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October 2002

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In this issue

Workplace bullying

Welsh teacher wins compensation for six years of bullying
Activities in European Stress Week
NHS staffing woes continue
Are you a stressed hamster?
MoD on the defensive over Deepcut suicides
Gulf War Syndrome "not in the mind"
New York PTSD cases disturbing
Tim Field speaking in London

School bullying

Scottish bullycide
New Jersey takes on the bullies
Miss America takes on the bullies
Verbal abuse as bad as hitting
What kids are really stressed about

Support groups

Media and research requests

Books and resources

Links, web sites and reminders

Humour corner



Latest survey shows 1 in 4 people bullied at work

Welsh teacher wins compensation for six years of bullying

European Health and Safety
Stress at work:

Tackle the hassle! British trade union events in European week
What unions are contributing:

Tuesday 15th October has been declared Ban Bullying Day in the UK
by Amicus, The Work Foundation, The Andrea Adams Trust and IRS Eclipse Publications:

How Effectively are British Employers Tackling Work Related Stress?
See the latest Amicus survey report on safety rep's view of their employers' efforts to tackle workplace stress:

UNISON's National Inspection Day
During October 2002 countries within the European Union will be participating in the European Week for Health and Safety from 14-20 October. The focus this year is 'Psychosocial risks with special emphasis on stress'. Psychosocial risks include bullying, violence and stress:

Events Planned during European Health and Safety Week

Dignity at Work Seminar, Birmingham, England, Saturday 19th October 2002
Tackling Stress and Bullying in the Workplace, the Dignity at Work Bill, Discrimination and Equality; jointly run by the West Midlands Hazards Trust and DAWN: and click "Latest News" or email for more information.

The Worksafe Stress Pack
... contains a policy document, guidelines and risk assessment materials which provide examples of what may be included in an organisations stress policy, and of good practice for the management of stress at work

Give your Workplace a Stress MOT
Download questionnaires on stress (yes, bullying is included), circulate them in your workplace, encourage people to complete them and then return them to the TUC:

Employers and sickness absence in the UK

All work and no play takes health toll on employees

Survey confirms bullying of junior doctors
University of London researchers found consultants sexist, unfair and unreasonable when dealing with trainee doctors:

Midwives shortage critical
...according to the Royal College of Midwives:

Why do midwives leave?
A letter to the British Medical Journal (BMJ):

GP shortage critical
Long hours, pressures of work, government-imposed targets and compulsory allocations mean many GPs are planning early retirement, according to the medical newspaper Pulse: whilst survey shows hospital doctors more satisfied than General Practice doctors:,2,3,4,10

Paramedics under threat in culture of blame
Ambulance staff in South Wales are threatening to resign because of excessive supervision by (untrained) managers:

Hull City Council given final warning deal with "rash" spending, poor management and bullying councillors:
but council leader counter attacks with threat of legal action:

Hamster bullies
Study shows social stress can change your mind:

Lawyers Blamed for Bitter Union Drive in US Slaughterhouse

Soviet soldiers flee from bullying and abuse

Deepcut barracks regime defended
Garrison Commander Brigadier Clive Elderton described as "deeply ofensive" the implication that he "presided over a death camp where bullying and sexual harrassment is commonplace". Four soldiers, Privates Sean Benton, Cheryl James, Geoff Gray, and James Collinson all died in unusual circumstances which the police are investigating: and

Gulf War syndrome 'not in the mind'

September 11 shedding light on stress
The numbers of presumed cases in New York of PTSD are significant and disturbing:

PTSD Public Service Announcement Website is now online

The Eye Movement and Desensitization web site is at

Italian Conference on Mobbing (Bullying)
Conferenza Europea sul Mobbing, Venice, 8-10 October 2002:

Tim Field speaking in London
Wednesday 6 November, 1.30 - 4.30 pm: Bullying at work - a faith perspective. Venue: Garry Weston Library, Southwark Cathedral. The training seminar will look at the reasons how and why people find themselves targeted and the strategies people can adopt to protect themselves against bullies wherever they occur: workbully/conf.htm


Scottish bullycide
12-year-old Emma Morrison was found hanging in the bedroom of her Edinburgh home after being subjected to a campaign of verbal and physical abuse by school bullies at Broughton High School, Edinburgh: and and
The Scottish Record is running an anti-bullying campaign during September:

New Jersey takes action against school bullies
Governor signs bill to crack down on harassment and intimidation of fellow students at school, during school-sponsored activities, or on the school bus: and the Bill itself: (type S149 in the box "Search by Bill Number")

Miss America 2003 prepares to kick butt
"If Miss America can be bullied then it can happen to anyone":

Verbal abuse as bad as hitting

How child abuse and neglect damage the brain

Transition from primary to secondary can be daunting

Head lice can trigger bullying

What kids are really stressed about

The real crime statistics and

A meta-evaluation of methods and approaches... reducing bullying in pre-schools and early primary school in Australia, by Ken Rigby:



New address for Andrea Adams Trust
The Andrea Adams Trust, Hova House, 1 Hove Place, Hove, East Sussex BN3 3DH
Their web site at and email address remain the same.

Dignity At Work Now (DAWN) web site launches

Adult Bullying Clampdown
Support group in Northern Ireland: workbully/ireland.htm#ABC



Mondays, BBC2, 10pm
The Office, award-winning drama which many will find uncomfortably close to the truth.

For Queen and Country, BBC Radio 5, Sunday 20 October at 12noon
A Radio Five Live Report into the suicides (and underlying bullying and harassment) at Deepcut Army Training Barracks in Surrey.

The Trisha Show
I'm Johnny and I work as a researcher on the Trisha Show on ITV1. Next week (7-11 October) we're featuring bullying. Whether you're young or old, if you've been bullied (and you're in the UK) and want to talk about it on the show, phone me on 01603 752327 or email me at

Revenge is sweet
I'm Hollie Smith and I'm writing a piece for WOMAN on the general theme of revenge. I thought it would be interesting to find someone who sought revenge on a bullying colleague or boss - not necessarily in a dramatic way (though that would be good!), perhaps they simply handed in their notice and went to work for a rival company. If this is you contact Hollie Smith at

Bullied or harassed by old classmates? I'm David Clews and I'm a producer for Betty TV, an independent television production company in London, and we're making a documentary about Friends Reunited. As part of the programme I'd like to try and talk to anyone in the UK who has logged on to the website and been bullied or harassed by old classmates. Has this ever happened to you? If anyone is interested in having a chat they can email me on or call me on 020 7357 8577.

Chatterbox: my name's Alex Parnell and I produce a programme for Portsmouth and Southampton TV called Chatterbox. Portsmouth TV is a UK terrestrial station that broadcasts to the immediate area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We'll soon be joined at the end of October by our sister station, Southampton TV. Chatterbox, which is a pre-recorded half-hour programme, is broadcast during the day and it's primarily a women's interest programme. We usually have three guests on the sofa with our presenter, Becky James or Kathy Cole. I would very much like to do one of my programmes on various aspects of bullying. I would really like a mum and child/teenager who's been or is being bullied at school to come in and talk about the effects it has had on them. I would also like an adult who's been bullied either at school or in the workplace. If anyone living in the Portsmouth or Southampton area is interested in joining us for this coffee-morning style discussion, please email me at Alternatively, call me on 02392 659 100.

Cyber bullying and flame mails: I'm Lucy Gooding and I'm a freelance journalist researching a feature on women who have been affected by cyber bullying, ie via e-mail, chat room or fake postings on web sites, whether it be at work or at home. I am trying to find women (preferably in the UK) willing to talk about their experiences as I am want to convey the scale and seriousness of the problem and the impact that such bullying can have on ordinary women's daily lives. I am contactable at

Bullying of students at university: I'm Kate Crockett and I'm researching an article to pitch to one of the national's education sections. I would like to speak to any UK university students who have been bullied or who are being bullied about their experiences and about how they've coped. It's an interesting area which I think hasn't really been looked at. *Article appeared 12 October 2002 in the Rise section of The Guardian*

Long-term effects of bullying: I'm Vicki and currently doing my dissertation at Manchester University for a BSc (Hons) Psychology. I am currently exploring whether childhood bullying has an impact on wellbeing in later life. I am looking for volunteers who were bullied as a child or are currently experiencing this as an adult. If you feel that you would be able to  speak to me or even fill out an anonymous questionnaire please email me at I assure you that confidentiality will be protected.



Beating bullies in New Zealand
Introducing the concept of bully-free workplaces in New Zealand:

Abuse by professional people
Advocateweb at focuses on sexual misconduct, exploitation, and abuse of clients by professionals in positions of power, authority, or trust. The article at is about abuse in martial arts.

Campaign Against Age Discrimination in Employment (CAADE)
Free senior surfers enewsletter available:

Sexual harassment case decisions in the UK

Reigning in rogue management

Managing Anger and Aggression in Patients With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

What is anger?

US Department of Justice fact sheet on Restorative Justice

University of Minnesota Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking

Borderline Personality Disorder
BPD Central is a list of resources for people who care about someone with borderline personality disorder (BPD):

Psychopath discussion forum



Managing Britannia
... by Robert Protherough and John Pick deals with the destructive feature of managerialism, the culture and management in modern Britain. March 2002, The Brynmill Press Ltd:

Unshrink The People
... establishes the clear link between happy employees, satisfied customers, profitable companies, growing economies and healthy societies:

De onde og de dumme
This new book in Danish (translation: The Evil and the Stupid) by Anne-Grete Jelstrup and Hans-Otto Loldrup deals with destructive management from experiences of the interviewed persons: with English summary at

New book on school bullying
The Bully, The Bullied and the Bystander, Barbara Coloroso, HarperCollins:


HUMOUR CORNER ... or should that be revenge?

(Warning - not for people of a nervous disposition)

My boss is a tosser

The happiest days of your life

A reminder of my Bad Boss jokes page


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