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June 2005

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General news

UK police establish that Calvi was murdered
In 1982 Roberto Calvi, the president of Banco Ambrosiano known as 'God's banker', was found hanging under Blackfriars Bridge, a location significant in masonic circles:

In memory of Daniel Michael Farr
Daniel Farr is one of many army recruits who have died in non-combat situations:

Antisocial behaviour 'inherited'

UK crippling African healthcare by poaching its staff
Bullying in nursing and healthcare causes high turnover of staff which is hidden by poaching staff from poorer countries:

Workplace Bullying

Draft Corporate Manslaughter Bill published
Corporate manslaughter defined:
Comments invited: and

Headmaster accused of nepotism, bullying and "management by attrition"
Former head teacher of St Clement's High School, Terrington St Clement, Norfolk, Richard Wealthall appears before the General Teaching Council (GTC) to answer accusations of mis-spending, nepotism, and misleading governors by withholding details of staff turnover:

Prince Harry teacher in pay-off claims
Sarah Forsyth experiences smear campaign after blowing whistle on royal Eton pupil:

9-year legal battle ends in victory
Michelle Alabaster wins equal pay claim after nine years of legal action:

Gay box office worker wins discrimination case
Fausto Gismondi, 28, who worked at Durham's Gala Theatre, endured taunts of "gay boy" from boss Ed Tutty; The Employment tribunal said Durham City Council failed to prevent the bullying and should feel "considerable shame":

One third of medical students bullied

CBI claims public sector workers feign sickness
TUC claims public sector workers take less sick leave despite higher workplace risks but overlook the excessive levels of bullying workbully/public.htm

No compensation for work-related suicide

Culture of fear may be responsible for Japan train death crash

Snakes in suits
Transcript of Australian Radio National program about corporate psychopaths with Robert Hare and Paul Babiak:

School bullying

Another bullycide
15-year-old Anna Marie Averill, a pupil at Hillcrest School, in Bartley Green, Birmingham, kills herself after months of bullying:

Suicide verdict on Kidderminster schoolgirl
The family of Amy Rose Tipton, who attended King Charles I secondary school in Kidderminster, believe that bullying was a factor in their daughter's death: and

Coroner conducts inquest on Laura Rhodes
Laura's mother tells inquest of bullying at Cefn Saeson Comprehensive School, Neath:

School chief's bullying torment
Les Lawrence, Birmingham's head of education, speaks of his "anger and despair" after finding out his teenage son was being bullied at school:

Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA) under the spotlight
The UK government's Anti-Bullying Alliance has been under the spotlight for some time concerning its treatment of members, exclusion of leading anti-bullying charities from membership, and accountability for £600K of taxpayers money:,5500,1484999,00.html

Bullies beat boy black and blue
...and are then allowed back into school:

Video of slap attack circulated amongst pupils
An attack on a pupil by pupils and a video of the attack is circulated amongst pupils but it's nothing to do with us, says Plant Hill High School in Blackley, Manchester: This case is reminiscent of Josh Belluardo who was struck on the head by a bully and died almost immediately: newsusnews.htm#Belluardo

Children under 11 carry weapons to protect against bullying
Lock knives, pen knives, a flick knife, a machete, ball-bearing guns, a sharpened knuckle-duster, a screwdriver and a hammer are weapons of choice in Liverpool haul:

Bullying much worse than was thought
Is this news?

Girl with alopecia bullied throughout school life
Kirsty Jessen describe life without hair and the long-term effects of bullying:

Head teacher takes proactive approach to hoodies after Bluewater shopping mall bans them
"Most young people are fine, upstanding citizens, and some of them wear hoodies. Why should they be tarred with this rather hysterical brush?" says Richard Haigh, principal of Coombeshead College, Newton Abbot, Devon:

Stress, health and PTSD

Over half of staff 'get burn-out'
A third suffered exhaustion, a quarter lost sleep or were ill from worry about work:

Record numbers of workers too stressed to go to work
Stress costs 13 million lost working days annually:

Only one in ten workers injured or made ill at work receives compensation

NHS Employers targets stress in the workplace
Campaign aims to create an open culture in the NHS where the signs and symptoms of stress are tackled proactively:

Stress costs 10% of the UKís Gross National Product
But fewer than 10 per cent of companies have official policy to tackle it:

HSE updates stress web pages

European Parliament votes to scrap opt-out rule limiting the EU working week

Britain's long hours culture is bad for workers' health

Increase in job demands and work hours in the USA leads to dangers at work

US soldiers bring PTSD back from Iraq
Compare with

NICE guidelines for PTSD

Media requests

Supernanny: Is your child suffering from behaviour problems as a result of being bullied? Or perhaps itís your child thatís being the bully? Never fearÖ.SUPERNANNY IS HERE TO BEAT THE BULLIES! Fresh from dealing with everything that the Americans can throw at her in Supernanny USA, Britainís number one nanny, Jo Frost, is soon to be back on Channel 4 dishing out more top tips and expert advice to families throughout Britain. Each programme follows a different family as they open their doors to Supernanny Jo Frost, whose mission is to create order from chaos in just a few weeks. For the next series Jo is hoping to tackle bullying head on. So if your family has suffered issues with bullying and you think you might need her help - get in touch, weíre waiting to hear from you. Supernanny is also still on the lookout for all the classic childhood problems, from taming tantrum-prone toddlers to banishing backchat, sorting out sibling rivalry to fixing your fussy eaters. If you would like Supernanny to come to your rescue and want to be involved in the next series, contact the Supernanny team at Ricochet South. Call 0800 10 777 31 or apply via our website or directly to

Interview for REAL magazine: I'm Corinne Sweet and I'm a psychologist, writer and broadcaster (see I would like to interview a woman in the UK aged 25 to 45 for REAL magazine asap about workplace bullying. Please contact me on 020 8881 9668 or 07973 219673 or email

Bullying by neighbours: I'm Lucy Morgan and I'm currently developing a four part series for Channel 4 about neighbour disputes and the benefits of mediation. Our series is presented by an expert in neighbourhood dispute resolution, a trained mediator and ASBO ambassador who also uses hands-on methods of achieving results. I am trying to contact families in the UK who might be interested in taking part in our series. I am happy to discuss it with anyone and these conversations are held in confidence. The contact details for the programme are Tel 0207 258 6848 or email

Bullycide, harassment and female gang bullying: my name is Wersha Bharadwa and I'm a freelance journalist currently researching stories on bullycide in teenagers and adults, work place harassment and bullying and female gang bullying. If you're in the UK and you have ever experienced this or have had a loved one commit suicide as a result of being bullied, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am looking for male and female case studies. You will be paid for your time, but should be willing to be photographed for the magazine. Please contact me asap at and I will get back to you right away.

From Ottawa, Canada: I'm Natalie van den Bosch, a News Reporter working for CJOH Television, a CTV News affiliate in Ottawa, Canada. I am looking for someone living in the Ottawa area who has experienced workplace bullying and would be willing to talk about it. It is for television broadcast but we can conceal their identity if that's a concern. Anyone who is interested or would like more information can contact me at or by telephone at 613-274-4318

Media requests are at media/media.htm

Conferences, meetings etc

How good is our ethos?
Tuesday 7 June 2005, Edinburgh: The aim of this conference in Scotland is to explore how schools have used the concept of ethos to help them make connections between their formal and informal curricula and their in- and out-of-school commitments:

I Power I
Monday 18 July 2005, London: anti-bullying conference for young people including music, shows, presentations, special guests, workshops, Damilola Taylor Award, exhibitions, films and open mic sessions:

Bullying in the Workplace: an abuse of trust, a denial of justice
A one-day conference on workplace bullying organised by DAWN: Date: Wednesday 12 October 2005. Venue: Carrs Lane Church Centre, Birmingham, England. Speaker: Professor Charlotte Rayner, University of Portsmouth. For more information email Keith Munday at

See workbully/conf.htm and workbully/events.htm

Support groups etc

Support groups are listed at resources/groups.htm

Surveys etc

See workbully/surveys.htm

Web sites of interest

The Panic Center

Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers

Shame and self-righteousness
A Gestalt therapy approach:

Achievements of survivors of bullying

What survivors of bullying have gone on to achieve...

Books and articles etc

A Bully Grows Up: Erik Meets the Wizard by Caryn Sabes Hacker

Dealing with computer viruses and spam

Are you bombarded with computer viruses and spam?
There's guidance for new (and not so new) users of the Internet regarding viruses, spam and scam: action/newuser.htm

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