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February 2003

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Workplace bullying

School bullying

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Auckland's Starship Hospital accused of bullying
Nurses union vows to fight demotion of senior nurse after he complained about bullying:,1227,163108-1-6,00.html

Nevada school district settles ex-teacher's lawsuit
Washoe County School District trustees have settled a 7-year-old federal lawsuit brought by a former teacher who claimed he was retaliated against for criticizing administrators:

Abusive teachers slip through despite Arizona laws

Abusive carer was rightly fired

Bully ejected from Finsbury Park mosque
Sheikh Abu Hamza and his associates bullied and intimidated the trustees into surrendering to his demands:

Swindon council worker Deborah Rees awaits verdict and is then sacked and

Post Office launches national helpline for bullied staff

Stress standards to put pressure on employers
The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is to introduce work-related stress audits in its routine health and safety inspections by the end of 2003, and will ultimately have the power to fine organisations that fail to introduce minimum standards:

Chancellor fails to identify cause of massive black hole in his budget
The government has yet to recognise the impact of bullying and harassment on the performance of UK plc but instead increases borrowing to hide the problem: - for some thoughts see workbully/typical.htm

Many employers resist flexible working arrangements

New figures suggest that flexible working could be the solution to rising employee absence

Firms fail to halt rise in stress cases
Employers need to deal with underlying problems of long hours and bullying:

TUC says government should close loophole which denies millions workplace rights

Bosses most likely to be guilty of fraud

Equal Opportunities Commission to investigate sexual harassment at Royal Mail

UK doctor shortage getting worse
Vacancy rates have worsened:

Employees mistrust their employer
In a survey by UK management consultancy Accenture, almost three quarters of UK staff questioned said they did not trust the honesty of senior managers.

Stress still taboo subject
Anyone suffering stress at work will not be surprised with the results of a survey Hot under the collar: how stress is impacting on the 21st century business environment by UK HR Consultancy Cubiks in which 79% of employers admitted they would be less likely to employ someone they believed to be prone to stress. Also unsurprising was that 76% of employees questioned feared that complaining of stress would adversely impact their career.

Email vetting blocks MPs' debate on Sexual Offences Bill
One unfortunate side-effect of attempts to block spam containing inappropriate content is that legitimate debate about matters involving sexual abuse is also blocked:
The Daily Mirror reports that Liberal-Democrat peer Baroness Scott is being prevented from corresponding with a constituent whose surname is Butt. Presumably Tony is having lots of emails from George W blocked for similar reasons.

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Report faults state and schools in 2002 suicide of 12-year-old J Daniel Scruggs
Teachers, guidance counselors, nurses, state social workers and juvenile court officers did little more than note problems in their records:,0,6388207.story?coll=hc-headlines-local

The ugly side of girl power

It's official. Girls make better bullies.
Girls may be biologically hard-wired to engage in sophisticated, non-violent forms of aggression: (is this news?)

Scottish schools and teachers have opportunity to share anti-bullying strategies
The Anti-Bullying Network creates an online database:

Pioneering anti-bullying scheme gains "Investing in Children" status
An Anti-Bullying Service in County Durham, England, has set-up mediation and peer support in secondary schools for bullied children to confide in specially-trained older pupils:

Anti-bullying project under threat from lack of funds
A pioneering anti-bullying project run by Victim Support in Cornwall, England, is facing closure because its funding is being stopped:

UK school toilets intolerable
Dirty, smelly and a haven for bullies ... some things never change:

How I joined Teach for America -- and got sued for $20 million

Police: students tried to poison girl, charges expected,1299,DRMN_15_1679698,00.html

A program of tackling bullying and harassment from the Canadian Red Cross:

Students Concerned About Emotional Violence

Bullying resources from the UK National Autistic Society

A mother's experience of her autistic child being bullied



Feel free to forward these requests to anyone who may be interested in taking part - thank you.

Girls bullying girls - fill in the survey online
I'm Barbara Jacobs and I'm an agony aunt, broadcaster and writer, currently writing for Penguin Books (read about me on the client list at Penguin have commissioned me to write a book about girls bullying girls, and because I want authentic voices and experiences in the book, I'd like bullying survivors of 16 or above to fill in some questionnaires for me. It would be good if parents of girls who have been bullied by girls could fill in my 'parent' questionnaire, too. All questionnaires will be anonymous and your help is much appreciated - thanks. You can now fill in the questionnaire online at

One Suicide, A Thousand Deaths
Freelance writer, Jan Andersen, is seeking experiences for a book she is currently writing about the impact of child suicide on the surviving parents, entitled, One Suicide, A Thousand Deaths. Jan's 20-year-old son Kristian tragically took his own life on 1 November 2002 and so any responses to this request will be dealt with sensitively and compassionately. Anonymity will be respected if desired and names changed to protect identities. Jan can be contacted via email at or via her website

New series of "UK's Worst?" on BBC 1: I'm Emma Bowler and I'm working on the BBC 1 investigative consumer programme "UK's Worst?". We are looking at the possibility of making "UK's Worst Employer?" - do you work for or know this organisation?  Do you or did you work for a boss from hell? Perhaps you work in or know of a call centre whose regime is especially strict? You might even be able to help us expose sweatshops right here in the UK? If you think you can help us please get in touch asap. All contact will be dealt with in confidence. Ideally email me in the first instance: [Tel: 020 8752 4524].

What have you been through? I'm Kate Pickering and I'm a director at Libra Television making a programme called Citizen Power for UK Channel 4 Schools. It is used as a teaching aid for 10-14 year olds. One of our future programmes is about diversity, and the acceptance of others. We need to show how damaging it can be if someone has not been accepted. Maybe you've come through being bullied and are able to speak about your achievement to help and give hope to others. Maybe you are being bullied now and want to have your say (identities can be protected) or maybe being a victim turned you into the bully. We are looking for a young person, who is willing to speak about their experiences, aged between 10 and 16 and living in the UK. We would like to hear your stories to help young people in similar situations and make others think twice before they bully. The film will be approximately 3 minutes long. To find out more contact Kate at: Please send a few details about your circumstances. You are not committing yourself to anything by getting in touch. Libra Television specialises in making children's and education programmes; we need parental consent for any broadcast contribution made. You can see Citizen Power every Tuesday on Channel 4 at 11.25:

Bullying in the media: I'm Andrew Don and I'm writing a feature for Press Gazette on journalists who have experienced workplace bullying. If any journalists have experience of either a) being a workplace bully! b) being a victim of workplace bullying. What I would like to know is if you were bullied, what form this took and the effect it had on you. How was it resolved? Or let me know if this is a current situation. If you are courageous enough to admit you were once a workplace bully, or perhaps are still one, why were you/are you? Anyone who admits to being a workplace bully gets a bonus for being brave enough to come clean! I would like to hear as soon as possible about your experiences either by e-mail at or tel 020 8959 7358 or 0208 906 8148. I would ideally like to quote names but I will respect anonymity if insisted on.

Girl gangs and girl bullying: I'm Cathryn O'Neill and I'm a producer with Princess Productions, an independent television production company based in London. I'm currently developing a television documentary on girl gangs and bullying between girls. I'd be very interested in talking to you if you're a member of a girl gang or if you're a girl who has been subjected to bullying by other girls. I can be contacted in confidence via email at or on 020 7243 5108.

Jealousy: I'm Hollie Smith and I'm seeking a woman in the UK who was a victim of jealousy in the workplace - not unusual, I'm sure, as this seems to be a common motive for bullies. It would just involve a brief telephone interview, and anonymity promised if that's important. It's for a dossier style piece for Woman magazine. There's a (very small) fee on offer to anyone I use. Contact Hollie Smith at

Bullycide and Red Nose Day: I'm Vic Southwell and I work for Comic Relief in the UK. We raise funds through Red Nose Days which culminate in a night of television. We also raise awareness about issues through fundraising films that we show on the TV night and through extensive media exposure. One issue we are keen to highlight this coming Red Nose Day (March 2003) is mental health and young people. We are particularly interested in the issue of bullycide. The most powerful way of raising public awareness and making people listen is by using real stories that include personal testimony. We want to invite anyone who has a personal testimony related to bullycide, or any organisation who might be able to help us in providing that vital personal testimony, to contact us. The films are made by an experienced BBC team who will manage any contributions is a sensitive way. If you feel that you can help us, or would like more information please contact me: Vic Southwell, Comic Relief, tel 020 7820 5578, mobile 07941 927605, email

Bullying in a convenience store: I'm Andrew Don and I'm writing a feature for Convenience Store magazine in the UK. I would like to hear from anyone who works for a convenience store who has experience of bullying. Contact Andrew Don at

More media requests at workbully/media.htm



Teachers get support and chat facility
TeachersUK is a non-commercial msn group which was set up after it was clear from those teachers who posted on the TES website forums, that there was a need for a more interactive form of support and communication. It offers chat facilities which provides, social interaction as well as support and advice for its members and visitors. One of our chat hosts is a Teachers Union official who is online every Sunday night form 7-8pm (UK) to field questions from concerned members regarding their work. It has proved invaluable for the 200+ members it currently has and is one of the few facilities like it:

Next meeting of Adult Bullying Clampdown (ABC) in Northern Ireland
Monday 24th February at 7.45pm in the Lagan Valley Island Arts Centre, Lisburn. Please note we are only meeting on Monday this month due to a double booking of the room. The guest speaker will be Baroness May Blood MBE. Everyone is welcome and there is a £2 cover charge. Tea/coffee will be provided: workbully/ireland.htm#Northern



Personality Disorder: no longer a diagnosis of exclusion
Policy implementation guidance for the development of services for people with personality disorder, from the National Institute for Mental Health in England (NIMHE):

Bullying: a global perspective

UK no win no fee agreements explained

UK Law Commission thoughts on time limits

Managing Sickness Absence
A comprehensive guide for employers:

Australian barrister tackles bullying

Black British role models

The corrupt are running out of places to hide

The two faces of leadership
Considering the dark side of leader-follower dynamics:

Managing crazy behavior in organizations

Rude, overbearing co-workers can become occupational hazards
For many of the nation's workers, the morning commute includes coffee, a bagel and a sinking feeling of dread:

Why are people rude?
Some thoughts, including why people become supporters and apologists for bullies:

Women make better bosses, allegedly
A UK study involving 2000 NHS employees revealed that in 13 out of 14 themes, women were more highly rated than men as leaders. The research was conducted by Professor of Leadership Studies at Leeds University, Beverley Alimo-metcalfe.

Bullies get to be boss

Toxic boss syndrome,,180_562346,00.html

Emotional abuse
Are you never "good enough"?

Only a few abused children go on to become abusers
New research by the Institute of Child Health in London confirms that the abuse cycle is lower than the myth suggests:

Family Trauma Group

Mind control in cults

Letting go of guilt and shame

The further adventures of a New York temp

Workplace abuse
An article by Tom Heuerman:

Bullying in the media



160 degrees of deviation
By Jerome Alexander. Identifies within ranks of management a subculture with personal agendas who cause morale to suffer and frustration to set in:


Got a news item or resource to share?
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Spreading the word
Bullying affects at least 50% of the population. If you or someone you know have a web site please link to Bully OnLine at Bully Online


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