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January 2003

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January 2003
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Due to continued growth and demand for my services, 2003 will see the ongoing restructuring of Bully OnLine and my support activities. More news in the coming months.

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In this issue

Workplace bullying

Walmart under the spotlight
IBM takes action against bullies
Britain a sickie nation
Doctors and teachers leaving their professions

School bullying

Billy Elliott boy had feet stamped on
Wrongful death lawsuit in court in February
Teen jailed for bullying

Media and research requests

Books and resources

Links, web sites and reminders

Bully OnLine reorganisation


Contribute to a survey on work-life balance
...and highlight the effect bullying at work has on your emotional well-being:

Lifting the lid on bullying
... in New Zealand:

Spokane employee wins discrimination case
In Robel v. Roundup Corp Washington Supreme Court finds that employees can claim hostile work environment based upon disability under Washington Law:

Walmart under the spotlight for poor employment record

IBM takes action against bullying
Bullying is the antithesis of a healthy business climate, says IBM:

UK loses 40 million working days annually due to stress, illness and injury
The TUC's John Monks warns that "Britain is becoming a 'sickie nation' because of the stresses and strains of the modern workplace:

GMB union calls for law on stress
Work related stress rates double since 1990:

Insurance worker awarded six-figure sum for stress
In a case reminiscent of Walker v. Northumberland County Council, an employee receives compensation for two stress breakdowns:

Company fined for Health and Safety breaches
...after an overworked driver fell asleep at the wheel:

Government 'squandering billions on compensation while cutting back on prevention,' says TUC

Reducing work related psychological ill health and sickness absence: a systematic literature review
Long hours worked, work overload, pressure, lack of control over work, lack of participation in decision making, poor social support, unclear management and work role .. sound familiar?

Workers who get a rough deal at work are more likely go sick

NHS boss sacked for blowing the whistle on fiddled statistics
Ian Perkin, former finance director of St George's Hospital, Tooting, London was sacked in December after working there for 16 years. His dismissal letter criticised his "management style" despite having received a management award six months earlier:

Scottish hospital penalised
Grampian University Hospitals NHS Trust, where almost half the nurses reported experiencing bullying last year [] has now been reprimanded by the Scottish Executive for failing to reduce junior doctor hours:

Experienced and skilled older workers are retiring early from the NHS
A King's Fund report highlights heavy workloads, long hours and low morale: and

Find out what information UK employers and public bodies hold on you,12384,785938,00.html,12382,811765,00.html

20% of doctors want to leave the profession
Falling job satisfaction and overwork take their toll:

33% of England's teachers expect to leave the profession
Teachers and lecturers have been my largest group of callers and enquirers since I started in 1996. Now a new survey of UK teachers claims that badly-behaved pupils, an excessive workload and too many government initiatives are damaging morale and pushing more teachers out of the profession:

Swindon social services employee takes things further
Deborah Rees has set up a website to highlight the failings of Swindon Borough Council (including the Council's zero star rating in a Joint Review):

Birmingham City Council bullies sick employees back to work
But no mention of identifying the causes of sickness absence:

TUC surveys reveal the true picture of workplace Britain
Stress, overwork, pollution, back strain, RSI and more are prevalent in the UK, according to a survey of Health and Safety reps.
Yorkshire and Humberside:
Northern region:
North West:
South West:
South East:

New information chief must protect workers from snooping bosses

Compensation culture myth quashed
Around 60% of compensation cases are going unclaimed according to research in Canada:

Only the rich can afford justice, allegedly

Work-related stress: a guide for employers
From the Irish Health and Safety Agency (HSA):

Britain second from bottom in European Scrooge list
One million people will be working on Christmas Day and three million will receive no holiday pay:

Calls intensify for Boston's Roman Catholic Cardinal Law to go

Beleaguered Ripon Cathedral dean faces ultimatum
Autocratic Dean Methuen will face a charge of "conduct unbecoming a clerk in holy orders" if he doesn't resign:

ME to get proper attention
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is to be researched rather than rubbished at last:

Whistleblowers get recognition at last
FBI agent Coleen Rowley, Enron executive Sherron Watkins and WorldCom's Cynthia Cooper are headlined "Persons of the Year" by Time magazine:

Accountability culture
Here's one league table where Britain is top:

Macho military mentality prevents soldiers getting treatment

British Transport Police charged with long hours abuse
BTP handcuffs vital support staff to 'antiquated and scrooge-like' working conditions:

Company ethos revealed through attitudes to bodily functions
Employees at Brown Brothers' meat processing factory in Kirkconnell, Dumfriesshire have their pay docked every time they go to the toilet:

UK Public and Commercial Services Union tells members to go home on time
But will PCS support members and fight cases where bullying employers retaliate?

Fathers struggle with work balance

Institutionalised racism in colleges
...prevents black lecturers from gaining top positions:

Tough action' on hospital violence

Widow demands Roy Castle's name is removed from charity
Concerns over how charity is run:

Teeth grinding and workplace stress go together



Adult Bullying Clampdown, Northern Ireland
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 28th January 2003 at 7.45pm in the Lagan Valley Island Arts Centre, Lisburn. Cover charge £2. The guest speaker will be the Health and Safety Manager from Down & Lisburn Trust. Details, information line 0870 7446609.


Billy Elliot ballet boy has feet stamped on by bullies
Kristopher King's potential career as a ballet dancer is in doubt after vicious attacks by school bullies. Kristopher's mother Diane is taking legal action against Derby City Council which she alleges has not done enough to protect her son: but offers of help come in after publicity:

Washington wrongful death lawsuit starts 5 February 2003
In High vs. Pasco School District the defendant stands accused of abdicating and denying responsibility and adopting a standard "blame-the-victim" response:

More kids need training to deal with bullies

20% of kids truant to avoid bullying

Teen jailed for bullying

School bullying has consequences beyond the playground

Bullying and conflict within schools
A page from Leadership Without Borders Ltd:

Anti-Bullying Network enewsletter

Bullying Symposium in Ottawa on January 14th, 2003
The purpose is to come up with an integrated model in the City of Ottawa, to dealing with bullying issues:

Safe Schools Europe

Protecting the rights of children
Children don't voteóbut neither do firearms, clean air, or whales:

The ABCís of Bully Behaviors

I stop my own bully behavior

Children write about bullying

Progress in recognising the unacceptability of bullying US schools:

Bullying is a vote-winner!



Girls bullying girls
I'm Barbara Jacobs and I'm an agony aunt, broadcaster and writer, currently writing for Penguin Books (read about me on the client list at Penguin have commissioned me to write a book about girls bullying girls, and because I want authentic voices and experiences in the book, I'd like bullying survivors of 16 or above to fill in some questionnaires for me. It would be good if parents of girls who have been bullied by girls could fill in my 'parent' questionnaire, too. All questionnaires will be anonymous and you can get copies of either by emailing me at You can ask me for more details, too. Your help would be very much appreciated - thanks.

Bullying in the media
I'm Andrew Don and I'm writing a feature for Press Gazette on journalists who have experienced workplace bullying. If any journalists have experience of either a) being a workplace bully! b) being a victim of workplace bullying. What I would like to know is if you were bullied, what form this took and the effect it had on you. How was it resolved? Or let me know if this is a current situation. If you are courageous enough to admit you were once a workplace bully, or perhaps are still one, why were you/are you? Anyone who admits to being a workplace bully gets a bonus for being brave enough to come clean! I would like to hear as soon as possible about your experiences either by e-mail at or tel 020 8959 7358 or 0208 906 8148. I would ideally like to quote names but I will respect anonymity if insisted on.

Girl gangs and bullying between girls
I'm Cathryn O'Neill and I'm a producer with Princess Productions, an independent television production company based in London. I'm currently developing a television documentary on girl gangs and bullying between girls. I'd be very interested in talking to you if you're a member of a girl gang or if you're a girl who has been subjected to bullying by other girls. I can be contacted in confidence via email at or on 020 7243 5108.

More media requests at workbully/media.htm



Does your boss score highly
... as a psychopath, that is?,,1-7-475958,00.html

So how do I spot a psycho boss?,,1-7-476077,00.html

Catholic morality questioned

It pays for us all to stand up to bullies...
An article in The Sunday Times:,,2103-504953,00.html

Depression explained

Tend and befriend
UCLA researchers identify key biobehavioral pattern used by women to manage stress:

Articles on stress, PTSD and more
Go to and use the search facility for "stress", PTSD", etc.

Handling your psychiatric disability in work and school
Provides information about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other employment and education issues for people with psychiatric disabilities:

Forgiveness is empowerment

Getting a new attitude



Handbook of Mental Health in the Workplace
Jay C Thomas and Michel Hersen, Sage Publications Inc, 2002

Bullying and emotional abuse in the workplace
Edited by Stale Einarsen, Helge Hoel, Dieter Zapf, Cary L Cooper, published by Taylor and Francis, £55:


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