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November 2002

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In this issue

Workplace bullying

What happened during European stress week?
Amicus union campaigns for law against bullying
Northern Ireland seminar on bullying
Stress and abuse cause injury to health
Psychological abuse causes injury to health
USA recognises that bullying costs
Bullying culture in the NHS
Code of conduct for NHS managers
Deepcut deaths prompt questions but few answers
Law to make stress a hazard in New Zealand
Worker insecurity at record high
Many pedophiles work in the professions
Tim Field speaking at SLIM seminar in London

School bullying

Canadian bullycide
Teen bully jailed for manslaughter
A Cool School Programme
Teachers destroyed by paperwork

Support groups

Media and research requests

Books and resources

Links, web sites and reminders

Receiving an apology does good
Teacher Abuse Association launches

Bully OnLine reorganisation


What happened during European Stress at Work Week?

Workplaces becoming more stressful, says Amicus union
... and few managers are accepting responsibility for the problem, according to a new survey of 2,000 union health and safety reps: and

Ban Bullying at Work Day
Amicus, The Work Foundation, The Andrea Adams Trust and IRS Employment Review launch a joint Ban Bullying at Work Action Pack:

Results of Communication Workers Union (CWU) Stress Survey or 20,000 employees

Irish National Teachers' Organisation (INTO) organises seminar on bullying
INTO say bullying of teachers is an unacceptable and a growing problem and express concern over "significant under-reporting of bullying" of its members in the workplace: (you can hear Tim Field's interview on BBC Radio Ulster via the link at the top right)

Norwegian report highlights increase in bullying

Prolonged negative stress causes injury to health
Those with high job strain and a perceived lack of control over their job have more than a doubled risk of heart disease according to a new report from the Finnish Institute for Occupational Health: and

Psychological abuse causes injury to health
Psychological abuse by an intimate partner can be as dangerous as sexual or physical abuse in terms of putting victims at risk for long-term physical and mental health problems:

USA recognising that stress costs companies money and employees
Workplace stress is often unavoidable, and employees are feeling more of it as shrinking staffs tackle unchanged workloads:

Screening of MBA entrants recommended exclude sociopaths and other corporate fraudsters: (scroll down to the 3rd segment with Ian Mitroff, beginning "A California software company announced..."; the RealAudio file for the broadcast can be downloaded by clicking "Listen" under the date (10/30/02) at the top of the page)

TUC submission to the review of the Employment Relations Act 1999
Modern Rights for Modern Workplaces: TUC Employment Rights Campaign, a submission to the Government on the review of the Employment Relations Act 1999. The Economic Case for Better Rights at Work: (no mention of bullying though)

Cardiff and Caerphilly have worst social services in Wales
Report highlights a bullying, macho, arrogant and secretive management culture:

Police chief suspended amid claims of bullying

Homophobic bullying case goes to court

Sexual harasser manager found guilty and promoted
A saleswoman quit her job after her sexist boss dismissed females as "handy attachments for Hoovers" was awarded almost UK£50,000 compensation by an employment tribunal:

Rape, like bullying, harassment and abuse, is a serial crime
...and should be treated as such, say some:

Sleeping on the job is harmful to your health

Mental health and Employment in the NHS
Guidance for NHS employers on the recruitment and retention of people who have or have had "mental health problems":

Sick culture of NHS
Fiddled figures and fear of reprisals are the order of the day:

Scotland faces nursing shortage whilst UK can't even recruit from abroad
Scottish nurses endure some of the highest levels of bullying recorded (nearly 50%, see and but now they're being enticed back with golden handshakes - but no mention of the bullying culture:

Code of conduct for NHS managers
NHS staff are ... given all reasonable protection from harassment and bullying, allegedly:

Government's plan to bolster NHS services with overseas doctors in disarray
Few foreign specialists want to come and work in the UK - perhaps they've heard about the NHS bullying culture:

Surgeon struck off for bullying
"Highly-gifted" surgeon struck off by General Medical Council (GMC) after hearing how he bullied and groped staff, reduced patients to tears whilst his attitude left nurses needing counselling:

Government platitudes fail to address teacher shortages
Many London schools are keeping going only by using unqualified, temporary and overseas teachers:

A survey of Hull city teachers claims they face bullying from head teachers and their deputies (second item)

UK Government education policy is a "geek culture of box-ticking bureaucrats"
"Great teachers are being destroyed by paperwork and a school's success is measured only by its position in the league tables" says Dom Anthony Sutch:

MoD investigates another suicide with links to Deepcut
Chef Alison Croft, 22, hung herself from a wardrobe door at Dalton barracks in Abingdon, Oxfordshire:

Deepcut deaths prompt rule change

More ex-soldiers reporting bullying culture put UK Army on the defensive
"We don't tolerate bullying, we take the matter very seriously" say the Army:

Expert tells Deepcut families not to trust police
Ballistics expert Frank Swann alleges interference; he says officers are not "looking as hard as they ought to be" and police tried to place a gagging order on him:

Deepcut families demand inquest

BBC Radio Five investigates bullying and harassment at Deepcut Barracks
For Queen and Country is a Five Live Report on the suspicious deaths at the Army Deepcut Barracks in Surrey. You can listen to the programme at any time via the internet (you can download RealOne Player via the BBC web site):

Law to make work stress a hazard in New Zealand
The Health and Safety in Employment Amendment Bill, which makes stress and fatigue workplace hazards, is set to become law:

New laws could revolutionise UK office culture
Legislation will make discrimination against religion, belief or sexual orientation in the workplace unlawful in England, Scotland and Wales:

Hikikomori epidemic hits Japan
Young people, mostly male, withdraw from society under pressure of expectation, cramming and bullying (sound familiar?) whilst families live in shame with nowhere to turn to for help (sound familiar?):

Whistleblower files lawsuit against FBI
... for allegedly slowing down translation of terrorist intercepts with aim of getting bigger budget:

Gunman sends 22-page letter explaining his actions
Bully, bullied or something else? Robert Stewart Flores shoots dead three professors at the University of Arizona School of Nursing then turns the gun on himself: with the full text of Flores' suicide letter at I've added a commentary at newsflores.htm

Unemployment at record low, allegedly, but worker insecurity at record high
Labour government claims that unemployment is under 1 million ( omit the fact that this figure is the number of people who qualify for Jobseekers Allowance, not the number of people between 18-65 without a job which is estimated to be between 4-6 million. If unemployment is so low, allegedly, why do 20% of the workforce fear loss of job?

Bad managers to blame for low productivity levels
Bad management is costing firms up to 81 working days per employee every year according to a new survey by management advice company Proudlock Consulting:

£7 billion budget black hole means tax rises
UK Chancellor Gordon Brown faces falling tax income due to the collapse in the technology sector:

Study Shows That Losing Your Job Can Lead to Illness, Depression
When Gordon Brown finally realises there's a £30 billion black hole in his budget due to loss of tax revenues from the millions of workers bullied out their jobs (workbully/typical.htm), he too may face illness and depression from the loss of his job:

Crown prosecutors urged to press on with prosecutions in cases of domestic violence
... even if the victim wants the case dropped:

Rape laws strengthened to protect victims in Scotland

Many paedophiles work in the professions
Hundreds of child welfare professionals, including police officers, care workers and teachers, have been identified as 'extremely high-risk' paedophiles by an investigation into internet porn:,7369,815570,00.html

Vatican still protecting pedophile priests
Abuse victims are outraged by the attitude of the Catholic Church towards those who have suffered at the hands of protected paedophile priests:

Bosses tolerant of net use at work
Contrary to common perceptions, many bosses don't mind their employees surfing the net and browsing Bully OnLine at Bully Online (OK, I added that last bit): ... or maybe not, especially if it's Bully OnLine at Bully Online their workers are surfing: If you've been penalised for or prevented from visiting Bully OnLine, email me.

Cyberslackers are costing Britain's small businesses almost £1.5bn per year
Wasteful email and Internet use cost companies dear:

Tim Field speaking in London
Wednesday 6 November, 1.30 - 4.30 pm: Bullying at work - a faith perspective. Venue: Garry Weston Library, Southwark Cathedral. The training seminar will look at the reasons how and why people find themselves targeted and the strategies people can adopt to protect themselves against bullies wherever they occur: workbully/conf.htm


Another Canadian bullycide
15-year-old Greg Doucette was so tormented about his acne by bullies at Notre Dame Secondary School in the Heart Lake district of north Brampton that he hanged himself in the basement of his home.

Police find "no evidence of bullying" the suicide of Laura Kilibarda but her parents suspect otherwise:

Teen bully jailed for manslaughter
Scott Young dies after running across road to escape from bully Yannick Etutu:

Jaffa Cakes advert experiences total eclipse
Advert which mocks overweight children censored by Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) watchdog:

Miss America calls for concerted action against bullying and,11369,364971,00.html

Disarming the bullies
As harassment in the schoolyard emerges as a major public health issue, a state-wide forum seeks solutions:

The most common problem children call ChildLine about is bullying

The Cool School Programme

New web site promotes Citizenship

Full Stop 2 Bullying

Home schooling breeds more confident adults



New support group in East Anglia
I'm Darren Morley and I'm a representative for Unison. If you live in Norwich (Norfolk, England) please contact me at I am hoping to set up a group for people who are being bullied at work, so as a group we can share ideas and try and help each other.



Bullied in the military?
Granada TV's "Tonight with Trevor McDonald" is making a programme about bullying in the military. It is intended that the programme will be shown next Monday (4 November, 2002). We will be looking at the following issues:
(1) The treatment of recruits during their initial training
(2) The treatment of the youngest members of the forces
(3) And the relationship between NCOs and recruits and to what extent this relationship is open to abuse
We would like to hear from serving and former soldiers who are able to speak about their experience of bullying in the military. Because of the sensitivity of the issue we can guarantee anonymity if required. Contact either Kelda Crawford on 0161 832 7211 ext 3742 (email or Dave on 0161 827 2804.

Are you a bullied secretary or PA?
I'm a freelance journalist currently researching an article about how bullying affects secretaries and PAs. Working in a one on one role, if your boss is unreasonable it can make your life very difficult. I would like to hear from any secretaries or PAs that have experienced bullying. Complete confidentiality is assured. If you are interested, please contact Lucy Jolin on

TV Judge
If you are involved in a dispute or court case and would like to appear on television in front of a TV judge in London, bring us your cases and stories. We are looking for small County Court type cases or disputes - neighbour disputes, ex-lovers disputes, car accidents, employee vs employer, landlords, etc. If the parties are thinking of going to court, the case will probably interest us. Expenses will be paid to both participants. For more information contact, Tel: 07970 269103.



Pride of Britain recognises people who have gone beyond the call of duty
Targets of bullying are often the only person in the workplace with the moral courage to stand up and be counted:

... is a registered charity providing free Occupational Health and Safety advice information and training to individuals, voluntary sector groups and small businesses: - there's a free downloadable stress pack

New website guides people through the legal process contains a lot of good information based on hard-won experience for people tackling bullying at work and who are in the position of having to consider going to an employment tribunal

Web warriors confront boardrooms
Now everyone can hold corporate giants accountable:

Narcissism in the boardroom and

Full purpose of Internet to be studied
Bully OnLine (and this newsletter) is changing the world using the power of the Internet. Now Oxford University is to open an institute devoted to studying the social impact of the Internet:

If your face doesn't fit, don't bother applying

The best and worst bosses

London Conference on conflict

Bullies in church
I receive a steady stream of enquiries from people being bullied within the Church or a religious organisation. BALM (Bullied and Abused Lives in Ministry) is a Christian Support Group for Damaged Ministers International and Inter-Denominational:

Violence shatters lives but victims' tenacity undaunted
Senseless attack on teenager results in movie and pilot program to help all of Ontario's children who suffer head injuries:

Receiving an apology does good and

Brain switch 'could control fear'

Undiagnosed PTSD from war

Suggested reading on anger management
From the British Association for Anger Management (BAAM): and National Anger Awareness Week:

Brain Food for Better Business

A psychological overview of problems experienced by asylum-seekers
The personal view of a stateless asylum-seeker for the last 19 years:

A former employee of the USDOJ INS bureaucracy and her fight against their terrorist friendly internal corruption

Bullying and harassment of learning disabled students
Personal testimonies at and

NAPTA empowers disenfranchised teachers
Teachers and lecturers are my largest group of callers and enquirers, and not just in the UK; Ireland, Australia, Canada and the USA show similar patterns. The National Association for the Prevention of Teacher Abuse in the USA was cofounded by two mothers who happened to be teachers and who believe that their insider information as tenured teachers can and will take our schools back from this system of organized crime that results in institutionalized child abuse. Teacher abuse is the shield behind which administrators hide; NAPTA is working to make administrations accountable:

State-sanctioned sexual violence
On the subject of institutionalized child abuse, Jordon Riak with his web site is tireless in his quest to prevent hundreds of thousands of American (and other) schoolchildren every year from becoming the target of sexual violence perpetrated in the name of "discipline". The pictures of injuries to underage victims (this page is not suitable for anyone under 16) at are horrendous but the right to inflict such injuries for trivial and concocted "offences" is still licensed and aggressively defended in more than 20 educationally backward American States.

Christian (sic) school seeks right to assault children
A decade after UK society voted to outlaw corporal punishment, and more than a century after it became illegal to hit animals, a so-called Christian school is mounting a legal challenge for the right to hit its pupils. Try any search engine with the search term "school AND corporal punishment AND uniform" and from the millions of web sites devoted to spanking you'll realise how endemic is the sadistic sexual need to abuse children and cause the the type of horrific injuries referred to in the previous news item:

New book on violence against children
The Plague of Violence by Mitch Hall:



The Body Bears the Burden: Trauma Dissociation and Disease
Robert C Scaer, MD, The Haworth Medical Press, NY, ISBN 0-7890-1246-4. Scaer comes from the viewpoint of whiplash injury and there's lots of medicobabble but this is comprehensive and quotable book (especially in a personal injury case) on the type of Complex PTSD that results from prolonged negative stress such as that caused by bullying and abuse:
See also

Being bullied? You're not alone
by Jay Solomon:

The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You
by Elaine N Aron, for highly sensitive people (like those reading this enewsletter) everywhere:

And Words can Hurt Forever
by James Garbarino:

Putting together the pieces
by Francess Day:


Bully OnLine reorganisation

News relating to bullying is now concentrated at news/

Case histories (57 to date) have their own section at cases/

Stress and injury to health has been moved to stress/


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Spreading the word
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