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November 2003

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Mori poll reveals quarter of British employees discriminated against, bullied or harassed in last 12 months,3604,1058827,00.html and,,30400-12815844,00.html and

CPHVA survey shows 50% of staff bullied
Half of health visitors, school nurses and community nurses working in the NHS have been bullied by their managers: and and

Amicus highlights workplace bullying with Ban Bullying Day

Britain increasingly crippled by stress and

Majority of HR professionals regard stress as skiving and malingering

Majority of HR professionals believe stress will get worse

Government considers nationwide survey on bullying at work

GMB union boss in £300K payout for sexual harassment
Margaret McAvoy, former personal assistant to GMB Scottish regional secretary Robert Parker, has accepted a settlement believed to be in the region of £300,000 for alleged sexual harassment:

GMB case has parallels with NUT-backed libel case against Tim Field
The GMB union is shelling out £600,000 of union members' subscriptions defending a case against its own employee whilst leaving the target of sexual harassment to pay her own fees: In the NUT-backed libel case against Tim Field the NUT is allowing the NUT legal department to spend an unlimited amount of NUT members' subscriptions to misappropriate the laws of libel to silence a whistleblower of the alleged shortcomings, inadequacies and failings of the claimant's union (NUT) and the claimant's employer (Oxfordshire County Council). Meanwhile, Tim Field's own union, Amicus-MSF, has denied Tim all access to legal support and advice for his defence of the case.

Oxfordshire teacher wins case for unfair constructive dismissal
The NUT's legal department said Jane Cooke "didn't have a case" and refused to provide her with legal assistance, so despite suffering the usual psychiatric injury from long-term stress, Ms Cooke handled the entire legal process herself and won:
To coincide with Amicus "Ban Bullying Day" on Thursday 16 October 2003, members of Oxfordshire teacher support group OXBOW gathered outside County Hall to raise awareness of the Council's failings in respect of bullying of teachers in Oxfordshire. Several media organisations were present to record the event.

It's now much easier to spot a socialised psychopath
As a result of recent experience and new information coming to light I've been able to substantially refine and update the profile of the socialised psychopath at workbully/serial.htm#Sociopath

Staff accidents cost NHS £170 million a year

Military-style council management 'hindering performance'
Mairi McLean's plea for delegates to switch from a hierarchical managerial style to a more empowering style of leadership meets with lukewarm reception:,9744,1064193,00.html

Torridge District Council rated "poor"
Criticisms include poor leadership, patchy services and inappropriate behaviour by some senior councillors:

Former council leader quits ahead of results of bullying investigation

Ambassador accused after criticising US
Is Britain's ambassador in Tashkent Craig Murray the next David Kelly?,3605,1065795,00.html

WorkCover says one in seven workers bullied

ACT backs industrial manslaughter law
Negligent bosses face up to 25 years' jail if workers are killed on the job:

Australian courts weak on workplace deaths

US Postal workers get tough on bullying

UK workers will be able to claim damages
...for breaches of the The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999:

ILO to develop a code of practice on violence and stress at work in service sector

Disturbing legacy of 9/11 rescuers: suicide and

Suicide and death from overwork: a global perspective

Why a broken heart hurts so much
Social rejection may affect your brain as much as physical pain:

UK Jobcentres accused of failing to give staff full rights by sacking them days short of their qualifying period

Shop workers face high levels of abuse and violence
But much abuse goes unreported:

One in three doctors attacked, assaulted or abused and

Claims that NHS whistleblowers are often suspended as punishment

Fatigue a major cause of road deaths

Laurie Mayer loses BBC sacking case
But tribunal notes "ineffective management and a culture of bullying and harassment which caused discontent and suffering among the staff": and,7493,1064478,00.html and

Marshall Specialist Vehicles v. Osborne makes it harder than ever for stress cases to succeed
The requirements for establishing stress in civil courts (ie Sutherland v. Hatton) also apply in constructive dismissal cases at employment tribunal:

Demoted prison worker could get record payment

Sacking rebounds on London Underground as union calls for strike

Turnberry Hotel, Ayrshire, Scotland, worker tells tribunal of bullying ordeal after bereavement

Pay-out for demoted jail worker

Anti-addiction pill caused bullying

Doncaster advice service at centre of bullying tribunal

Consultant wins EAT over time limitation
Andy Taylor, a director of Freedom to Care, has won his case against DEFRA, Sungard Sherwood and ShlumbergerSEMA. The EAT ruled that even though Mr Taylor's tribunal was eight months beyond the 12-weel limit for application to employment tribunal he was nevertheless entitled to have his case heard at tribunal because the original Tribunal did not apply the law correctly or adequately consider all the information.

Bullying row head quits job at Motherwell College, Scotland

University of Glamorgan Business School launches investigation into bullying claims

Bullied students to get independent complaints board

Whistleblower faces tribunal,9061,1060071,00.html

Workers now twice as likely to blow whistle
Safety is top concern:

UK age law could spark pensions meltdown

Allen & Overy ‘victimised’ employee

Prada personnel chief admits doubting bullying allegations without investigating them

£3k for woman sacked for being "too ugly"

Daimler Chrysler in race case payout,,2-2003492674,00.html

Bullying, sex and harassment in the City and and

Bullied 'gofer' killed his boss

Team bonding exercise ends in drunken punch up

Calls for sex case anonymity after head teacher commits suicide

Royal Mail agrees to pay race row strikers benefits

Lack of toilet breaks in the spotlight again

UK government targets bullying neighbours

Fat cats get ever fatter

UK Government announces new body for human rights
...called The Commission for Equality and Human Rights:



The constant torture of threats, harassment and bullying can push almost anyone to the brink
...with often fatal results:

Bullies at Auchinleck Academy (Ayrshire, Scotland) drive Siobhan McClue to brink of suicide

She assaulted me every day for two years
Jessica O'Connell, who was almost driven to suicide because of bullying, reveals the true horror of school life:,3604,1058857,00.html

No bully link to pupil’s death, claim police

Mother taken to court for school's alleged failure to deal with bullying

Judith Scruggs says school is to blame for bullying suicide

Chloe's ruined life described graphically,3605,1063002,00.html

It's the same in Boston

And San Francisco,1413,125~1549~1701991,00.html

And South Jersey

And Sauk Valley, Illinois

Kansas schools find new ways to Battle Bullying
Project Respect emphasizes empathy and empowerment:

As do schools in Raleigh Durham and Fayetteville, North Carolina
Zero tolerance is the only answer:

And California

And Boston

And Ottawa

And Bendigo, Australia

70% of Australian kids say bullying is rife,5478,7708651%5E662,00.html

NSPCC send booklets to schools
Advice for young people on dealing with abuse, violence, bullying, racism, depression etc:

Beyond Tokenism

A quarter of children suffer bullying at school and

Bullied at 12 for being overweight,9950,1058657,00.html

Woman sheds weight in attempt to protect daughter from bullying

Bullies put boy with learning difficulties in hospital

What are the Obligations of Local Authorities and Schools in Relation to Bullying?

Internet bullying on the increase

Parents cry foul as 'anti-social' teenagers are named and shamed,6903,1061184,00.html

Rats and Bullies a film telling the story of Dawn-Marie Wesley:

Boy dies of heart failure after being chased by bullies

Children increasingly exposed to violence – parents can help

Ontario schools warned over cyber bullying

Oconomowoc Middle School sees play on bullying
Wisconsin schools take proactive approach to dealing with bullying:

Girls bullying girls

Teachers get tough on violent disruptive pupils and

Antidepressants linked to suicide in children and teenagers



Have you been bullied at any time by Wrexham Borough Council? Freedom to Care (which supports conscientious employees who have been bullied for speaking up) is interested in hearing from Wrexham Borough Council employees, past and present, in any job, who have a story to tell. Contact in confidence: or Chris on 01978 750583 and see

Female and aged 20-50? I'm Hannah Davies and I'm a freelance journalist currently writing a feature on bullying in the workplace for one of the women's magazines. I need to find a woman aged between 20 and 50 in the UK who has suffered at the hands of bullies who would be happy to talk to the magazine about their experiences and be photographed. Their story needs to be very strong. If you can help please call me on 07966 549321 or 020 8488 0971 or email

Are you a teenager being bullied? I'm Sharon Ward and I'm a writer working for BEST magazine. I am looking for a teenager to talk to me about what it's like to be a bullying victim. We can pay them for their story but we would need pictures. My phone number is 01905 759795 or e-mail

Burnt out, stressed, unable to cope? Do you sometimes feel that your life and your job is spinning out of control? If so we would like to hear from you. Has stress affected your life and if so how? The BBC are working on a new BBC 1 series examining who are the most stressed-out people in the country, what causes stress and what it feels like. If you're in the UK and you have a story to tell, either about yourself, family, friends or colleagues then tell us your experiences. You can email us at or better still, talk to your home video and send the tape to us at: Stress, C/O Room G509, BBC White City, London W12 7TS.

Anger: I'm Jo Barr and I'm making a documentary about the growing problem of anger in today¹s society, and to this end am looking for people with anger management issues to take part. You could be from any kind of background, of any age (as long as you are over 18 years) and we will be looking at all sorts of anger issues. If you feel that you would benefit from a two day intensive anger management course with the British Association of Anger Management I would like to hear from you.  We would cover all fees, accommodation and food for the duration of the course. In return, we would have your permission to be filmed before, during and also for a period after the course, as you put your newly acquired anger management skills into practice. The whole filming process should take no more than four weeks on and off. We would also arm you with a home video camera so you can record your own video diaries over this period. Please email me on  if you think you¹d like to take part or would like to know more.

Award-winning TV documentary company is currently undertaking research into social work: we are seeking ex social workers with recent frontline child protection assessment experience who would be interested in working on the documentary with us. If you are interested please contact Carl Callam on 020 7286 0333 or email

More media requests at media/media.htm



Targets reunited
If you want to get in touch with witnesses, fellow targets, perhaps for a legal case, I've created a new page at resources/wltm.htm

Are you thinking about setting up a workplace bullying support group? Join the Support Group Network for help, advice and support. You will find the SGN is made up of others who plan to or are thinking about setting up a group and also organisers of established support groups. Please visit for more details. Do you already run a support group? Would you like to join to keep in contact with other groups, swap advice with their organisers and be proactive in helping to build up the number of new groups? If so, please contact us at or via the forum address above.

Powys, mid-Wales
We're building up a party of interested people to start a new support group covering Builth Wells, Brecon, Llandrindod Wells - all in Powys, mid-Wales. Contact Vicky via email at

The London Support Group
The LSG is a group for people who have suffered from workplace bullying and meet at various locations in and around London on a monthly basis. We are a friendly group of like-minded people who meet in a safe environment and discuss the many aspects of bullying including workplace, legal, health and recovery issues. We also see socialising as an integral part of the support/recovery process. Membership of the support group is open to targets of bullying only and we also offer a secure internet forum for keeping in touch between meetings. For further information, please visit the LSG forum home page where there are directions on how to apply for membership.

Attorney General's Department, New South Wales, Australia, support group web site

UK Self-Help Directory

Support groups in the UK



It's weak bullying bosses who drive staff away
Companies spend billions replacing good staff but rarely take action against those who cause staff to leave:

What drives organizations to behave badly?

The key qualities of excellent leaders

How an employer should manage depression in an employee

How to spot an abuser on your first date

Irish Report on the Commission of Nursing
Levels of bullying highlighted:

Dealing with discrimination at work

Happy images 'make depressed sad'

We crave favourite foods when stressed

Anxiety and depression may be two sides of the same coin

How a good night's sleep improves memory

Is cheating getting worse?
Or does it just seem that way?

Education can make things worse

Rank, not money, brings job satisfaction


Conferences, meetings, seminars and training

Bullying: injury, re-empowerment and recovery
Thursday 4 December 2003, Saltash, Plymouth, Cornwall. A thought-provoking and stimulating workshop for front-line managers and others in health, education and social services addressing bullying in the workplace and the legacy of childhood bullying, led by Tim Field:

Tim Field shares his insight
Understanding and tackling bullying at work: successunlimited/seminars/s1b.htm
Recovery and re-empowerment after bullying and abusive life events: successunlimited/seminars/s1b.htm

Bullying conference in Australia

National Coalition Against Bullying (NCAB) conference on school bullying
The best years of our lives ... or are they? Melbourne, Australia, November 2003:

Conflict in the Classroom – a positive approach for change
A training session by children's charity Childline for teachers, helping them to find ways to tackle bullying in their schools:



Dignity at Work: Eliminate Bullying and Create a Positive Working Environment
by Pauline Rennie Peyton, see



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Shortism reaches new heights

Beanz meanz ... you may miss your flight


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Bullycide: death at playtime, an expose of child suicide caused by bullying by Neil Marr and Tim Field Bullycide: death at playtime, an exposé of child suicide cause by bullying
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