents have now come forward with stories of bullying at the school. Principal Jane English says their stance on discipline has won praise from Government inspectors and quotes the latest Ofsted report which commends the caring attitude of the school and its policies on discipline and bullying:

School faces more bullying claims
Aimee Reynolds felt suicidal and was withdrawn from Paignton Community College, Devon, because of persistent bullying:

Death rate in UK schools running at normal levels
Since the beginning of June 2003 there have been four bullying-related suicides (16-year-old Karl Peart, 17-year-old Oliver Sabine, 11-year-old Thomas Thompson, 15-year-old Christopher O'Reilly), a second suicide at Karl Peart's school (15-year-old Gemma Dimmick), and two near suicides (9-year-old Jessica O'Connell, 12-year-old Aimee Reynolds). In our book Bullycide: death at playtime we estimated that the annual death toll from bullying was at least 16 suicides with between 20-100 other bullying-related deaths (open verdict, misadventure, accidental death). Details of the book were circulated to all LEAs in early 2001 but only a handful of authorities, and even fewer schools, invested in a copy: schoolbully/cases.htm (suicides) and successunlimited/books/bullycid.htm (Bullycide: death at playtime)

Primary school 'institutionally racist'
Malvern Link Church of England Primary School in Malvern, Worcestershire is the subject of complaints by parents over the handling of bullying claims and the reaction of staff to complaints:

Calls for sacking of Minister for Children
Tory MPs are demanding the sacking of Margaret Hodge as Minister for Children due to what they claim is her failure to deal with child abuse whilst leader of Islington Council from 1982-1992:
You can contact Margaret Hodge directly via her web site at - ask her what she thought of the complimentary copy of Bullycide: death at playtime that I sent her.

Former target of bullying becomes ambassador for Childline Cymru
Gemma Lang set up her own anti-bullying campaign after being bullied herself:

Bullying and boredom are still major cause of truancy

School bullying victim hits back

Mothers drive yobs out

That bully did hit you harder
Bullies and violent people hit harder than they claim:

Teachers send message on violence

Teacher has leg broken in anti-bullying lesson

Japanese man blows self up in botched attack on old high school bully

1 in 4 Korean students subject to bullying in Osaka, Japan

Police in Oaklyn, New Jersey foil Columbine-style spree killing

Camp counselors accused of hosting fights
4-H summer camp counselors in Virginia accused of organizing fights among youngsters:

News of the World campaign on school and child bullying
The UK's News of the World is running a weekly campaign over the summer with articles each Sunday on child and school bullying.



Have you been bullied at any time by Wrexham Borough Council? Freedom to Care (which supports conscientious employees who have been bullied for speaking up) is interested in hearing from Wrexham Borough Council employees, past and present, in any job, who have a story to tell. Contact in confidence: or Chris on 01978 750583 and see

Set the record straight: I'm Susan Wallace, a well-established freelance feature writer for UK women's magazines. I'm looking for a person in the UK who has recently won a tribunal or court case against a company for being bullied out of a job. Real names and photos will be used, so there must be no gagging order (which I know is often the case when compensation is involved.) It must not have been in any women's magazine already either. You will be handled sensitively and it's a chance to set the record straight. Tel 0151-233 3689 / 07801 055556 (I'll ring you straight back.(UK.)) Or e-mail Don't delay - please ring today! Thanks.

Female on female bullying: I'm Simone Coakham and I'm a researcher at Betty Television looking to speak to women who have experienced bullying in the work place from another Female colleague. Betty Television is making a factual Drama for BBC3 about female on female bullying. To help the script writer create a realistic script, we want to talk to women who have first hand experience of bullying at work. If you don't mind having a confidential chat and live anywhere in the UK, please call me, Simone on T:020 7290 0668 or email me at

Teenage bullying: my name is Rhona Mercer and I am the writer for a new teen magazine from the BBC which will be launched later this year. I am currently working on a bullying feature and I'm keen to interview a selection of teenagers for this article. If you are or have been a bully, I'd love to interview you and get your point of view. If you are the victim of bullying it would be great to speak to you too. If you're interested in talking to me about your experiences, please contact me on

Cosmopolitan magazine: I'm Charlotte Northedge and I'm a features writer at Cosmopolitan magazine, currently researching an article about women who are bullied, both in their workplace and their social lives. I am focusing on women who have experienced being ganged up on by groups of other women - whether it was subtle or more open. I'm particularly interested in speaking to women in the UK between the ages of 20 and 35 who have any experience of this. Please contact me in confidence. Charlotte Northedge,

Are you living or working with a control freak? I'm Hollie Smith and I'm writing another feature for Woman magazine, this time about the difficulties of living or working with a control freak. I'd like to find someone (female in the UK, any age) who has in the past or is currently going through this experience in the workplace. Email Hollie Smith at

More media requests at workbully/media.htm



Powys, mid-Wales
We're building up a party of interested people to start a new support group covering Builth Wells, Brecon, Llandrindod Wells - all in Powys, mid-Wales. Contact Vicky via email at

The London Support Group
The LSG is a group for people who have suffered from workplace bullying and meet at various locations in and around London on a monthly basis. We are a friendly group of like-minded people who meet in a safe environment and discuss the many aspects of bullying including workplace, legal, health and recovery issues. We also see socialising as an integral part of the support/recovery process. Membership of the support group is open to targets of bullying only and we also offer a secure internet forum for keeping in touch between meetings. For further information, please visit the LSG forum home page where there are directions on how to apply for membership.

Would like to met
A number of people are asking if you have information which could help them in their cases: resources/groups.htm#Hear



CEO:(n) greedy liar with personality disorder
Six senior US business school professors believe that a "good number" of CEOs are sociopaths (and you read it in Bully in sight first, pp89-90):

Staff will do almost anything
...if you treat them right:

Brain clue to stress disorder

Happiness protects against colds

Campaign Against Age Discrimination in Employment has new web site

Bar pro bono unit

Bullying links in Ireland

Natural Law and Natural Justice

Articles about verbal, emotional, and spousal abuse, domestic violence, and workplace bullying

Dealing with bullies Beth Austin who reviews Bully OnLine:

Bruce Lee took up karate to protect himself against school bullies

The Therapeutic Milieu
Residential treatment community for mental health professionals working with at-risk youth and emotionally disturbed children:

Open Site Family Violence

Psychiatry matters
Site has search engine with many articles about PTSD: http://www.PsychiatryMatters.MD

Mothers fight for justice for MoD service personnel who die in non-combat situations

Central Committee Against Violence in Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, Canada

Job opportunity working for a bully

The world's online library
Articles from books, newspapers, journals, magazines, etc:

Gender stereotyping under scrutiny
Boys are made of more than slugs and snails and pupp dog tails - some blokes have feelings, allegedly:,3605,990648,00.html

False arguments explained



Tim Field shares his insight
Understanding and tackling bullying at work: successunlimited/seminars/s1b.htm
Recovery and re-empowerment after bullying and abusive life events: successunlimited/seminars/s1b.htm
Next venue: Leeds, 25/26 September 2003: successunlimited/seminars/venues.htm
Legal action by the NUT means that I may have to postpone the rescheduled London seminars in order to prepare for the court case and defend myself and my livelihood in court.

Establishing Anti-Bullying in the Workplace Support Groups
Establishing Anti-Bullying in the Workplace Support Groups is a seminar being organised by DAWN in Birmingham, England, on Saturday 18th October 2003, 10.15am to 4pm. Approximate cost £10. More details at The event aims to enable those who have set up support groups to share their experience with those who are in the planning stages of their own support group in their own area. At the end of the seminar there will be discussion of a proposal to establish a Confederation of UK Anti-Bullying in the Workplace Support Groups. To register your interest, email DAWN chairperson Keith Munday at

National Coalition Against Bullying (NCAB) conference on school bullying
The best years of our lives ... or are they? Melbourne, Australia, November 2003:



The men they will become
by Eli Newberger MD:

Waterstone's stocks copies of Bully in sight
Waterstone's in Leeds (25-26 Butts Court) and Liverpool (14-16 Bold Street) have multiple copies of Bully in sight on their shelves.



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Introduction by Jo Brand
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Next venues: London (June 24/25) and Leeds (September 25/26)

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