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Bullying Times
February 2004

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School bullying
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UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line closes
The UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line (01235 212286) has closed as a consequence of a malicious libel action sponsored by the National Union of Teachers. Founded in January 1996 and operated by Tim Field, the Advice Line has helped thousands of people identify and deal with bullying at work. Teachers and lecturers have consistently been the largest number of callers and enquirers, with NUT members prominent amongst teachers callers in the UK, mostly citing the failure of NUT paid officers as the reason for failure to make progress in their case.

All support services have been transferred to Bully OnLine. Please delete any entry for the UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line (01235 212286) in databases and directories for which you have responsibility, and replace with "See Bully OnLine at Bully Online".

Suspension of public seminars
For the same reasons I've reluctantly decided to suspend my public seminars for the remainder of 2004.



Workers bemoan horror bosses
15% of Scottish workers believe their boss is a clone of David Brent:

10% of workers incompetent, say bosses

Unpublished EU report exposes working time abuse in UK

Line managers and family-friendly employment

Workplace partnerships - who wins and who loses?

Big boys use unlimited funds and legal bullying to silence critics
TVNZ tactics have a familiar ring:

Employment tribunal compensation payments up 65% at £6.4million in 2003
34% increase in injury to feelings awards:,,30400-12938994,00.html

All work and no play makes Bruce a dull boy

Culture of intimidation still exists at South Western Sydney Area Health Service

Glenorchy City Council combats infighting between aldermen
Council outlaws bullying:,5936,8578960%5E3462,00.html

Walmart accused on using illegal immigrants

Pregnant and (re)productive
An investigation into pregnancy discrimination:

A workplace that works

Email bullying eating away at employee health and

Midwives most abused workers in NHS

Prime Minister Tony Blair may have won the battle but lost the war
Former BBC director Greg Dyke accuses government of systematic bullying:

Stressed pilots turn to drink,6903,1113361,00.html

Marine threatened to kill recruit

Psychological testing unreliable

Getting sick workers back to work
No mention of dealing with the causes of sickness:

The consequences of a toxic workplace

ASLEF union members vote to take action over bullying

Those who can, do. Those who can't, inspect?



Wisconsin woman dedicates life to stop kids from bullying

Indiana passes anti-bullying bill

Eugene School District pays $10,000 to boy bullied on bus

New Mexico's schools may get $350,000 worth of help in the fight against bullying

More awareness being given in school to bullying, harassment issues in Nevada schools

Teen charged with first-degree murder in killing of classmate in Miami school

Bullying blamed for absences in Camden, New Jersey

The Ottawa 67's bullying prevention programme: Stop Talk Tell

Ethnic-based bullying seen in Kawasaki

Scottish schoolgirl gets legal aid for bullying damages bid

West Lancashire MP says bullying is common

Pupils and staff differ on effectiveness of bullying program

'Bullied' schoolgirl killed herself

'Bullied' teenager killed himself

Two suicides, but no bullying

Acne agony drove student to take cyanide overdose;$sessionid$Q4FA1Y3A1TETNQFIQMGCFF4AVCBQUIV0?xml=%2Fnews%2F2004%2F01%2F08%2Fnsuic08.xml

Shocking cases of bullying abound in schools

12% of children are bullies

Scottish pupils to sort out bullying

Students send a message to bullies: Don't be cruel
Peer pressure, education are part of program:

Girl stands her ground against molester on trial

Will my kid ever be normal?
Quirky kids ... but who is quirky?

NASUWT teacher union spells out policy for end to violence in schools

Society demands compliance and conformity




Have you been bullied at any time by Wrexham Borough Council? Freedom to Care (which supports conscientious employees who have been bullied for speaking up) is interested in hearing from Wrexham Borough Council employees, past and present, in any job, who have a story to tell. Contact in confidence: or Chris on 01978 750583 and see

School bullying and bullycide: I'm Emily Fairweather and I'm a producer at Granada Television in Bristol. I'm doing some research on a documentary about bullying. We're filming with some families whose children are currently experiencing bullying. We would also like to talk to some parents whose child actually committed suicide as a result of bullying. As a parent myself, I can't imagine how awful it must have been for you to experience such a loss and my heart goes out to you. If it is something that you would like to share then please do contact me on my email or tel 0117 974 5891.

SUFFERING STRESS AT WORK? DO YOU HAVE THE BOSS FROM HELL? I'm Claudia Lewis and I'm a producer on a new BBC1 popular science series called Should I Worry About... I want to hear from people in the UK who are worried that their office may be making them ill.
1) Are your stress levels going through the roof?
2) Are bullying bosses putting your health at risk?
3) Do you work in the call-centre from hell?

Neighbours from Hell: I'm Fiona Henderson, I'm a researcher at Carlton Television and I'm currently looking for contributors on the next Neighbours from Hell documentary. I'd like to speak to people who are currently having difficulty with neighbours or people in their community. Ideally you will have some evidence of what's gone on such as camcorder or cctv footage - but if not then please get in touch anyway as the story alone may be enough. You may feel it's time to expose the problem, this is your last resort or that it may help matters to get your side across. If you are interested please call me on 020 7612 7313 and I'll call you straight back or email me at

More media requests at media/media.htm



Proposal to Establish a Confederation of UK Anti-Bullying in the Workplace Support Groups
News update from DAWN on 1st January 2004:

Arrangements to take forward a Confederation of UK Anti-Bullying in the Workplace Support Groups
In 2003 there was discussion of the idea of support groups coming together to form a confederation (or a network, coalition or alliance). DAWN intends hosting a meeting on this topic towards the end of March/early April, 2004, in Birmingham. Suggestions relating to this meeting, and a statement recently issued by DAWN, available at: Further details to be given in the next issue of 'Bullying Times'.

West Country Support Group
WCSG has been set up to help victims of workplace bullying from the West Country of England. WCSG aims to provide on-line and face to face mutual support to those who are suffering, or have suffered, from bullying in the past:



Informed Residents of Reading, Massachusetts

NHS Injury Benefits Scheme
The Injury Benefits Scheme provides benefits for any NHS employee who as a result of an injury, disease or condition caused by their NHS employment:

Neighbours From Hell in Britain
If you have a Neighbour From Hell in Britain please fill in the survey at

A Bully's Future, From Hard Life to Hard Time
Bullying part of the culture but effects are poorly understood:

Getting a job after bullying is tough

CIPD guide to bullying

How a company should respond after an incident/accident and how PTSD can develop

Brain 'can be trained to forget'
Traumatic memories can be blocked:

EC Labour Law and Work Organisation News and Home Page

Transgender individuals face prejudice and bullying, often with tragic consequences

Canadian Crime Victim Foundation


Conferences, meetings, seminars and training




Confronting Conflict
Friedrich Glasl, 1999, Hawthorn Press, ISBN 186989071X



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Light relief

How to get lucky

The words of David Brent are more memorable than those of William Shakespeare


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