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June 2003

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Seminars in London and Leeds
There are still places available for both my seminars Understanding and Tackling Bullying at Work and Recovery and Re-empowerment after Bullying and Abusive Life Events in London in June. The latter seminar on healing and recovery is attracting a lot of interest. I've also announced new dates in September in Leeds. Details at successunlimited/seminars/index.htm and you can book online.

Discrimination still a huge global problem
ILO says whilst the expression of discrimination varies locally, the impact on productivity and profitability is universal, as are the health consequences:

Gays, lesbians and bisexuals will have legal protection against discrimination the UK from December 2003: but those most likely to want to discriminate are given exemption:

It's torrid in Torridge
Patriarchal and archaic practices, a climate of fear, lack of direction, serious stress and poor performance ... all in a day's (non) work at Torridge District Council, Devon, England: and

Council chamber not so full in Hull and,3605,970071,00.html

Motherwell College refuses to back down
College has paid £65,000 in tribunal judgments over five years:

Unfairly demoted lecturer wins tribunal case

Harassment and bullying will cause employers financial woe

One in five suffer daily stress
People feel depressed, isolated and have nowhere to turn. Hmmm, been there. whilst research links stress with chronic fatigue: and

A quarter of a million UK citizens have Chronic Fatigue
The cost to UK plc is £3.5 billion says the charity Action for ME, but until 2002 the condition was denied, except by those suffering it:

Samaritans paint gloomy picture
Britain is smoking, drinking and slobbing out to cope with high daily stress levels:

Datamonitor report on downshifting now online

Employers exploiting loopholes in European Working Time Directive
Union safety reps call for law to be strengthened:

Overwork and lack of staff leads to low morale
PCS survey reveals that around three quarters of staff at the UK Department of Work and Pensions have considered resigning:

Police staff workforce feel undervalued
Workloads, stress, lack of support by managers, racial harassment, homophobia and bullying all on the increase for police staff:

Bullied nursery nurse wins tribunal
Nursery Gillian Walker was forced to take Edinburgh City Council to employment tribunal because of her boss's aggressive manner and intimidating management style. The tribunal noted that unit coordinator Ann Cairns appeared to be in denial about the problems. Ms Walker said afterwards, "I took this to employment tribunal to try and stop this happening to other people":

War veterans lose PTSD cases
MoD and government fearful of massive claims bill:

Putin guard found guilty of bullying
Russians take tough line on bullying:

Accidental death or corporate manslaughter?
Paediatric consultant Dr Sid Watkins was found dead in a toilet at Southampton General hospital. He died after injecting himself with the drug Fentanyl in his attempt to cope with 100-hour weeks: (fourth story) and

Scottish breast cancer charity investigated
Whistleblower gagged:

St Andrews staff 'tried to muzzle me over prince'
Claims of bullying at Scottish college:

More on whistleblowing and victimisation in the NHS and

UK doctors will be gagged by new contract and

Nurse shortage threatens NHS
Nurses are vying with teachers to be the largest group of enquirers to Bully OnLine: although little has changed since 1998:

Stressed health workers get stress helpline

Work Foundation survey looks at mental health problems
But no mention of psychiatric injury or causes: - email the authors and suggest that the symptoms they list are all related to psychiatric injury

Swedish government minister calls for employer to stop making workers sick

Ex-NHS chief executive Barbara Harris gets £220,000 payout after being sacked
Under Ms Harris the Royal United Hospital NHS Trust in Bath, Somerset, England was one of the ten worst hospitals in the UK with fiddled figures and an £18 million black hole in its budget:

NAHT warns over £2.5 billion black hole in education budget

3000 teaching jobs may go nationally to make up shortfall in funding and and

Rogue bosses escape justice as a result of HSE cuts

Bullying bosses benefit from privacy laws
Access to communications data - respecting privacy and protecting the public from crime, Home Office consultation paper:

UK Government determined to resist European influence on workers' rights (again)

Human Rights Act not as catastrophic as feared
UK Government needn't have worried:

Law Society's complaints chief receives fat-cat pay-off
Chief Executive of the Law Society, Janet Paraskeva, received a £358,000 pay-off in addition to a £20,000 bonus and £60,000 in pension rights on top of her £167,000 amid allegations of poor performance which was "consistently shaky":

Small investors strike back at fat cat payoffs
But big investors win the day:

Most directors get away with it

Corporate killing law promised and

TUC backs Blunkett's commitment to legislate on corporate killing

No win no fee becomes no job no pay
Workers fired by text message:

Deepcut evidence goes missing
Crucial bullet evidence is no longer available:

Unfairly demoted union activist wins tribunal case

Allegations of sex bias and discrimination at Sadler's Wells theatre
Zut alors! French director Jean-Luc Choplin sacked women and promoted men:

Racial discrimination alive and well at Daimler Benz in Milton Keynes
Khalid Jayyosi, a Palestinian refugee, has been awarded £100,000 for sustained racial abuse and discrimination:

All's not well at Wal-Mart

Banker wins harassment case

Institute of Directors says workers like long hours and it's not that bad really
Veteran IoD Policy Unit spokesperson Ruth Lea slams those who whinge and moan:;$sid$11jaPcgk2T2HdaOLP6p4932bTUQ1qIFI

Two thirds of workers take stress home with them

Employers believe 15% of workers are skivers
But most sickness absence is genuine:

UK Government considers Bill to protect "mentally ill" at work

Cancer charity accounts frozen
Financial misappropriation common in bullying cases:

From Teachers' Union of Ireland
Code of Practice for Dealing with Complaints of Bullying and Harassment in VEC Work Places:

Bullying and Stress in the Workplace
A Guide for Employers and Employees, a review from the Irish jobs column:

Inquest jury calls for more control of workplace violence
Coroner notes toxic working conditions:

Three strikes and you're out law for USA bullies
Corporate Three Strikes Act proposed in California: and

State of California Anti-Bullying Law Initiative

Florida workers set to lose out
Already renowned for failing to invest in a modern voting system, tight-fisted Florida now looks set to cut workers' compensation:

Political bullying par excellence in Texas

ILO launches first global report on discrimination at work
Workplace discrimination remains a persistent global problem, with new, more subtle forms emerging:

Toulouse braced for claims of sex and murder cover-up
More links between professionals and child sex abuse come to light in France in a case which is chillingly similar to the Dutroux case in Belgium: and

The message about bullying at the BBC is getting through
BBC Director general Greg Dyke is to send 5000 BBC managers on a two-week residential management training course at Ashridge Management College, Hertfordshire, England. The same business school, and the same course in fact, as my manager was sent on. For two weeks after the course is was all "mission" and "vision", after which normal service was resumed. and to see what needs combating, and cases/case45.htm and cases/case45a.htm

USDAW’s Freedom From Fear campaign given high priority in Europe

Domestic violence register 'planned' - perhaps this could extended to include violent wives and violent bosses?

Cancer link to increased anxiety suggested

Bullied parents scared to go home
Domestic violence is not limited to adults:

Aberfan survivors still suffer PTSD

Mental illness bill tops £77 billion

Seroxat saved my life

Prozac blamed for woman's death

UK residents: has your MP signed the Early Day Motion on the Dignity at Work Bill?
If not, a gentle reminder to him/her is in order: If you don't know who your MP is, see If you MP has objection to signing the EDM, remind him/her gently that the Dignity at Work Bill has received the approval of the House of Lords twice already.



Bullied boy found dead after planning his own funeral
Karl Peart, 16, was repeatedly picked on because he was intelligent, considerate and refused to join street gangs:

Scottish targets of bullying plan legal action

Cyber bullies target girl

Stand up for yourself
When teachers fail in their duty of care and targets of bullying are take adults' advice to stand up for themselves, a negative outcome is inevitable. These two cases may or may not be bullying: and

When the responsible adults fail in their duty of care, kids may use violence to protect themselves

Schools need to get tough on troublemakers and give more support to their victims

Bullies to be judged by their victims and classmates in school 'courts'
Requires mature adult guidance, and bullies might claim their human rights are being breached:

Eminem settle bullying lawsuit
DeAngelo Bailey and Eminem settle out of court over school bullying:

Primary pupils 'sexually harassed daily',5500,966606,00.html

Hazing students may be expelled
Illinois school take tough stance:

Twins jailed for 'magical' bullying act

Bullying research available online
The Scottish Anti-Bullying Network is making information and research on school bullying available to all on its web site:

Bullying tackled head on

Bullies start young,7034,6450157%255E2761,00.html

Angry kids at greater risk of heart disease

Bullied George Orwell 'killed' Eton boy using black magic

Rogue cases 'cost education £200m in legal pay-outs'

Adult recollections of name-calling at school
By W Ray Crozier and Evanthia Skliopidou, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University:

We knew this already
Hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money (eg in Oxfordshire and Carmarthenshire, see is wasted on prosecuting parents for their truanting children:

Defusing bullying behaviours
Training for teachers: and dealing with homophobic bullying:

How to hug a porcupine a children's play for 5 to 10 year old children dealing with bullying and accepting differences and written and
performed by "The Rainbow Man Theatre Company" in Ontario Canada:

Kid-Safe Productions
...provides energetic educational programs to young children on safety etc:

Bully Free Zone
Latest newsletter is at:



Wrexham bullies?
Have you been bullied at any time by Wrexham Borough Council? Freedom to Care (which supports conscientious employees who have been bullied for speaking up) is interested in hearing from Wrexham Borough Council employees, past and present, in any job, who have a story to tell. Contact in confidence: or Chris on 01978 750583 and see

How were you dealt with by your solicitor or barrister? I'm Karen Coates (I appeared with Tim Field on Richard & Judy) and I'm interested in the manner in which UK people were dealt with by their solicitor or barrister. I'm not interested in the legal advice itself. Arrogance, disdain, rudeness, not returning calls are just a few examples of how the very people who can help hurt individuals get back on track in fact exacerbate the problem. I am trying to get the profession on board, so I'm not interested in naming and shaming but instead working with those professionals who are enlightened to raise awareness, spread the word and ultimately improve the quality of legal services to targets of bullying. Contact Karen Coates at

Media requests:

Are you living or working with a control freak? I'm Hollie Smith and I'm writing another feature for Woman magazine, this time about the difficulties of living or working with a control freak. I'd like to find someone (female in the UK, any age) who has in the past or is currently going through this experience in the workplace. Email Hollie Smith at

New York Daily News: I'm Jordan Lite and I'm a freelance journalist with an assignment from the New York Daily News to write about bullying in the workplace. I'm looking for people in the New York metro area to interview who have experienced any of the following while on the job: repeated, malicious verbal harassment of a general nature (NOT sexual harassment or discrimination based on race, gender, age, sexual orientation or religion); deliberate humiliation; or the withholding of resources or support that prevented them from performing their jobs. The abuse could have come at the hand of a supervisor or a colleague. In the case of teachers or people working in the retail or services industries, it could also have come from students or customers. I am especially interested in talking with people who experienced short or long-term health effects from the abuse -- stress, depression, insomnia, nightmares, phobias, gastrointestinal troubles, etc. -- or whose careers or lives outside the office were significantly impacted by it. No workers comp cases, please. Willing interviewees should e-mail me at ONLY if they live in the New York metro area. The paper strongly prefers that sources be identified by name, though exceptions may be made if absolutely necessary. The piece will be written such that the business where the abuse occurred and the bully will not be recognizable.

Set the record straight:  I'm Susan Wallace, a well-established freelance feature writer for UK women's magazines. I'm looking for a person in the UK who has recently won a tribunal or court case against a company for being bullied out of a job. Real names and photos will be used, so there must be no gagging order (which I know is often the case when compensation is involved.) It must not have been in any women's magazine already either. You will be handled sensitively and it's a chance to set the record straight. Tel 0151-233 3689 / 07801 055556 (I'll ring you straight back (UK)) Or e-mail

Bullying in boarding schools: I'm Juliet Riddell, I am researcher for UK Granada Television. I am working on a programme about British boarding schools and trying to contact people that have attended them and experienced bullying. The best way to contact me is via email at or to call me on 0207 633 2544.

From the makers of Big Brother: I'm Dawn McVeigh and I'm working on a new programme which will involve a dozen or so 18 year-olds living together. They need to be in the UK and available for a couple of weeks from the end of July to the beginning of August. At the moment we are in the processing of casting and we are looking for really good contributors - great characters who are brilliant talkers with a bit of a story to tell. As part of our research we are looking into issues that affect teenagers and we know bullying is one of them. For instance, we'd be interested to hear from anyone who has been bullied but confronted their attackers and come through the other side. Or possibly someone who was a bully but has changed. Contact: Dawn McVeigh, Researcher, Endemol UK, Tel 08705 100 791, email

More media requests at workbully/media.htm



The London Support Group
The London Support Group meets at various locations in and around London and is a friendly group of like-minded people meeting in a safe environment. The next meeting is on Wednesday 25th June, following Tim's seminar on Recovery. Everyone is welcome to join us, regardless of whether you are attending the seminar. It is timed on the same day to enable some out-of-town members to join us before they head back home. For more information, email Jo at

More information on support groups at resources/groups.htm



Some airlines are flying on a wing ... and a prayer
Stress and bullying at work have serious safety consequences if you're a pilot ... or passenger: and workbully/bystand.htm which looks at the issue of pilots prevented from speaking up (see last two paragraphs)

Psychological Test Probes Minds of Psychopaths

Corporate Social Responsibility recognised
Roger Cowe reports on the emerging importance of the well rounded manager:

More on executive pay and corporate social responsibility

UK Government Partnership Fund
...provides support for workplace initiatives which improve working conditions:

See how one former target has got her life back together

The working environment should be included in research into bullying

Conscientious objector or hero?

NHS employees can claim temporary injury benefit
Any NHS employee on an old Whitley-style contract is entitled to apply for temporary injury allowance if they suffer physical or psychological injury as a result of working for the NHS. Details at

Dr Robert W Fuller talks about his book Abuse of Rank and and

We're seeing less evil, honest
Ethics in the workplace:

What is empathy?

Talking of empathy...
Are you able to empathise?

That guilty pleasure we take in the misfortunes of others:

The work of Abraham Maslow

Managing anger

Ever felt frightened, ashamed or embarrassed to tell your doctor how you feel?
You're not alone:

Preventing abused children being returned to abusers

Locations: Transforming Schools from Bully-Havens to Safe Havens

Myths and misperceptions page updated
I continue to deconstruct all the myths, misperceptions and stereotypes that surround and sustain bullying: workbully/myths.htm (workplace bullying) and schoolbully/myths.htm (school bullying)


Conferences, meetings, seminars and training

Tim Field shares his insight
Understanding and tackling bullying at work: successunlimited/seminars/s1b.htm
Recovery and re-empowerment after bullying and abusive life events: successunlimited/seminars/s1b.htm



School Mobbing and Emotional Abuse: See It - Stop It - Prevent It
by Gail Pursell Elliott:

Bullies, Bigmouths and So-called Friends
By Jenny Alexander: (for boys) and (for girls)

How to recognize dangerous people
Books by Anna Salter:

Business ethics: facing up to the issues
By Chris Moon, Clive Bonny and others:

If You Want to Make God Really Laugh Show Him Your Business Plan
101 Universal Laws of Business by Barry Gibbons, the former president of Burger King USA who went from flipping burgers to flipping 'eck:

Warning! May Contain Nuts
Absolutely the First Definitive Review of the Incompetent, Inadvertant and Occasionally Illegal World of Business in the New Millennium ... Barry Gibbons masters the art of the short title with another irreverent, no-nonsense canter through corporate catastrophe:



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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: the invisible injury 2001 edition by David Kinchin Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: the invisible injury, 2001 edition
David Kinchin
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An insider's view from a former sufferer.
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Bullycide: death at playtime, an expose of child suicide caused by bullying by Neil Marr and Tim FieldBullycide: death at playtime, an exposé of child suicide cause by bullying
Neil Marr and Tim Field
Success Unlimited, 2001
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Introduction by Jo Brand
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Tim Field shares his insight with you...
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