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March 2003

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Workplace bullying

School bullying

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GMB union boss accused of sexual harassment get a year's payoff
Robert Parker, Scottish secretary of the GMB union, has quit after an out-of-court settlement of �50,000 in respect of his former secretary Mary Senior who claimed she was bullied by Mr Parker because she stood up for a colleague who was making complaints against him. Mr Parker will receive 12 months pay from the GMB (ie from members' subscriptions) "out of compassion for the fact that he is married with two young children" and that "he has given a long period of service to the union and is now without employment." Mr Parker said the pressure of ongoing litigation had become unbearable and he had no alternative but to "withdraw from [his] position, and to take time for reflection and recuperation". Our thoughts are with him: and and

Former BBC presenter wins first round in legal battle despite novel lawyer wheeze
So desperate were the BBC's lawyers to keep former presenter Laurie Mayer's case from going to employment tribunal that they suggested he was "not a worker or employee" because he simply "turned up at work, did his job, and went home again". Sigh. An employment tribunal in Ashford, Kent, England sensibly thought otherwise: cases/case45a.htm

British Aerospace flies into turbulence
BAe Chief Executive Sir Richard Evans is named in a �450,000 legal action that alleges a breach of the terms of a gagging order designed to prevent details of a controversial industrial tribunal coming to light:

When to terrorise the talent
An article in The Economist examines bullying bosses in the wake of encounters between Manchester United's David Beckham and New York Yankee's baseball star Derek Jeter and their respective bosses Sir Alex Ferguson and George Steinbrenner:

Guru bullies surprisingly common
After some recent cases I've updated the behaviour profile of the guru type of serial bully at workbully/serial.htm#Guru

UK residents: has your MP signed the Early Day Motion on the Dignity at Work Bill?
If not, a gentle reminder to him/her is in order: If you don't know who your MP is, see

Tell your MP the bullying kills

Free seminar on The Employment Act 2002 in the UK
11 March 2003, Swindon, England

Australians say XXXX to long hours and work abuse
80% of Australian workers want family friendly laws and a cap on hours:

Victoria Trades Hall Council (VTHC) welcomes first-step on bullying

Conflicts amongst Queensland Magistrates
Maybe all these gentle folk need is a good lawyer:

Bush appointee defends bullying, discriminating and abusive employers
Do American workers face a greater risk than Iraqi civilians?

120 Americans die at work each week
How much do we value human life?

TUC criticises employers� 'paranoid' objection to consultation

Short-sighted bosses and long hours mentality are counterproductive and

Staff are our most valuable asset
UK Trade and Industry Secretary Patricia Hewitt urges businesses to unlock the potential of their most valuable asset:

Employers who consult get results says the TUC

European Information and Consultation Directive is 'a once in a lifetime opportunity to modernise the workplace'

Worklife balance survey results available
The report from Keele University, Staffordshire, England, contains a fascinating look at attitudes to work, its effects on family life and individual heath:

US nurses campaign for shorter hours
Limits on mandatory overtime would improve patient care:

Hospital nurse staffing and patient mortality, nurse burnout, and job dissatisfaction

Bullying nature of NHS revealed
NHS consultant constructively dismissed after refusing to join in with bullying culture: but loses case:

Survey reveals half of 41 Hospital Trusts fiddled waiting list figures
... some deliberately:

NHS vies for top spot in bullying league whilst bosses get fatter

Would you stay at the Port Talbot YMCA?
An HTV investigation reveals bullying and other inappropriate behaviour:

South Wales traffic warden given ticket for bullying
Principal Cardiff traffic warden Kim Davies 37 receives a final written warning following complaints of bullying, harassment and victimisation after a two-year investigation:

Teacher's bullying claim fails
A claim by a former teacher Dr David Grimshaw that he suffered a stress breakdown after enduring five years of bullying by headmaster of Arnold School, Lytham Road, Blackpool, Bill Gillen has been rejected:

UK workers 'denied time off in loo'
Wee breaks not wee enough, allegedly: and one employee's solution: successunlimited/related/callcntr.htm#Toilet

Abuse of the elderly common

It's a stitch-up!
Controversial ex-prison chief sues for unfair dismissal:

Dunblane report buried for 100 years
Suspicions have been aroused over what was known about Thomas Hamilton, the potential damage to a former cabinet minister, and a prominent Scottish lawyer with a possible shared interest in guns:

MoD acts on bullying
The UK Ministry of Defence has unveiled 40 recommendations to stop abuse of young recruits:

Prison clerk awarded �11,500 after she suffered months of harassment
.. at the hands of John Wilson, a former health and safety officer at Durham Prison:

Should employers play a role in dealing with domestic violence?

Breast cancer whistleblower wins employment tribunal


Government U-turn on expulsion means bullies can be excluded
Head teachers in England can expel pupils out of school for a single, first offence of bullying, if they consider it to be serious enough:

Harassment chases teen from school
Thirteen-year-old amputee feared for safety after threats:,1413,36%257E53%257E1163948%257E,00.html

Are you a bully?
A Connecticut school district includes teacher behavior in its anti-bullying policy:

Boredom blamed for disaffection

Lifting the lid on special education
School districts resent having to spend money on students with disabilities:

Victim Support counsels targets of bullying
A conference in Truro, Cornwall hears about plans to tackle bullying in the county: (half way down this page)

Playground makeover to tackle bullying
But no mention of accountability for bullies:

Secret classroom cameras are the latest bright idea
Huge potential for misuse:

Truancy mother says daughter bullied
Local Education Authorities are keen to prosecute parents but no mention of accountability for bullies:

Head teachers in bullycide case deny they were negligent
Hartlepool head teachers Stuart Priestly, of Brierton Comprehensive School and Bill Jordon, of Dyke House School, defend their policies and procedures:



Bullying at work - how did you deal with it?
I'm Zannah Lewis and I'm a reporter on The Birmingham Post. I am interested in doing an article on bullying in the workplace. I would like to speak to a person in the West Midlands who has suffered personally from bullying in the workplace and how they successfully dealt with the bullying issue and resolved it. I am also looking for people who would like to tell their story of bullying in the workplace and whether they have suffered long-term consequences as a result of that bullying. I can be contacted on 0121 234 5633 or via email on

Bullying of the elderly and vulnerable adults
I'm Jo Meek and I'm writing from an independent radio production company, we produce documentaries for the BBC. We are currently researching a documentary for BBC Radio Five Live on an issue which has been highlighted to us by a number of campaigning groups for the elderly and vulnerable adults. Following the government's postponement of both Criminal Records checks on individual domiciliary care workers and the Protection of Vulnerable Adults List we would like to hear from groups who feel that the lack of checks on individual home carers is potentially a dangerous situation, especially in light of the fact that more and more elderly people are living in their own homes rather than in residential care settings. We would like to hear from groups or individuals who feel that the lack of checks on staff has resulted in bullying, neglect or abuse of trust between the home care staff and those receiving the care. It seems that a lot of people have real concerns with this situation but have you had experience of a vulnerable adult suffering because a care worker has not being properly checked? Please contact the production team either by email at or on 0161 8349955, all correspondence will be dealt with in complete confidence. Many thanks for any help you can provide.

Smear campaigns
Increasingly the use of vicious and malicious smear/whispering campaigns are being reported in the press against high profile people. They are a very effective means of organisational bullying, allowing incidents to be manufactured, rationalising unethical and immoral information gathering, frequently becoming personal assaults, enable mobbing and control of the target, and can have the effect of destroying lives and careers. I would like anyone who has been subjected to this treatment, knows of, or has witnessed this form of behaviour in any sector of the community to contact me. The aim is to find out how prevalent smear campaigns are, the forms they take, the means used to counter them, and the outcomes, as part of a book. All information will be confidential and any publication will protect the anonymity of all concerned. Please contact

New book on bullying from the USA: I'm Susan Futterman and I'm a published author and veteran journalist in the USA, currently working on a book focusing on various aspects of identifying, coping with, and extricating oneself from verbally abusive and/or bullying managers. My emphasis is on those targeted by senior-level employers and/or managers where little recourse is available from more senior members of the organization or from human resources personnel. If you are one of these individuals, I would be very interested in interviewing you, whether by phone or email, with regard to how you managed to extricate yourself from this toxic situation, whether you departure was planned or abrupt. My questions include:
1)       What steps did you take to marshal the psychological, emotional and financial resources at your disposal?
2)       How did this process affect your psychological, physical and financial health?
3)       What is your current situation?
4)       Did your departure involve legal or other professional intervention?
5)       How did you handle the touchy tasks of job interviews and reference requests?
6)       What is your current status?
7)       What, if anything, do you know about current conditions at your former workplace?
8)       If directed by your doctor to take a disability leave as a �respite� from conditions at work, how successful was this effort?
If you would be interested in responding to these questions � or providing any additional information that you feel may be of interest � please contact me Please be assured your privacy will be protected.

New series of "UK's Worst?" on BBC 1: I'm Sue Heard and I'm working on the BBC 1 investigative consumer programme "UK's Worst?". We are looking at the possibility of making "UK's Worst Workplace?" - do you work there? Do you or did you work for a boss from hell? Perhaps you work in or know of a call centre whose regime is especially strict? You might even be able to help us expose sweatshops right here in the UK? If you think you can help us please get in touch asap. All contact will be dealt with in confidence. Ideally email me in the first instance: [Tel: 020 8752 4925]

Development of clinical guidelines for the management of PTSD: the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) is putting together clinical guidelines for the management of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and a group of people to develop these guidelines is being assembled. NICE is currently looking for people to join this group who can broadly represent the views, experiences and interests of people with PTSD either through direct personal experience of the condition, or through caring for someone with PTSD. If you're in the UK and you're interested in being a member of this group, send an email to Victoria Thomas at for more information.
NICE page on PTSD:
Patient Involvement Unit for NICE:

More media requests at workbully/media.htm



Nursing Now
... is an Australian nurses support web site highlighting concerns over management cost cutting, use of unskilled or semi-skilled labour, decreased concerns for patient care, etc:

Next meeting of Adult Bullying Clampdown (ABC) in Northern Ireland
Tuesday 25th March 2003 at 7.45pm in the Lagan Valley Island Arts Centre, Lisburn. The guest speaker will be Mr Billy McClintock of Health and Safety Executive of Northern Ireland: workbully/ireland.htm#Northern



Psychische terreur op het werk
A Dutch web site on workplace bullying:

Center for non-violent communication

Brain Injury Resource Center
Page on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Stress and back pain

Freedom from Freemasonry

Canadian school bullying web site completes overhaul

What makes a great workplace? Oh, and a bully-free zone.

Management Bites Dog Food Factory
A story of management resistance to employee involvement and self-direction:

Academic Achievement for Every Student in Every School
Some Restrictions May Apply:

The Academy of Management, Denver, Colorado, August 9-14., 2002 Symposium
Workplace Abuse, Aggression, Bullying, and Incivility: Conceptual Integration and Empirical Insights.

What do poor politicians, bullying bosses and dodgy diapers have in common?
They need changing regularly, and for the same reason:

Teamwork is a lot of people doing what *I* say
More gems from real-life Dilberts:

Biting the Underdog
Perspectives on Bullying and Dominance among Children:

What is it like to live with Social Anxiety Disorder?

I know what kinda workplace I'd want to work in



Sombodies and Nobodies
Overcoming the abuse of rank, Robert W Fuller, New Society Publishers, 2003, see

Plain Talk About Spanking
Jordan Riak uses cogent argument to establish the links between corporal punishment in childhood and antisocial behaviour in adulthood. His booklet Plain Talk About Spanking is at and you can order paper versions.


Got a news item or resource to share?
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Spreading the word
Bullying affects at least 50% of the population. If you or someone you know have a web site please link to Bully OnLine at Bully Online


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