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March 2004

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8 February 2004

Defending myself against the malicious libel action sponsored by the National Union of Teachers means that I no longer have the physical, psychological, emotional or financial resources to provide services to targets of bullying in the way Iíve been doing over the last eight years.

In the synchronistic way in which the world works, Iím also having trouble with broadband services at work and at home, and attempts to send out my latest enewsletter have resulted in difficulties which only several weeks of troubleshooting can resolve. Enewsletter distributors everywhere are finding it increasingly difficult to get their genuine emails past anti-spam filters, firewalls etc.

Iíve decided therefore that after a decade of battling bullies the time has come for me to alter my focus. My first objective will be to fend off the malicious libel action and Iím pleased to report that evidence and witnesses continue to come forward in support of my defence whilst the NUT solicitors and officers can only rely on projection and denial.

As many of you know Iíve already closed down the telephone service of the UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line after eight years of operation. Iíve reluctantly decided that the February edition of Bullying Times will be the last in its present format. I regret I will no longer be able to respond to individual emails or offer advice on individual cases.

I shall respond to requests for information and fulfil book orders at least twice a week (at present I am still managing to do this every other day).

As my ability to send out bulk emailings is being frustrated Iíve instead created a Hot News page where I shall post messages, media requests and important information. Please bookmark this page (newshot.htm) and check it regularly. Information will be transferred at the beginning of each month to a simplified newsletter. As long as I can maintain my mailer program I'll continue to send out occasional important items of news including media requests.

I shall continue to maintain Bully OnLine and keep The Field Foundation ticking over until the time is right for the next stage.

Youíll be pleased to know that although my focus is changing, I shall keep myself busy writing, and on a subject which is dear to our hearts. Recent events have given me new insight, impetus and direction.

I'll be back.

Workplace Bullying

BBC News Online feature on workplace bullying

Injury to feelings principle upheld
10 February 2004: in Dunnachie v. Kingston upon Hull City Council the Court of Appeal upheld Chris Dunnachie's award for injury to feelings. [Full verdict | BBC News Online]

Whistleblowers praised
People who blow the whistle have the highest levels of integrity, moral courage and values, and are now being recognised as such:

College lecturer awarded £80,000 for stress at work and

HSE staff to take industrial action over pay
Union report "there is money available in HSE for idiotic projects and bureaucracy but not for a living wage increase":

HSE Stress solutions discussions group

NUJ Glasgow updates bullying web pages

Bullying and harassment at work: a guide for managers and employers
From ACAS:

School bullying

Mother shocked to find daughter's suicide note
"I love you, but I don't want to live":

Children's inhumanity to children:

The Thuggery of School Life: I Hate My Life
From taunts to teasing, emotional bullying scars grade schoolers:

Anchorage attorney organizes June anti-bullying conference

Media requests

Bullying in the Armed Services: Sky News, based in West London, is trying to find a man or woman who was bullied or is being bullied in any of the armed services. The type and nature of the bullying is unimportant. Merely that you were the victim of bullying is the important factor. Neither is it important that you left the services because of bullying or saw out your time. Sky would like to interview you about your experiences, how the bullying started, how your complaints were treated and any action taken. Sky News would, of course, protect your identity if you require, by hiding your face and changing your voice. We could interview you anywhere in the UK at a time that suits you. If you feel you could help please contact Clive Kerfoot, Planning News Editor, Sky News at these numbers: 020 7705 3429 or 07736 734424 or by e-mail to

Boss revenge and office rage: do you have a tale about how you got even or fantasised about getting even on your boss or fellow employee who wound you up?  Or has office equipment annoyed you up to the point you actually took your frustration out on the unfortunate pc or photocopier? The BBC are looking for people to take part in a 1 hour documentary.  It is a light-hearted look at what winds us up.  Please contact Nick Denning with you office anger stories. Email

Have you been stalked? We're a glossy magazine looking for women in the UK, aged 22-33 to talk about their experiences of being stalked. We would like to raise the profile of this crime and increase public awareness of the scale of the problem. We are willing to pay people for their story and understand that this is a delicate issue that needs handling sensitively. If you, or anyone you know fits this criteria and would like to tell us their story, please email or call 020 7439 5966.

Bullying of redheads: I am making a television documentary for a major broadcaster about Britainís treatment towards redheads. I am keen to contact anybody who has been treated badly because of their red hair and who thinks that there should be laws in place to protect redheads. My email address is or you can contact me (in the strictest confidence) on 0207 502 5778.

Nightmare neighbours: appear on a documentary about nightmare neighbours which is being made by Kilroy Television! If you're tired of being bullied by your neighbours then give Jo a call on 0207 893 7882 or email Whatever your situation share your views and inspire others with your experiences by showing that no one's alone in the nightmare neighbour problem. Chat soon!

ARE YOU A BOY BEING BULLIED? Granada TV are making a programme for ITV's REAL LIFE STRAND following the experience of a young teenager who is currently being bullied. The programme will tell the story of what it's really like to be taunted and picked on by bullies at school from the point of view of the bullied boy. We would like to film with the bullied boy over a period of several weeks. We will film them at home and outside school and may use reconstruction to illustrate their experiences at the hands of the bullies. We are looking for a boy from 12-15 years old who would potentially like to be involved in a project like this. We will need your parents'/guardian's consent to you being in the programme. If you are interested in taking part then we would like to hear from you. Please call Emily on 0117 974 5891 or email her on

More media requests at media/media.htm


Beware the Sharks in Education - A Teacher's Perspective by Jeannie Crowder, 1st Books, 2004

Administrative Mobbing at the University of Toronto: the Trial, Degradation, and Dismissal of a Professor during the Presidency of J.Robert S. Prichard, Kenneth Westhues, Mellen Press, 2004

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