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February 2005

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Updated pages
School bullying myths and misperceptions: schoolbully/myths.htm

Workplace Bullying

Sickness absence costs UK plc £11.7 billion annually
TUC and CBI at loggerheads, but no-one is identifying causes:

The new face of slave labour
Bullying, long hours and low productivity are a feature of UK plc:

Germaine Greer quits Celebrity Big Brother
Treatment of housemates likely to encourage playground bullying:

Royal Marines accused of bullying

Corporate psychopaths under scrutiny
Psychopaths thrive on constant downsizing and relentless merging:

US Whistleblower "must be overwhelmed with force"
National Institutes of Health (NIH) division director Dr Edmund Tramont lays out plans for firing whistleblower Dr Jonathan Fishbein in email: and

Failed superintendent gets quarter of a million golden handshake
San Diego city schools superintendent Alan Bersin agrees to retire after his "top-down management style and unbending personality alienated people, especially rank-and-file teachers":

South African rugby whistleblower found dead
Video analyst Dale McDermott commits suicide in Durban:

Long working hours means more accidents on the way home

West outsources job stress to India

School bullying

Anti-bully pupils win Diana award
Pupils and staff at Larkmead School in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, are honoured for their work in tackling bullying:

Bullying awareness week
17-23 April 2005 - support the proclamation:

Government Anti-Bullying Alliance accused of bullying
Lack of accountability for those spending taxpayers money, suppression of dissent is gagging order of the day:,3604,1382747,00.html and

Significant development in Damilola Taylor bullying case
Police arrest three suspects:

Internet pedophile jailed in cybersex case
Alloa Sheriff Court jails Neil Ross for 2 years:

Virtual Global Task Force (VGTF) launched
Web site allows children to report pedophiles:

Fox sponsors The Bully Project

Stress, health and PTSD

Work Stress Means Sleepless Nights
40% of Britons lose sleep because of work: and

Media requests

Teachers being bullied in the UK: Have you experienced bullying in the workplace from colleagues? We want to hear about your experiences of bullying in the education sector and how it was dealt with by the school. This is for a piece on how bullying in the workplace can be resolved positively, to be broadcast on a new TV channel for Teachers. Please call for further information. We will not identify anyone, or the school if requested. To get in touch please email or call or tel 0161 832 7211 ext 3952.

Television Investigations Agency is open for business: Is there an issue in your life that's bothering you? Are you being bullied? At work maybe? Do you have the feeling that someone close to you isn't being honest? Whatever your problem, give our detectives a call and see if they can help. Investigations are free. Call our hotline confidentially now on 0207 985 1841 or email

CASE STUDIES REQUIRED FOR NEW ZEALAND TELEVISION DOCUMENTARY: I'm Mary Percy and I work for an independent television production company in Auckland, New Zealand, called Greenstone Pictures who specialise in making documentaries and series for national and international broadcasters. The company was established 11 years ago and has been responsible for a number of award winning documentaries over the years including – Cave Creek, Crump and Kirsa – A Mother’s Story. We are currently working on a documentary looking at issues surrounding office politics in New Zealand. We want to cover topics like bullying and harassment right through to areas of conflict such as gossip, lazy workmates and air conditioning disputes. We're looking for stories to include in this documentary. So if you work in New Zealand and have experienced office politics as an organisation or as an individual, then we'd like to hear from you. You will not be committing to appearing in the programme at this stage it is more an exercise to see who is out there and what the main issues in the workplace are. The information will be kept confidential and we do not need to expose the name of your organisation. She will then go through all the stories and make a selection of the ones we would like to include in the programme. To contribute to the programme, call me or send me an email at briefly outlining your story (a few bullet points is sufficient) and include a contact phone number, then one of us will call you back. Please also forward this request to anyone you know who may be interested. At this stage the documentary is in the early stages of production and as we work in a very competitive environment, we would ask that you treat the details of the documentary as confidential. Contact: Mary Ann Percy, Researcher, Greenstone Pictures, Tel 09 630 7333, direct dial 09 623 7762, email

Media requests at media/media.htm

Conferences, meetings etc

9-10 February 2005:Practical solutions to managing employee health, welfare & well-being. A conference on workplace bullying, stress, absenteeism etc organised by The Sunday Business Post and iQuest with sponsorship from BUPA Ireland. Speakers include Lyn Witheridge (Executive Director, Andrea Adams Trust), Joan Burton (Health Strategy Manager, IAPA, Canada's Industrial Accident Prevention Association), Professor Tom Cox (Director, Institute of Work, Health & Organisations at the University of Nottingham), Dr Peter Warnock (Senior Regional Physician, BUPA Wellness, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and others. Venue: IMI Conference Centre, Sandyford Road, Dublin 16.

Workshops by David Kinchin in 2005
Supporting emergency service staff and their families (25 April 2005) and Supporting Families with PTSD (26 April 2004. Places limited, so book early. Details at stress/workshop.htm

Support groups a new support group for targets of workplace bullying and/or harassment in East Anglia, England:

...supports Falsely Accused Carers and Teachers:

Surveys etc

See workbully/surveys.htm

Web sites of interest

Achievements of survivors of bullying

What survivors of bullying have gone on to achieve...

Books and articles etc

The Sociopath Next Door: the ruthless versus the rest of us
Martha Stout PhD, Broadway Books, ISBN 076791581:

Dealing with computer viruses and spam

Are you bombarded with computer viruses and spam?
There's guidance for new (and old) users of the Internet regarding viruses, spam and scam: action/newuser.htm

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What readers say about Bully in sight

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