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December 2002

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Some exciting developments are coming in the New Year which will put Bully OnLine and its associated activities on a sound footing for the future growth and expansion.

More news in January.

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In this issue

Workplace bullying

Dignity at Work Bill progress
UK police identify thousand of pedophiles working in the professions
NHS staffing woes continue
Bullying in New York
US shootings analysed

School bullying

Media and research requests

Books and resources

Links, web sites and reminders

Fearless Living
Picking up the pieces
More on psychopaths in the board room
Resources for social workers
Tax the rude

Bully OnLine reorganisation


Dignity at Work Bill progress
Around 100 people attended a meeting on Monday 25 November 2002 organised by Amicus at Portcullis House, Westminster:

UK police identify thousands of pedophiles ...
...including many professionals (teachers, police officers) with access to children. Most evade capture because of lack of police resources: I've long suspected that many serial bullies at work (workbully/serial.htm) are involved in child abuse both in and out of the workplace; the top four groups of enquirers are teachers, nurses, social workers and voluntary sector workers, all report a serial bully and each is in a situation with easy access to children and vulnerable people. Police officers and church officials also number regularly amongst enquiries. Most serial bullies, and abusers, evade accountability because of their verbal dexterity and the enjoyment of protection from like-minded people higher up the organisation. Many serial bullies in management positions in the public sector also have a common handshake.

Nissan Micra dashboard designer describes daily bullying

Sex (discrimination) in the City
Woman who alleges she was "exploited, abused and overlooked" because of her pregnancy wins city sex case:,3604,840364,00.html
This is not the first sex discrimination case at Nomura:

£2.2m for woman frozen out of her own company by 'sexist' directors
Former nurse Kate Bleasdale wins a record settlement for sex discrimination in a case which highlights the discriminatory nature of discrimination legislation - had she been male she would not have been able to use the laws on harassment and discrimination:,3604,840597,00.html

Sacked Cardiff social worker victimised for raising concerns
Charles Faber is taking Cardiff County Council to tribunal for alleged bullying and victimisation. Last month's enewsletter that Cardiff Social Services were amongst the worst in Wales ( Mr Faber made the mistake of reporting his feelings that vulnerable children in Cardiff were slipping through the net and had been abandoned by social services:

Stress and overwork top worker concerns
Fear of violence appears in top five for first time: and

Plus ca change
Research shows that staff in technology jobs work in the white collar equivalent of a nineteenth century factory suffering from isolation, job insecurity and long hours:

Nurse wins record compensation for back injury
In a ground-breaking case former nurse Angela Knott has won £420,000 after suffering a cumulative back injury. Ms Knott alleges Newham Healthcare NHS Trust failed in their duty of care. The Trust now faces legal bills of £400,000. Ms Knott commented: "There are hardly any nurses in the UK now because of this - the management just do not appreciate us or give us the respect we deserve." (in another legal precedent with a coincidental same surname Roger Knott was awarded a record £825,000 in June 1998 for suffering PTSD after an explosion whilst descaling a boiler)

NHS recruitment and staffing woes continue
A shortage of intensive care consultants puts live at risk:

NHS recruitment and staffing woes continue
Lack of hospital laboratory staff leaves serious illnesses undiagnosed:

NHS managing for excellence
Lots of fine words, but will it work?

NHS under scrutiny again for racist pay policy
Study suggests senior hospital doctors are denied salary bonuses because of the colour of their skin:

Doctors under government pressure make diagnoses that result in cutting Disability Benefit:

Joint Programme Launches New Initiative Against Workplace Violence
International Labour Organisation report highlights violence in the health sector:

Work overload is main cause of stress at work
The TUC has revealed that work overload is the main cause of stress at work across Britain. A TUC survey of 5,300 union safety reps shows that stress is the main health and safety concern in Britain's workplaces.

Work on life - free enewsletter
The Australian Council of Trades Unions (ACTU) publishes Work on Life, an e-bulletin that focuses on working to live:

Blair crime crackdown
But some killers (like corporate manslaughter and bullying) don't rate a mention:

It's official - work is the biggest killer
And that's without adding bullying to the equation: (press release: 14 November 2002)

Survey shows junior City lawyers buckling under stress
43% have witnessed bullying and one in three want to leave the legal profession: and and

Survey brands New York law firm Clifford Chance as the least favourite major law firm to work for
A leaked memo cites, among other issues, terrible relations between partners and associates, poor facilities and dehumanising annual billing targets:

Rude lawyers in New York (never)
Lawyers who know how to think but have not learned how to behave are a menace and a liability, not an asset, to the administration of justice:

New York whistleblower vindicated
...but suffers high personal cost, like most whistleblowers:

NIOSH Educational DVD on Work Stress Discusses Work Organization Factors, Interventions
Free NIOSH training and educational video program on the topic of workplace stress (does it mention bullying?:

Tough Bosses and the ADA
Employees cannot insist on being moved away from a bullying boss:

Sacked workers challenged racism
Somali workers who cleaned and serviced rental cars for National Car Rental and Alamo Rent A Car at St Pauls Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, are taking legal action:

Sex discrimination at Wal-Mart
Employees are charging the company with systematic sex discrimination in promotions, assignments, training and pay:

First ever Global Report on Violence and Health released
New WHO report presents more complete picture of global violence:

ILO workplace survey ranks Argentina the most violent
France comes third, Canada fourth and the USA ninth:

Miss America not silenced
Erika Harold wins fight to speak freely:

Is employment at-will the center of work-related crimes?

University of Arizona College of Nursing gunman's letter analysed
Robert Stewart Flores wrote a 22-page suicide letter which I've analysed at newsflores.htm

Gun distributor liable for shootings

Scientists pinpoint brain's fear control area
Scientists have pinpointed an area of the brain involved in overcoming fear which may help to improve treatments for people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and anxiety attacks:

Tough new rules on email snooping proposed

Ageism costing UK plc £31billion a year
...says charity Age Concern:, reinforcing what CAADE has been campaigning for years:

Deepcut soldier's family campaigns for justice
The family of Pte Geoff Gray, one of (at least) four suspicious suicides at Deepcut Army Barracks in Surrey, England, had started a web site as part of their campaign for truth and justice. You can sign their guest book.

Catholic Church head allowed sexual abuse priest to continue working
Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, permitted a priest who admitted interfering with a teenage boy to continue working. The priest begged forgiveness, a traditional and usually successful tactic of abusers in religious organisations (and elsewhere). Kidscape's Michele Elliott has called on Murphy-O'Connor to resign for failing to follow his own guidelines:

Catholic school abuse survivor's web site

Making work a safe haven from domestic violence
A new guide aims to help unions and employers develop sympathetic, but effective ways of assisting the victims of domestic violence, a problem that will affect one in four women at some point in their lives:


UK schools still not tackling bullying
Two thirds of bullied children interviewed said they were bullied every day and that their schools did nothing to help:

Taking on Bullying in the USA at the National Level
Reports on anti-bullying or anti-harassment laws in each State, along with news media reports and personal stories about bullied children and teens:

The Wounded Child Project
Working with each child individually to stop bullying and making schools and school districts aware of liability etc:

What kids fear the most

You can make a difference
A profile of Stan Davis:

Pittsburgh educators say bullies are one of the biggest problems they face

The Ophelia Project

Cruel Schools
Lesson plan:

Stop Bullying
Do you think enough is being done to prevent bullying?

Dissecting Columbine's Cult of the Athlete

Model school anti-bullying policy
Guidelines on Countering Bullying Behaviour in Primary and Post-Primary Schools from the Irish Department of Education and Science:

Ganging Up on Bullying
Researchers say Taunting Can End When Adults Step In:

Teachers comments on web chat site deemed inappropriate



I'm Hollie Smith and I'm seeking a woman in the UK who was a victim of jealousy in the workplace - not unusual, I'm sure, as this seems to be a common motive for bullies. It would just involve a brief telephone interview, and anonymity promised if that's important. It's for a dossier style piece for Woman magazine. There's a (very small) fee on offer to anyone I use. Contact Hollie Smith at

Bullycide and Red Nose Day
I'm Vic Southwell and I work for Comic Relief in the UK. We raise funds through Red Nose Days which culminate in a night of television. We also raise awareness about issues through fundraising films that we show on the TV night and through extensive media exposure. One issue we are keen to highlight this coming Red Nose Day (March 2003) is mental health and young people. We are particularly interested in the issue of bullycide. The most powerful way of raising public awareness and making people listen is by using real stories that include personal testimony. We want to invite anyone who has a personal testimony related to bullycide, or any organisation who might be able to help us in providing that vital personal testimony, to contact us. The films are made by an experienced BBC team who will manage any contributions is a sensitive way. If you feel that you can help us, or would like more information please contact me: Vic Southwell, Comic Relief, tel 020 7820 5578, mobile 07941 927605, email

Bullying in a convenience store
I'm Andrew Don and I'm writing a feature for Convenience Store magazine. I would like to hear from anyone who works for a convenience store in the UK who has experience of bullying. Contact Andrew Don at

More requests at media/media.htm



Fearless Living
Few people realise how much fear holds them back. Rhonda Britten (currently recording another series of Life Doctor for Five - UK TV Channel 5) shows you how to identify and overcome your fears at

Picking Up the Pieces
How organisations manage the aftermath of harassment complaints is the subject of a publication from the Wainwright Trust which reveals an "almost pathological reluctance on the part of the organisation to admit mistakes or try to ensure they are not repeated. There is complacency, denial and sweeping under the carpet or adverse employment tribunal decisions". This is hardly surprising since most bullying cases are the tip of an iceberg of wrongdoing and in around 98% of Advice Line cases the top priority is to shoot the messenger (target of bullying):

Psychopaths in the boardroom
An article in The Times:,,1-7-476077,00.html

Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder
...describes the behaviour of the Attention-Seeker (workbully/serial.htm#Attention) and Wannabe (workbully/serial.htm#Wannabe) types of serial bully rather well: There's more on personality disorders at

Preparing for employment tribunal in the UK
Equal Opportunities Commission website for anyone involved in tribunals (the site is geared towards sexual harassment and sex discrimination but the process is the same):

ICLR publishes results of new tribunal cases online
The ICLR's mission is to report any cases which change or modify the law:

The Network for Surviving Stalking
NSS raises awareness of stalking and provides support to anyone affected by stalking:

UK National Work-Stress Network newsletters

Receive UK TUC e-bulletins, fact sheets, news etc
To see what's available and to subscribe visit

Readable guide to employment law in the UK

The Medaille Mobbings
A Canadian sociologist looks at what happened in 2002 at Medaille College, Buffalo, New York:

Stop Mobbing
A new website on bullying (mobbing) in Holland:

Ask the Internet Therapist

Theories about the causes of depression

Neighbours from Hell
Bullies are everywhere and sometimes they live next door: Some hide behind a huge hedge:

Bosses from Hell
Bullies are everywhere and sometimes they turn up at work:

Minnesota Medicine confronts workplace abuse
An article written in 1999 but just as relevant today:

Serious problems in the management of the Alaska Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)
Low employee morale, inappropriate use of funds and assets - this sounds familiar. The common factor that allows these types of problems to continue is a poor management control environment (ditto):

The compelling issue today for HR professionals is...
...the increase in the number of nonfatal injuries and victimizations in the workplace--from acts of intimidation and mobbing to sexual assaults and domestic violence that spills into offices and adjoining parking lots:

Michigan Whistleblowers Protection Act

Workplace violence
Where it's most likely to occur:

Bullying of social workers
A personal view:

WWW resources for social workers

Bullying in nursing
A personal view:

World Health Organisation (WHO) article
New Research shows workplace violence threatens health services:

New York statistics show discrimination against nurses
Over a six year period nurses are four times more likely than physicians to face discipline charges despite the number of complaints being the same:

Disability Information Services (DISS)
European Week for Safety and Health was the ideal opportunity to pilot the new risk assessment forms:

Going Postal

Workplace Violence
The view from Human Resources Development Canada:

British Columbia government introduces changes to the Employment Standards Act

Employment Law Zone
A leading on-line resource for employment law issues in Ireland:

Tax the rude
Some nice lateral thinking:

Bullying in one USA prison

Life Support System
The best things in life are free ... like love, hope and laughter:

UK contact information for PTSD treatment
Local specialist resources able to offer advice about the assessment or treatment of people with psychological reactions to major traumatic events:



Emotional vampires: dealing with people who drain you dry

Bullying and Emotional Abuse in the Workplace: International Perspectives in Research and Practice
by Stale Einarsen (Editor) and Oswald Hanfling

Understanding and Preventing Workplace Retaliation
by Employment Attorney Patricia A. Wise:

Booklets from the Labour Research Department:
Tackling stress at work (New from LRD)
Bullying and harassment at work - a trade unionist's guide
Work-life balance - a negotiator's guide
Plus many more relevant health and safety booklets


Bully OnLine reorganisation

New site search engine added courtesy of

Case histories section continues to grow
Over 60 experiences online: cases/

Tim Field's quotes on bullying

Overcoming myths, misperceptions and stereotypes
These pages are constantly being updated as I come across old attitudes: workbully/myths.htm and schoolbully/myths.htm


Got a news item or resource to share?
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Spreading the word
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