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August 2005

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General news

Survey of bullied teachers in USA
Drs Jo and Joseph Blase, authors of Breaking the Silence, the groundbreaking book exposing teacher abuse, are collecting more research to expose bullying and abuse of teachers. If you're a teacher in the USA who's experienced bullying please participate in this survey:

Workplace Bullying

University of Ulster vice chancellor "bullied and harassed" staff
The work of Professor Gerry McKenna was "impaired by alcohol", claims a report:

Prince Harry teacher wins unfair dismissal employment tribunal
Eton College art teacher Sara Forsyth proves case, Eton senior management described as "high-handed, dismissive, prejudicial, partial, pedantic, unprofessional and lacking in even-handedness": and,,1521454,00.html

School caretaker faces 100% rent rise whilst off sick with stress and aggravated depression

Interview with sacked whistleblower
John Humphrys discusses drinking, diplomacy and human rights with Britain's former ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, who claims to have been sacked for telling the truth:

Independent bullying watchdog proposed for UK army

Bullying rife at privately-run Rye Hill prison

Dramatic drop in UK employment tribunal claims
TUC is mystified: but the real reason may be closer to home: workbully/public.htm

Survey of workplace bullying in the arts Anne-Marie Quigg, City University, London:

CUNY pays $1 million to settle bullying lawsuit
Emelise Aleandri and Gloria Salerno win case over harassment by John D Calandra Italian-American Institute former director Joseph Scelsa:

America's little secret .... on-the-job terrorism,0,7410430.story?page=1

Bullying - It's not just a schoolyard problem anymore
More workplace bullying cases ending up in US courts:

Court rules on sexual office affairs
When female employees are viewed by management as 'sexual playthings' or the way required for women to get ahead in the workplace is by engaging in sexual conduct, it constitutes harassment:

Canada Post told to reinstate whistleblower

Bullying, harassment and abuse rife in South Korea army it is in many armies, including Britain:

School bullying

Families enrol for online InterHigh online school
Home education safer and more in tune with real-world needs:

Stress, health and PTSD

Ex-soldier Michael New wins 620,000 damages for PTSD

Court victory for 'overworked' pub landlord
Mark Hone wins case against Six Continents Retail (formerly Bass) for collapsing after 90-hour week:

Reverse Therapy is the radical new treatment for ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia etc

Presenteeism is the new (or not so new) British workplace disease'Presenteeism'+infects+white-collar+workplace.htm

30% of English and 40% of Scottish injured workers have "mental health problems"
Work-related stress, reactive depression and PTSD now outnumber musculoskeletal problems: The difference between "mental illness" and "psychiatric injury": stress/ptsd.htm#Differences

Stress kills careers
One in four workers revealed that they are aware of a colleague whose mental wellbeing and career has suffered as a result of workplace stress:

UK sickness absence rates fall

TUC report demolishes top ten 'compensation culture' myths

Trade union guide to dealing with stress in the workplace

UK exports stress to India
Stress, panic attacks, depression, relationship troubles, alcoholism and eating disorders on the rise in India software workers and call centres:

My war injuries were psychological
New PTSD guidelines have been drawn up by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE):

Swiss airline pilots suspended after raising concerns about stress

Babies inherit 9/11 mums' stress

Aberfan survivors 'still stressed' after 37 years

Patience Press
...aims to ensure that other people never have to be alone with the pain of PTSD, struggling to heal without help or support:

Transforming tragedy

Media requests

Media requests are at media/media.htm

Conferences, meetings etc

Workplace Bullying: Tackling the Menace: Costs, Consequences and Solutions for Businesses, Individuals and Organisations
Tuesday 4th October 2005, The Burlington Hotel, Dublin 4. Workplace bullying (including management intimidation and corporate terrorism) costs Irish business billions of euro each year. Conference topics include defining the problem, the psychology of bullying, medical consequences, a case study, legislation and best practice for employers. Speakers include Ms Jacinta M Kitt, Dr Mark Harrold, Dr Paul Heslin, Padraig O'Ceidigh, Senator Mary E Henry and Ms Emer Gilvarry. Details at

Bullying in the Workplace: an Abuse of Trust; a Denial of Justice
A one-day conference on workplace bullying and its consequences organised by DAWN (Dignity At Work Now) and supported by the Birmingham Branch, CIPD. Date: Wednesday 12 October 2005. Venue: Carrs Lane Church Centre, in central Birmingham, England. Speakers include: Professor Charlotte Rayner, University of Portsmouth, Professor Michael West, Aston Business School, a representative from Mercer Human Resource Consulting, Kate Brookes, Julie Fagan and Dr Dave Hinton. Further details, including fees, available on the DAWN website from 1 August: Or for more information email Keith Munday at or telephone 07979732037.

See workbully/conf.htm and workbully/events.htm

Support groups etc

Support groups are listed at resources/groups.htm

Surveys etc

See workbully/surveys.htm

Web sites of interest

It's easy to set up your own blog at
Justin Patten has started his own blog on workplace bullying:

Beware the sociopath: no heart, no conscience, no remorse
How to spot a psychopathic love fraud con artist:

Psychopaths or Psychopathic Students in Criminal Justice
A Problem for the Profession of Criminal Justice:

NHS suspension - how to unethically get rid of staff who ask questions
Bring a grievance and we'll suspend you:

How psychiatry and psychiatrists are used to get rid of whistleblowers

Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies
...are dedicated to ending humiliating practices and breaking cycles of humiliation throughout the world:

Gang stalking
Tactics of psychological terror:

The Multiple Stalker (Vigilante/Harassment Group) Information and Support Site

Achievements of survivors of bullying

What survivors of bullying have gone on to achieve...

Life after bullying

Books and articles etc

Bullies can be Transformed into Good Citizens
A book and bullying prevention program guide by Steven D Bell:

Beating Anger: the eight-point plan for coping with rage the Director of the British Association of Anger Management, Mike Fisher, ISBN 184413564-0, Rider, 2005:

Managing fear

Dealing with computer viruses and spam

Are you bombarded with computer viruses and spam?
There's guidance for new (and not so new) users of the Internet regarding viruses, spam and scam: action/newuser.htm

Stockists of books published by Success Unlimited

What readers say about Bully in sight

"I wish I'd bought this book two years ago."

More reader feedback on Bully in sight at successunlimited/books/tstmbis.htm
See reader feedback on Bully in sight at and

See reader feedback on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: the invisible injury at and

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