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July 2003

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UK firms could face legal action over stress
The UK Health and Safety Executive has rolled out its blueprint for tackling stress. Named Management Standards for Stress (, the pilot project sets out six principles of good stress management in the workplace and, if a clear majority of staff – between 65% and 85% - agree that the business does not meet these, it could form the basis of a legal claim against the employer.
The six standards seek to tackle the most likely sources of stress for employees and are as follows:
Demands: at least 85% of employees should feel that they can cope with the demands of their jobs.
Control: at least 85% of employees should feel that they are able to have a say about the way they do their work.
Support: at least 85% of employees should feel that they receive adequate information and support from their colleagues and superiors.
Relationships: at least 65% of employees should feel that they are not subjected to unacceptable behaviours (eg bullying) at work.
Role: at least 65% of employees should feel that they have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities.
Change: at least 65% of employees should feel that the organisation or business engages them frequently when undergoing an organisational change.
See and and the HSE's own press release and web page on stress,

Even more HSE cutbacks
Already under fire for doing little to address bullying - mainly due to insufficient budgets - the UK HSE is now having its budgets cut even further: whilst the union Prospect Cuts says the HSE is playing Russian Roulette with workers’ safety:

HSE outlines future strategy

Employers could face more and bigger stress claims

Stress claims are increasing, but they are hard to prove in court,,200-722178,00.html?gavalidate (you need to register, free)

How to get a stress-free workplace
How some employers tackle stress ... but they're probably not rife with bullying in the first place. Add your comments:

Unhealthy attitude to sick leave could lead to the chop

Unfair dismissal does not include consequential loss
Employment tribunals cannot make awards for non-pecuniary losses (personal injury, aggravation and injury to feelings caused by the manner or fact of dismissal) in unfair dismissal claims as has been increasingly the case since Johnson v Unisys:

Employees treat clients how their boss (and co-workers) treat them
Allegations of torture by British squaddies in Iraq could point to a culture of humiliation and brutality pervading military bases at home:,6903,972901,00.html

My fellow doctors bullied me
Matilda McLoughlin contemplates leaving the profession:

Motions call for BMA (the voice of doctors) to take action on bullying,bullying

Stress 'could lead to fatal errors by nurses'
Scottish nurses working insane hours:

Many workers have no time for lunch break

Bullying bosses are a threat to your health

Bullying returns to Hull Guildhall

UK employers must justify snooping or risk facing legal action and and

TUC encourages shareholders and trustees to resist fat cat pay

Prohibiting the Blacklisting of Trade Unionists
TUC supports proposals to outlaw discrimination against those who join a union:

This week's lucky numbers are...
A survey by NatWest Bank reveals that British employees spend their leisure time fretting over work and fantasising about winning the lottery:

UK union leader urges long hours campaign
Amicus General Secretary Derek Simpson proposes a £15 million union fighting fund to campaign to cut the working week to 35 hours:

Primary school teachers stressed and overworked,5500,980732,00.html

More education chaos as thousands of UK teachers face sack

Airline safety compromised by changes to pilots' working conditions
Pilot fatigue is a risk too far:

58 Sainsbury executives win tribunal for unfair dismissal
Suspicions were high that Sainsbury's surprise meeting, the alleged purpose of which was to coerce the managers to "agree to an assessment of your skills to see if you're suitable for Sainsbury's new regime" was really a cover for cutting the high cost of the final salary pension scheme which has closed to new employees: (background to the case) and

Labour Government losing support of voters
Retiring TUC General Secretary John Edmonds accuses Labour government of siding with bosses over workers: with the background at,12189,973551,00.html

UNISON Scotland calls for tougher action on violence
Ministers are being urged to strengthen proposed anti-social behaviour legislation: and

Unison survey says police staff stressed and undervalued
Civilian staff working for Scotland's eight police forces say they feel undervalued and stressed:

A wee victory at last
Security guard wins employment tribunal decision after he was refused a toilet break in a 12-hour shift:

Royal Bank of Scotland slammed for meanness
Tea breaks for call centre staff under threat:

Tube driver wins appeal against gross misconduct
Active union member wins victimisation case against London Underground (LUL):

Train driver wins unfair dismissal tribunal
Former Connex train driver Jim Kelly was sacked on what he believes are specious grounds after he raised concerns about Connex' record on rail safety:

Bullied lesbian teacher loses appeal

Matron wins unfair dismissal claim
Former Fettes College school matron Louise Finlay was sacked after she was hospitalised due to overwork. Claims by her employer that she was "unstable" were rejected:

Allegations of bullying and harassment denied at Cardiff University
Lecturer believes there's a link between this complaint and not having his contract renewed:

Recent whistleblowing cases

Notable decisions on the Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA)

Whistleblowers collecting £10 million a year
...but most bullied employees (who are unwittingly blowing the whistle on incompetence and negligence) get nothing:

For most whistleblowers, virtue is the only reward
Richard Bagley obtains settlement after nine gruelling years:,0,369842.story

Justice is hard to find for Brussels' whistleblowers

Top civil servant attacks Ofsted
A waste of public money and unlikely to identify bad head teachers says the government's director general of schools, Peter Housden:

USA study on stress suggests effects can be long-lasting or permanent
Stress at work puts the same strain on the heart as being 40lb overweight, a study has revealed.

Reports reveal Worldcom to be a toxic workplace rife with bullying

Is Mickey Mouse a bully?

Do you still shop at Walmart?

Washington to Nation: Drop Dead on the Job
Long work hours now sanctioned by Washington:

FBI clings to policy of harassing whistleblowers
Special Agent Robert Wright is investigated again after he identifies FBI failings:

Giving workers an explanation reduces likelihood of retaliation

More bullying bylaws in Canada

85% of Australian workers experience or witness bullying at work and

More bullies find a home at work
Bullying in the rise in Australia:

New WorkSafe Victoria advertising campaign calls on employers and employees to talk more

Australian workers advised to keep their doctor informed of what job they do
Accurate records are essential for diagnosing work-related illness and injury:

More cover-ups uncovered in Australian church sex abuse ring
The Archbishop of Brisbane, Dr Phillip Aspinall, has been implicated in complaints:

New Zealand workers now seen as an asset rather than a cost
And the Kiwis feel happier as a consequence - provided they're not being bullied:,2106,2514948a11,00.html

New Zealand Occupational Safety and Health implicated in employee suicide
OSH worker Ron Ward took his life after staff restructuring:,1227,201355-1-7,00.html

Tough economic times turning Japanese managers into workplace Godzillas
Bullies thriving in the Japanese workplace:

Expensive staff junkets in top hotels and mounting debts
Employees made redundant amid claims of a bullying and tyrannical management. An everyday tale of corporate excess ... except that this is York Cathedral and the activities of former Dean Raymon Durrell who is now under investigation:

Workers too busy to take holiday
The average employee takes no more than three months of holiday over their working lives, often blaming pressure of work, according to a survey by Royal and Sun Alliance:

UK public support corporate killing law
TGWU press release:

Amnesty International call for new inquiry over Deepcut Barracks deaths

Hi-tech helps fight domestic violence
Domestic Violence Positive Action Kit (DVPAK) will save lives:

Banker wins £750,000 in unfair dismissal case
...after she threatened to blow the whistle on unethical dealings:

Company executive accused of bullying a colleague so badly that he needed psychiatric help
Cantor Fitzgerald president Lee Amaitis admits he was an "obsessive compulsive" person who used to have an alcohol and drugs problem:

£180,000 for sexual bullying
Former Beadles Group trainee Angelica Graham subjected to round of sexual harassment and bullying:,3604,986718,00.html

Firefighter instructor sacked after bullying and sex claims

Sheffield Occupational Health Advisory Service
...provides information and advice for employed and unemployed people with work-related health problems:

Tolerance, respect and forgiveness haven't made it into many religions yet
Churches, religions and cults can carry on indulging their discriminatory prejudices because of an opt-out in proposed new discrimination legislation:

Glaxo faces storm over Seroxat and

Bully 'expert' expands business



Most children like school, allegedly
The vast majority of state-school pupils are happy with their education, a Mori poll for the Sutton Trust suggests:
The study makes no mention of bullycide though. During research for our book Bullycide: death at playtime (schoolbully/bullycid.htm) we discovered that at least 16 children a year commit suicide because of bullying in the UK each year which, in most cases, the school is doing everything they can to avoid dealing with. When accidental deaths, misadventure and open verdicts are taken into account, the death toll from bullying is, we estimate, between 50 and 100 every year.
The recent death of Karl Peart is a typical case:
Studies regularly show that at least 50% of children endure assault, grievous bodily harm, harassment, theft, sexual assault, discrimination, extortion and other violent behaviours at school. A study by Kidscape in 1996 produced a horrific catalogue of lifelong detriment. The psychiatric injury from bullying is deep-seated and long-lived, especially as there is little recognition and no treatment. Recent research confirms what I and others have been saying for a long time, that bullying and long-term abuse causes PTSD: Whilst my focus is bullying in the workplace - teachers and lecturers are my largest group of callers - I receive many emails from distraught children and parents. Liz Carnell with her web site Bullying OnLine at is inundated every day with emails from children and parents about bullying.

Bullied boy may have been raped
Karl Peart may have been raped:

Can I remember a time when Karl was not bullied?
Only since we buried him, say Karl Peart's parents: and

Second suicide at same school Karl Peart attended
Gemma Dimmick, 15, is believed to have takes overdose after writing several notes. Views vary as to whether she was bullied: and

Oliver Sabine, 17, is found hanged after suffering years of bullying which left him scared to go out

Two years of bullying terror
Jessica O'Connell, 7, writes "To mummy, I wish I was dead so I don't have to suffer any more pain. I love you." St Wilfred's RC primary school in Ripon, North Yorkshire fails to deal with bullying: and

Mothers protest over bullying and schools' failure to deal with it
Four Derbyshire mums take to the roof of a building next to the gates of Horsley Woodhouse Primary School:

Boy injured in anti-bullying lesson
Liam Kirk, who attends Paignton Community College in south Devon, needed to have his wrist set in plaster after he was attacked in an anti-bullying lesson:

Targets of bullying strike back - LEAs face £8 million bill for their ongoing neglect
Cases show the daily horrific brutality that pupils regularly endure. One pupil was kidnapped from a classroom, frogmarched by bullies to a nearby deserted factory, tied up and left there for hours. A five-year-old had his ear practically ripped off, and was then forced to walk home alone after teachers at the South Wales school ordered him from the grounds:,6903,982554,00.html

Margaret Hodge is appointed UK Minister for Children

Scottish Education Minister Peter Peacock unveils plans to beat break- time bullies

Scottish targets scrapped

Can bullying be beaten?
Seeing bullying only from a distance means we see bullying only in clichéd, simplistic terms:

Children Who Are Bullied More Often Depressed and Suicidal
Depression and suicidal ideation are symptoms of psychiatric injury: (you need to register, free)

School environment 'can affect behaviour',5500,974702,00.html

Britain's exported violence towards children blamed for child suicide
Human and child rights activists in India blame outdated education laws introduced by the British which permit and encourage corporal punishment:

Good Samaritan stops to help pupil assaulted by bullies
Neath teacher David Tanner was the only person who stopped to help pupil David Lewis outside the Gowerton school Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr after he was punched by a fellow pupil:

Home educating outperforms school in almost every area
Bullying - and schools' failure to deal with it - is a common reason for educating children at home:

Bullying in Leesville, Louisiana

CoastKid Brighton and Hove's anti-bullying web site:

is an Atlanta based non-profit organization whose focus is to end bias and harassment, based on actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity, in our (Georgia's) schools:



Have you been bullied at any time by Wrexham Borough Council? Freedom to Care (which supports conscientious employees who have been bullied for speaking up) is interested in hearing from Wrexham Borough Council employees, past and present, in any job, who have a story to tell. Contact in confidence: or Chris on 01978 750583 and see

How were you dealt with by your solicitor or barrister?
I'm Karen Coates (I appeared with Tim Field on Richard & Judy) and I'm interested in the manner in which UK people were dealt with by their solicitor or barrister. I'm not interested in the legal advice itself. Arrogance, disdain, rudeness, not returning calls are just a few examples of how the very people who can help hurt individuals get back on track in fact exacerbate the problem. I am trying to get the profession on board, so I'm not interested in naming and shaming but instead working with those professionals who are enlightened to raise awareness, spread the word and ultimately improve the quality of legal services to targets of bullying. Contact Karen Coates at

Are you living or working with a control freak? I'm Hollie Smith and I'm writing another feature for Woman magazine, this time about the difficulties of living or working with a control freak. I'd like to find someone (female in the UK, any age) who has in the past or is currently going through this experience in the workplace. Email Hollie Smith at

New York Daily News: I'm Jordan Lite and I'm a freelance journalist with an assignment from the New York Daily News to write about bullying in the workplace. I'm looking for people in the New York metro area to interview who have experienced any of the following while on the job: repeated, malicious verbal harassment of a general nature (NOT sexual harassment or discrimination based on race, gender, age, sexual orientation or religion); deliberate humiliation; or the withholding of resources or support that prevented them from performing their jobs. The abuse could have come at the hand of a supervisor or a colleague. In the case of teachers or people working in the retail or services industries, it could also have come from students or customers. I am especially interested in talking with people who experienced short or long-term health effects from the abuse -- stress, depression, insomnia, nightmares, phobias, gastrointestinal troubles, etc. -- or whose careers or lives outside the office were significantly impacted by it. No workers comp cases, please. Willing interviewees should e-mail me at ONLY if they live in the New York metro area. The paper strongly prefers that sources be identified by name, though exceptions may be made if absolutely necessary. The piece will be written such that the business where the abuse occurred and the bully will not be recognizable.

Set the record straight: I'm Susan Wallace, a well-established freelance feature writer for UK women's magazines. I'm looking for a person in the UK who has recently won a tribunal or court case against a company for being bullied out of a job. Real names and photos will be used, so there must be no gagging order (which I know is often the case when compensation is involved.) It must not have been in any women's magazine already either. You will be handled sensitively and it's a chance to set the record straight. Tel 0151-233 3689 / 07801 055556 (I'll ring you straight back.(UK.)) Or e-mail Don't delay - please ring today! Thanks.

Bullying in boarding schools: I'm Juliet Riddell, I am researcher for UK Granada Television. I am working on a programme about British boarding schools and trying to contact people that have attended them and experienced bullying. The best way to contact me is via email at or to call me on 0207 633 2544.

More media requests at workbully/media.htm



Powys, mid-Wales
We're building up a party of interested people to start a new support group covering Builth Wells, Brecon, Llandrindod Wells - all in Powys, mid-Wales. Contact Vicky via email at

The London Support Group
The London Support Group meets at various locations in and around London and is a friendly group of like-minded people meeting in a safe environment. The next meeting will be on Sunday 27th July 2003. For more information, email Jo at

The Suite101 Emotional and Verbal Abuse Web site

Spousal and Domestic Abuse on Suite101



Suspension in the NHS
Many people are left so traumatised by the experience that they never return to work in the NHS:

Violence at work
Key information about Workplace Related Violence and Aggression, Health and Safety legislation and Employment Rights that everyone in the UK ought to know!

Serotonin and dopamine levels may be important in psychopathic behaviour

What is stress?

Running a complaints system
Guidance on good practice:

Good administrative practice
Guidance on good practice:

A father's painful legacy
The fallout of a rageaholic in the family:

Cracking open the "egg shell skull" rule - a refresher

The Personal Capability Assessment (PCA) - a medical practitioner's guide

Adults Abused as Children Worldwide here to inform and support adults abused in childhood, to help erase the stigma of shame, guilt and denial, to discuss and share the reality of the abused and to increase awareness of the long-term consequences of childhood abuse:

Infant-killing and the Victorian mother

Miss America speaks out against bullying
From November 2002:

Military bullying, harassment, corruption and murder

Human Givens: promoting emotional health and clear thinking

Quick-fix counselling can add to post-disaster trauma
The wrong type of counselling can make things worse:

Sign up for the Amicus Working Environment Unit Health & Safety Newsletter
Includes progress on the Amicus campaign against bullying at work:

Ontario Women's Network guide to dealing with sexual harassment
Includes tips on how to put a complaint in writing:

The Internet is a great way of checking up on bullies, fraudsters etc

I get a lot of enquiries from council employees
Here's one former council employee's response:

Man holds wife captive in home for two years

...provides highly service-oriented DNA analysis and counseling for researching biological relationships:


Conferences, meetings, seminars and training

Seminars in Leeds (and elsewhere later)
There are still places available for both my seminars Understanding and Tackling Bullying at Work and Recovery and Re-empowerment after Bullying and Abusive Life Events in Leeds in September. The latter seminar on healing and recovery is attracting a lot of interest. Details at successunlimited/seminars/index.htm and you can book online.

Conference on 'Law Enforcement and Corporate Accountability'
CCA/TUC's 3rd joint conference in London on Monday 7 July 2003:

Establishing Anti-Bullying in the Workplace Support Groups
Establishing Anti-Bullying in the Workplace Support Groups is a seminar being organised by DAWN in Birmingham, England, on Saturday 18th October 2003. More details at The event aims to enable those who have set up support groups to share their experience with those who are in the planning stages of their own support group in their own area. To register your interest, email DAWN chairperson Keith Munday at



How to Handle Bullies, Teasers, and Other Meanies
by Kate Cohen-Posey:

The Bully – a FREE book for both adults and children

The NQT Handbook and School Inspection
Both carry extensive advice on coping with workplace bullying:

Why Smart Executives Fail
By Sydney Finkelstein who looks at reasons other than serial bullying:

The Leader of the Future
Harvard's Ronald Heifetz offers a short course on the future of leadership:



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