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January 2004

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National Union of Teachers forces closure of UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line
The specious libel action against me by an Oxfordshire County Council Education Department personnel officer backed by the National Union of Teachers has resulted in me having to take the difficult decision to close the UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line after eight years of operation.

Defending the frivolous vexatious legal action being taken against me means I no longer have the physical, emotional or financial resources to continue operating my Advice Line and the telephone service will cease operation on 31 January 2004. All support services will be transferred to Bully OnLine.

During eight years of operation, the Advice Line, which has become something of an institution, has helped thousands of people identify and deal with bullying in their workplaces and has counselled many people out of attempting suicide. It is particularly ironic in that it was the UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line which enabled NUT teacher members to report that the NUT was denying members access to advice, support and legal services to which members were contractually entitled.

I believe that the legal action against me is a specious misappropriation of the civil laws of libel with the objective of controlling, punishing and silencing a critic of the National Union of Teachers. On reflection I can see that I blew the whistle on failings in both Oxfordshire County Council Education Department and of National Union of Teachers paid officers. This is not the first time that paid officers of the NUT have used NUT members' subscriptions to fund legal action to silence critics. It is believed that NUT members are not informed that their subscriptions are being used in this way, nor are NUT members asked if this is an acceptable use of their subscriptions.

On the other hand I'd like to thank the NUT for bringing this libel action as it has enabled myself and others to identify many more weaknesses shortcomings and failings of Oxfordshire County Council Education Department and paid officers of the National Union of Teachers which would otherwise have remained unknown, unrecognised and unchallenged. The NUT's libel action also provides a public platform to debate and discuss in open court the failings of the Oxfordshire County Council Education Department and of paid officers of the National Union of Teachers.

Press release at media/nr21.htm including a letter published in the TES on 19 December 2003.

If you know of any more shortcomings and failings or can provide evidence or witness testimony in respect of conflict within Oxfordshire County Council Education Department or in respect of the National Union of Teachers failing to provide services to its members please contact me.



Robert J Hare visits UK to deliver his lecture Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go To Work
On the subject of socialised psychopaths there's an opportunity to hear one of the world's leading authorities speak in Cardiff, Wales, on Tuesday 13 January 2004 - apply for your (free) ticket at

Bullying boss can be bad for business
Crusading couple seeks state legal remedies because current harassment laws don't apply:

San Antonio Water System worker survey finds racism, sexism and 'bullying'

Iowa City to Hold Town Hall Meeting on Bullying

Managers arrested for intimidation and safety breaches and

Critical warning signs of workplace violence not what employees expect

Bully-free workplaces becoming a rarity in Australia

Ethnic minorities an easy target for bullies

Royal Mail Crackdown on Bullying at Work
Royal Mail chairman Allan Leighton admits macho culture where physical and mental assaults are common: and and

Secret survey shows British Army bullying is rife

New UK anti-discrimination laws protect workers on grounds of sexual orientation
Bisexual, lesbian, gay and heterosexual workers get new rights:

Changes to the employment tribunal system

Former housing chief faces bullying claims at tribunal
Former Dumfries and Galloway housing chief Yvonne MacQuarrie is to be accused of bullying in an employment tribunal:

Union staff will vote on strikes

Burnout Britain
25% men work longer than the European limit whilst 3 million work more than 49 hours a week: and

London Mayor Ken Livingstone "shocked and surprised" at bullying and abuse of disabled people

Continual Christmas music makes people irritable and aggressive



Washington State enacts school bullying law

Clondalkin primary school (Ireland) sued over bullying claims

Victim's mother criticises lenient sentence
Family feels let down by the court, the teachers and the education service:

EQ on the curriculum at last
It's been a long time coming:,11913,1075295,00.html

Anacortes parents hear how to deal with bullying

New York City schools exclude pupils to boost success figures

Washington school draws a line against bullies

Ohio filmmaker battles bullying

One person's initiation rite is another person's thuggery

Taking aim at school bullies
A scourge of schoolchildren is now treated as a public health concern:

To curb bullying, make it 'uncool'

Bullies rule the school

Bullying in schools pervasive, UCLA study finds

Myths that "bullies prey on the weak" still prevail
The reality is that bullies pick on children who are physically less strong and who have a mature understanding of the need to resolve conflict with dialogue, not violence: More bullying myths are deconstructed at schoolbully/myths.htm

Big Dave to tackle bullying issue in North-east schools

Zero tolerance to homophobic bullying

Last photo of mother and her tragic 'little princess'
12-year-old Georgina Phelan hangs herself on Christmas Day:

Bullying led to suicide attempt

Video Exclusive: Put an End to Bullying

Theatre in education

UK head shortage looms

Were you denied use of the toilet at school?
Contribute to a poll on the subject:

Teens and bullying: a Gallup poll



Have you been bullied at any time by Wrexham Borough Council? Freedom to Care (which supports conscientious employees who have been bullied for speaking up) is interested in hearing from Wrexham Borough Council employees, past and present, in any job, who have a story to tell. Contact in confidence: or Chris on 01978 750583 and see

Neighbours from Hell: I'm Fiona Henderson, I'm a researcher at Carlton Television and I'm currently looking for contributors on the next Neighbours from Hell documentary. I'd like to speak to people who are currently having difficulty with neighbours or people in their community. Ideally you will have some evidence of what's gone on such as camcorder or cctv footage - but if not then please get in touch anyway as the story alone may be enough. You may feel it's time to expose the problem, this is your last resort or that it may help matters to get your side across. If you are interested please call me on 020 7612 7313 and I'll call you straight back or email me at

BBC TV series on bullying: I'm Chris Alcock and I'm an assistant producer working for BBC Current Affairs. I'm working on a new series for Daytime BBC1 which consists of five 30-minute programmes. The aim is to look at the prevalence and effects of bullying in today's society. Over five days we want to tackle different themes including family bullying, school bullying, workplace bullying (including possibly a Service story) and sexual bullying. We want to use 'real people' telling their own stories by speaking to people who've experienced bullying and who are left to deal with the consequences. We want to highlight how traumatic it can be. We also hope to illustrate the enormous pressures people are under as a result of this type of intolerable behaviour, and to show what can be done to help others in similar situations. To that extent we will also be setting up a helpline to provide further support and advice. We are interested in contacting anyone in the UK who's had recent experience of bullies and being bullied and is willing to tell their story on camera, including:

  • individuals who are suffering or who have suffered because of bullying by members of their own family or relatives (eg sibling rivalry spilling over into bullying)
  • families who have been bullied by neighbours or other 'families'
  • individuals who have suffered in the workplace - ideally these individuals have documented the bullying and have been through the tribunal process
  • parents whose children have experienced bullying at school (we are also keen to talk to the children)

As discussed, in all these examples we are very keen to hear from people who've been able to document the bullying and the consequences of actions that have resulted from it. Anyone interested in contacting me can do so on tel 0208 752 5928 or you can email me at I will of course call people straight back to save their phone bills.

Men and traumatic events: I'm Dawn Doherty and I'm a freelance journalist writing an article for a national magazine about men who've been through a traumatic event in their lives and have been supported through it by their girlfriend/wife. I'm trying to find a man from the UK, in his 20s, who has experienced bullying at work and has been helped to cope by his partner. You would need to be happy to be identified. If you can help, please contact me urgently by e-mail at or by phone 01628 783851.

More media requests at media/media.htm



Proposal to Establish a Confederation of UK Anti-Bullying in the Workplace Support Groups
News update from DAWN on 1st January 2004:



HSC and HSE publish advice on violence at work
The Health and Safety Commission and the Health and Safety Executive have published information on their approach to tackling violence and psychological harassment at work:

How to get an anti-bullying and harassment law in your state

Emotional intelligence
How high is the EQ of your workplace?

CODT - Cooperative Online Dictionary of Trauma
A dictionary of trauma terms:

Bullies not wanted
Recognising and Eliminating Bullying in the Workplace - download this booklet from the (South Australia) Office of the Employee Ombudsman:

Stop Toxic Managers Before They Stop You

Ageing hits workers before bosses


Conferences, meetings, seminars and training

Snakes in Suits
When Psychopaths Go To Work, a talk by Professor Robert J Hare, author of Without conscience, the disturbing world of the psychopaths among us, at Cardiff University on Tuesday 13 January 2004. Entry by ticket (free), download flyer from

Tim Field shares his insight
Understanding and tackling bullying at work: successunlimited/seminars/s1b.htm
Recovery and re-empowerment after bullying and abusive life events: successunlimited/seminars/s1b.htm






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