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November 2004

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PTSD 2005 edition published
The 2005 edition of David Kinchin's popular book Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: the invisible injury has just been published ... details at successunlimited/books/ptsdmain.htm

Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullies cost Australian taxpayers $1m
And that's just six cases:

Profiling the stalker and victim

Bullying forced midwife to retire with PTSD
Personnel director couldn't see there was a problem:

European trade unions sign agreement on stress

UK workers too stressed out to relax

Resolving disputes - a new approach in the UK workplace
New grievance procedures rules came into effect on 1 October 2004:

Employers fail to deal with bullying
Add your comments and experience at

Russian army bullying 'horrific'

School bullying

Pupil hangs himself
An inquest has heard how Jamie Sell, a pupil at Cantonian High School in Fairwater, Cardiff, hanged himself a few days before his 18th birthday after being taunted by bullies. "The school takes any issue of bullying very seriously and has an anti-bullying policy in place" commented head teacher Lois Spargo:

Bullying theory after 'suicide'
14-year-old Amy Tipton takes overdoes of antidepressants:

Pupils shown bullycide victim photos
Indirect acknowledgement that bullycide is tantamount to manslaughter, but no mention of accountability for bullies, or for head teachers, governing bodies or local education authorities failing in their duty of care:

Judge criticises London Borough of Sutton
Huge amounts of council taxpayers' money wasted in frivolous legal action against parents, with lessons for other local education authorities including Oxfordshire:

Chancellor High School (Fredericksburg, VA) sues former bullies
Joseph Golden takes legal action against three school bullies:

Third of children know someone who is bullied
But most are too frightened to tell an adult:

42% rise in calls about bullying

Small charities denied funds
Cut in Bullying Online's funding raises fears for small charities:

Concerns raised over Anti-Bullying Alliance £570,000 funding
and and

Cyber bullying leaves its scars
Psychological effects of cyber and mobile-phone bullying more severe than face-to-face abuse:,4057,11114029%5E421,00.html

Parents fear depression in young
One in eight young people suffer depression; bullying and exams top list of concerns:

Effects of bullying worse for teens - see also schoolbully/myths.htm

Missouri scout pack discriminates against learning disabled boy

Creating communities of respect across Connecticut

Help Stop School Bullying

Media requests

TEEN COURT: Are you a bully / part of a gang of bullies? Are you aged 14-17? We're making a series for Channel 4, about teenagers, for teenagers, with teenagers running the show! 'Teen Court' brings the successful youth court system from the USA to the UK. We are looking for teenagers who have been in trouble for bullying to come forward and talk honestly about their experiences, the reasons why they bully and why they want to change. Call Rebecca on 020 7490 8996 at Caledonia, Sterne & Wyld. Or email me at All information will be treated as confidential. Thank you.

YOU BE THE JUDGE is a new TV series looking for people to take part. Are you involved in a civil dispute that you want sorted out once and for all? Perhaps you canít decide who gets the dog following a divorce, your neighbours are driving you up the wall, or someone owes you money. It could be anything! Well forget expensive lawyers and stuffy courtrooms Ė a brand new TV show wants to guide you through the maze of legal and civil technicalities so your own personal barrister can appeal to the most objective jury in the landÖthe Great British Public. The winner will receive compensation... whereas the loser has to stick to the Juryís verdict. If you would like to know more about the programme please contact Fiona on 020 74217805 or email

BBC Radio 1 Anti-Bullying Campaign: I'm Laura Hollis and we're running an Anti-Bullying campaign on BBC Radio 1 this November. I'm looking for a young person in the UK aged 15-30 to interview about their experiences of workplace bullying. This would in turn be made into short on-air trailers across the week of 22/11/04. To take part, contact me on tel 0207 765 2981 or email

Men bullied at work: I'm Sarah Hecks and I work for Menís Health magazine. Iím researching a piece on bullying in the workplace. I'm trying to get hold of men who are willing to talk about their experiences of bullying at work (either being bullied or participating in the bullying). Everything will be treated in a confidential manner. Contact Sarah Heck, tel 020 7339 4438, email

The impact of bullying on later life: I'm Alexander Hill and I'm a producer for the BBC have been asked to put together a programme for a new series for BBC Three on Bullying. The premise of the programme is to explore the dynamics and impact of bullying on later life. The series will feature people aged between 25-35 who were bullied in school. It will tell the story of how their lives have turned out and will feature stories of how some have completely turned their lives around, and those who are still deeply traumatised by their bullying. As it's ten years on what would they like to say to the person who bullied them? We profile the bully in each case and see what makes a bully a bully. I am looking for people in the UK strictly within that age group (25-35) who feel passionately about their experiences and want to tell their story. Whether they are now successful in business or still trying to deal with their trauma every story is important. Do they have burning question they'd want to ask the person who made their lives miserable, maybe Why? People can contact me on

Stop Bullying: Iím Georgina Seldon and Iím currently researching for a documentary about bullying. I am studying BA Television Production at Bournemouth University. Iím interested in getting in contact with people who are willing to share their experiences of bullying whether it be school bullying, bullying within the workplace or perhaps friends and family of a victim of bullying. The objective of the piece is to make a powerful statement against bullying and to raise awareness of the issue with the aim to help others in similar situations. Filming is due to take place on the 30/31st October and I need your help. If you would like to take part or feel you could help with research please contact Georgina Seldon in confidence either by telephone: 07890 478803 or email:

Life's everyday problems: do you want the chance to improve your life in an afternoon!? Do you want some friendly, no-nonsense advice about something that's really bugging you? Have you got a score to settle with a partner/friend/colleague/relative? Or do you want to try and sort something out in your life once and for all? Let Ann Widdecombe into your living room for an afternoon and tell her about your troubles. A new BBC2 TV series dealing with life's everyday problems wants to hear from you now. Email or call Emily on 020 8225 7096 telling us what you want sorting out and why. Please leave a contact number.

More media requests at media/media.htm

Conferences, meetings etc

Papers from the Brisbane conference

(School) Bullying - we're all in it together
Wednesday 3rd November, 2004, The Business Learning and Conference Centre, Halbeath, Dunfermline, Scotland:

Surveys etc

My name is Keina and I am a Provisionally Chartered Psychologist currently completing my Ph.D. at the University of Alberta in Canada. Personal experience and observation during my time in graduate school has generated an interest in the frequency of bullying within the helping professions. I am particularly interested in incidents where students, clients, interns, and/or colleagues have been bullied/threatened by professionals in the fields of Psychology, Social Work, or Psychiatry. I am also interested in whether any action was taken by the target of this abuse and the results of this action. For example: Were the incidents reported to a Professional Organization or other governing body and if so, what was the result of this. Although I would like to use the geographic location of these incidents (with respect to country) no other identifying information will be used. If you have been the target of this type of abuse or you have observed others being bullied by a helping professional, I would appreciate your input. I can be contacted I can be contacted at Thank you.

More at workbully/surveys.htm

Web sites of interest

The autumn programme at Alternatives in London is well under way.

Books and articles etc

The Stormy Search for Self: understanding and living with spiritual emergency
Christina Grof and Stanislav Grof, Thorsons, 1995, ISBN 185538504X

Soulmates: understanding the true gifts of intense encounters
Sue Minns, Hodder Mobius, 2004

Hello Laziness
In her book Bonjour Paresse Corinne Maier describes how to survive in French corporate culture without doing any work:

Radio programs

22 November 2004: Documentary on Bullying, 10:30pm, BBC Radio 1 (97-99FM).

24 November 2004: Documentary on Bullying, 17:30pm on 1Xtra (digital radio and

Dealing with computer viruses and spam

Are you bombarded with computer viruses and spam?
There's guidance for new (and old) users of the Internet regarding viruses, spam and scam: action/newuser.htm

Stockists of books published by Success Unlimited

What readers say about Bully in sight

"It's so accurate to my experience I could have written it myself!"

More reader feedback at successunlimited/books/tstmbis.htm

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