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January 2002

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Overcoming myths, misperceptions and stereotypes
Recently there have been some misleading reports and survey results which portray victims as responsible for their circumstances. Overcoming regurgitated misperceptions and misleading stereotypes is an important strategy in raising society's consciousness and to that end I've created a new page at Bully OnLine: workbully/myths.htm

Toronto Star article, The poisoned workplace
Office bullies prey on co-workers and subordinates through harassment and intimidation wrotes Nancy J White. Article online at
(if this link doesn't work try clicking here)

Canadian judgements which mention bullying
See Canadian Legal Institue Information (CanLII) page at (if this link doesn't work try clicking here)

Adults who were bullied as a child
Citizens Against Bullying Asssociation (CABA) of Northern Alberta has created a new email discussion group available for adults who were bullied as children. Bullying can leave long-term effects which are not always easy to describe to others. Adultsnow is a place for people to talk about those things they fear others wouldn't understand and for people to come together with ideas on what action can be taken both to prevent bullying and to help targets of bullying. For more information see or email or subscribe by sending a blank email to

Stress not recognised by employers
One in five of the UK workforce says that stress is the single biggest barrier to improved productivity but only one in 10 bosses believe that stress has a negative impact on output. Details at

Chronic fatigue syndrome recognised
A report compiled for Chief Medical Officer for England Professor Sir Liam Donaldson has called for the recognition of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS or CFIDS, also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis or or ME) as a chronic condition with long term effects on health on a par with illnesses such as multiple sclerosis and motor neurone disease. The report also recommends early diagnosis, better access to treatment, and that CFS/ME should be included in the education and training of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. The only omission from the report seems to be that one of the causes of CFS can be long-term bullying, harassment and abuse, which compromise the body's immune system and drain the body's energy reserves. More at
Here's a web site describing an experience that you'll be familiar with:

Scottish campaigner honoured
Sandra Brown, who runs the Scottish Workplace Bullying Information Line, has been awarded a runners-up medal as Scottish "Citizen of the Year". Details at workbully/news.htm#Brown

Bullying tactics recognisable in school
The idea that girls in school are well-behaved and not a problem has been challenged in a study headed by Professor Audrey Osler of the Centre for Citizenship Studies in Education at Leicester University. The tactics of rumours, whispering campaigns, verbal and psychological bullying, feigning victimhood when outwitted, etc are all there, as is young people's ability to manipulate and outsmart their adult teachers. Details at

Here's one I missed earlier
The Burden of Proof Directive came into force in the UK on 12 October 2001. This means that the burden of proof in claims of sex discrimination now lies with the employer rather than with the employee. Where an employee can prove the facts of their case at tribunal, the complaint will be upheld unless the employer can prove that they did not commit the act. More at

Bully in sight chalks up 6000 sales
I'm delighted to be able to tell you that the 6000th copy of Bully in Sight was shipped in the first week of 2002. Thanks to everyone who has invested in a copy or recommended it to friends, colleagues and clients. Readers' feedback is at workbully/testmony.htm#Bullyinsight


Tonight with Trevor MacDonald
UK ITV's current affairs series Tonight with Trevor McDonald is making a programme about bullying particularly amongst girls. If you would like to speak to the programme about your experiences, email

Kilroy studio discussion on bullying
Kilroy is looking at workplace bullying/ harassment / girl gangs with the focus on female victims. There will also be a smaller section on school bullying. The Kilroy team are looking for people in the UK who have been bullied in the workplace, and their families and partners or friends to talk about the way bullying effects a family / relationship / friendship. Targets of bullying are invited to talk about their experience and how they came through it and how if affects them today etc. They are also looking for anyone who may admit to being a bully in their past and how they feel about their actions. The Kilroy programme goes out on BBC1 every weekday morning between 9am - 10am reaching approx 1.2 - 1.4 million viewers. The format is a discussion between guests with Robert Kilroy Silk hosting the debate. To contribute to the programme they can contact me before 16 January by phone - 0208 228 7454(leave a message with a contact number if the voice mail is on ) or they can email me, Julia Childs, at

Jonathan Dimbleby discusses teenage bullying
This Sunday 20th January 2002 Jonathan Dimbleby will discuss whether our young people are going off the rails, becoming more violent, taking more drugs and not responding to discipline. Are these warning signs that the next generation is growing up without morals, discipline and are more likely to commit crime, be addicted to drugs or alcohol and have teenage sex? Or is it just typical teenage behaviour blown out of proportion by the media? We are looking for audience members who would like the opportunity to question our panel, put forward their points or just listen to a live, heated debate. The studios are based at London Television Centre, Upper Ground, London SE1 (approximately a 10-minute walk from Waterloo Station on London's South Bank). Audience members are asked to arrive at 11.30am. Refreshments are served and the programme is over by 2pm. Entry is by ticket only and audience members must be 16 years or over. To join the studio audience or for further information please contact Natalie Page on 020 7261 3784 or by e-mail

Is work making you ill?
Have you suffered from bullying at work? Has this led to feelings of stress or depression? Elizabeth Openshaw is a freelance journalist compiling a feature for a woman's magazine, entitled 'Is work making you ill?'. If you're a British woman who has suffered from stress as a result of bullying at work. It doesn't matter whether it happened a while ago or is more recent. We're wanting to highlight the issue in the hope it will help others in a similar situation. All you would need to do is talk to me over the phone about your story and have a small photo included. But don't worry, we won't name the company you worked for. Even if you are not sure, please get in touch for a chat. You can e mail me at, ring me at home on 01273 594489 or on my mobile on 07774 276841.

New TV series on school reunions for C4
RDF the makers of popular series 'Faking It' are making an upbeat series on school reunions. We are looking to reunite 20 classmates who haven't seen each other for years. If you were bullied at school in the UK and are ready to go back and meet your classmates including the bully please give us a call or email for more info. 020 7908 1324.

Pages you may have missed
Why don't you stand up for yourself? workbully/standup.htm
Why grievance procedures are inappropriate for dealing with bullying: workbully/grieve.htm

Spreading the word
Bullying affects at least 50% of the population. If you or or someone you know have a web site please link to Bully OnLine at successunlimited

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