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October 2003

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Amicus sponsors second National Anti-Bullying Day
An opportunity for everyone to support anti-bullying activities and raise awareness nationally:

Unions can grow by tapping the need for representation
TUC general Secretary Brendan Barber says, "Unions must be highly proficient all-rounders. We are most successful in delivering what workers want when we can pursue a broad bargaining agenda, work effectively with employers to improve the workplace and defend people against unfair treatment when this is necessary":

Union Effectiveness Survey
Since I founded the UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line in 1996, the most common complaint is the refusal by a person's union to support them. Prompted by the NUT libel action I've decided to conduct a survey to establish the best and worst unions when it comes to representing members in cases of bullying and stress: thefieldfoundation/surveys/union.htm

Kiwis get workplace bullying helpline
Andrea Needham, author of Workplace Bullying - a costly business secret (, launches helpline for bullied workers:

Bullying helpline running red hot
Andrea Needham's workplace bullying helpline is getting a lot of calls:

Bendigo (Victoria, Australia) seminar highlights workplace bullying

Bendigo audience hears how workplace bullies leave three dead

Queensland, Australia, draft advisory standard for the prevention of workplace harassment
Comments invited by 31 October 2003:

School head teacher flies to Australia to recruit staff
So desperate are schools in the UK to recruit staff that it's cheaper to fly them in from Australia:

Job stress driving Irish workers to quit

TUC chief accuses Blunkett of racism
Bill Morris, general secretary of the Transport and General Workers' Union, accuses David Blunkett of 'attack, attack, attack':

UK employers breach long hours rules
Trade unions warn workers are having to work excessive hours:

UK journalists work the longest hours for the lowest pay
...and have the fewest rights and the shortest holidays in Europe:

TUC declares war on long hours culture

Work life balance not working for half the population

Teachers 'more stressed by work-life balance campaign'

Global draft code released on stress

Bullies across America find new playground: the workplace
From the Des Moines Register (Iowa):

Gay postal worker sues United States Postal Service after years of harassment, death threats

Stress is becoming the big killer and

If stress is good for you, why is stress the Number One cause of sickness absence?
These two items are mutually exclusive: and

BBC newsreader claims unfair dismissal after bullying
Laurie Mayer tells tribunal his letter to Greg Dyke fell on deaf ears: and,7521,1042921,00.html. The employment tribunal reserves judgment:

Tax credit staff receive death threats from frustrated taxpayers
Civil service union PCS reports lack of resources including long hours and poor working conditions:

UK council tax rises could lead to civil disobedience and riots
A bullying environment is inefficient and costly; county council employees (education, social services, local government) have consistently been my largest groups of callers and enquirers: and

Legal victory for Harrow home workers put NHS on the spot

1 in 5 nursing posts unfilled
Cracks in NHS recruitment papered over by dependency on overseas staff:

Refuge boss racially abusive

Woman scientist claims victimisation

Tribunal hears of caring millionaire boss

12,000 care home complaints received in a year
Abuse of the elderly a major problem:

Parents' anger at Deepcut inquiry
Families consider going to Police Complaints Authority:

Prison ignored bullies
Inexperienced staff, low staffing levels and a high turnover at the privately-run Dovegate Prison, Staffordshire:

Remand prisoners alarming suicide rate
A Prison Reform Trust report reveals prisoners who are awaiting trial commit suicide at a rate of one every 10 days:

Prison chief accused of bullying

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston settles sex abuse cases
$85m offered to more than 500 people sexually abused by priests:

Omagh doctors suffering traumatic flashbacks



15-year-old girl commits suicide
Marianne Shanks, a 4th year pupil at Dundee High School, hanged herself at her home near Inchture, Perthshire, on Sunday 7 September 2003. An investigation is under way which will consider claims that she was bullied at her private school:

Marianne Shanks now free of 'darkness, struggle and pain'

Mother of Emma Morrison marks first anniversary of Emma's bullycide
Scottish Daily Record's Save Our Kids campaign and readers raise £113,000 to build suicide crisis centres for youngsters:

Bullied pupil considered suicide
Simon Terry reports his library books being stuffed into urinals and his packed lunch being flushed down the toilet:

Teenager tries to commit suicide to escape bullying
Leighann Turner, 14, took an overdose of painkillers after two years of bullying at Holyrood High, Edinburgh, Scotland:

Bullied son 'looked like something from Rocky'
15-year-old Ashley Mealey was in Torbay Hospital for two days after being attacked in the playground at Westlands School:

Parents could face jail for protecting their child against bullying
Or perhaps head teachers, chairs of governors and LEA chiefs should face jail for their breach of duty of care?

UK Government proposes on the spot £100 fines for parents whose children truant
Bullying is one of the most common reasons given for truanting, so perhaps more effective would be on-the-spot £1 million pound fines for head teachers, school governors and education authority chiefs when a child in their care commits suicide because of bullying which they knew about but failed to deal with?

Tell someone - and it'll get worse
The UK government is running a multi-million pound TV advertising campaign against bullying at school by advising targets of abuse to "tell someone". However, as all targets of bullying, abuse and violence know, the moment you tell someone is the moment things get worse. Much worse. Just how much worse is described in this article:,3605,1038852,00.html

Victim victimised, no mention of accountability for bullies
Arnewood School in New Milton, Hampshire, England, claims "We haven't got a bullying problem here":

The hell of bullying
One target of daily abuse reveals what it's like:

The trouble with bullies
14-year-old Craig reveals the daily horror of bullying:,5936,7252528%255E5422,00.html

Target of bullying put in same school as tormentor
Calls for school admissions system to be changed:

Bullying probe ends for lack of evidence
Police will not take action against four Paignton Community College students following an incident which left 14-year-old Liam Kirk with a broken arm after an anti-bullying drama lesson:

Bullying can be prevented
Bullying is a ticking time bomb in our schools and our society, says Seattle police chief:

Sikeston (Missouri) School District say they’re taking a proactive approach to bullying

Some students at I.S. 52 claim they have been targeted by bullies
Tales of bullying in The Bronx: (part 1) and (part 2)

Long Island high school rocked by lurid football hazing scandal

Death of Josh Belluardo continues to have ramifications

Breaking the cycle of bullying

California school sued for second time over homophobic bullying

Reading. Writing. Hate. What are students really learning in school?
Gay students in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, buy a billboard to fight bullying:

School shooting puts focus on bullying and counselors' burdens

Mother faces trial in 12-year-old son’s suicide
No mention of accountability for bullies or the failure of the responsible adults to deal with bullies: and

Scruggs defense seeks mistrial as jury deliberations go on,0,888672.story?coll=hc-headlines-local-wire

Mother calls for hui on school 'bullying'
Concerns raised about bullying at Te Aute, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, boarding school:,2106,2664713a7694,00.html

Terrorism in the Schoolyard: The Dynamics of School Violence
An article by Edmund Plummer looking at the dynamics of childhood culture relate to school violence:

Will it make a difference?
Have your say at

After school attack, he's given a guard
10-year-old Daquan Wilson suffers PTSD after bullying:

Call for action on text bullying
'Give schools access to phone records':

Cyber bullying on the rise

Children will be able to block abusive text messages

Police sorry about bullied boy's wait

Teacher still angry after attack by 14-year-old pupil
Bullies recognise that the system protects them quite well:

School management not doing enough to combat violence
...says the NASUWT whose research reveals that there is an act of abuse aimed at a teacher every seven minutes:

Bullying fear over school closure
Parents express concerns over likelihood of bullying:

UK children may get new champion
Plans for a children's commissioner are announced in the green paper on child protection:

Bullied North Wales man to appear on Oprah Winfrey show

Canada's Bullying Awareness Network an initiative of Child & Youth Friendly Ottawa, that aims to keep citizens who are concerned with bullying updated on news and information:



I'm Jo Barr and I'm making a documentary about the growing problem of anger in today¹s society, and to this end am looking for people with anger management issues to take part. You could be from any kind of background, of any age (as long as you are over 18 years) and we will be looking at all sorts of anger issues. If you feel that you would benefit from a two day intensive anger management course with the British Association of Anger Management I would like to hear from you. We would cover all fees, accommodation and food for the duration of the course. In return, we would have your permission to be filmed before, during and also for a period after the course, as you put your newly acquired anger management skills into practice. The whole filming process should take no more than four weeks on and off. We would also arm you with a home video camera so you can record your own video diaries over this period. Please email me on if you think you¹d like to take part or would like to know more.

Award-winning TV documentary company is currently undertaking research into social work
We are seeking ex social workers with recent frontline child protection assessment experience who would be interested in working on the documentary with us. If you are interested please contact Carl Callam on 020 7286 0333 or email

Are you a teenager being bullied?
I'm Sharon Ward and I'm a writer working for BEST magazine. I am looking for a teenager to talk to me about what it's like to be a bullying victim. We can pay them for their story but we would need pictures. My phone number is 01905 759795 or e-mail

Children's Express Newcastle
I'm Phillip Clark, a 15 year old, working with a team at Children's Express Newcastle to produce a story on bullying and all the aspects involved with that. Children's Express is a programme of learning through journalism for young people aged 8-18. We have strong links with local newspapers and the majority of our work is published in the media. For more information on Children's Express, please check out the website on We are looking to interview a wide range of people; we are particularly interested in interviewing a young person who has experienced bullying and is willing to talk about it (you can remain anonymous if wished). We are also looking to interview a parent whose child has, or is, being bullied. Interviews will take place by telephone, if you would like to take part and are living in the UK please e-mail me at

Radio diary
I'm Heather Goddard and I'm a news researcher for BBC Radio Norfolk. I'm interested in finding a child who is being bullied at school with the aim of recording their thoughts and views in a radio diary format. I am specifically looking for a child from the Norfolk area. They can remain anonymous if need be. I feel very strongly about this having been bullied at school myself and am positive that such a diary will raise awareness of bullying amongst our listeners, many of whom who have children. Contact Heather Goddard, tel 01603 284797, email

More media requests at media/media.htm



Establishing Anti-Bullying in the Workplace Support Groups
A seminar is being organised by DAWN - see item below.

Are you thinking about setting up a workplace bullying support group? Join the Support Group Network for help, advice and support. You will find the SGN is made up of others who plan to or are thinking about setting up a group and also organisers of established support groups. Please visit for more details. Do you already run a support group? Would you like to join to keep in contact with other groups, swap advice with their organisers and be proactive in helping to build up the number of new groups? If so, please contact us at or via the forum address above.

Targets reunited
If you want to get in touch with witnesses, fellow targets, etc, I've created a new page at resources/wltm.htm

Powys, mid-Wales
We're building up a party of interested people to start a new support group covering Builth Wells, Brecon, Llandrindod Wells - all in Powys, mid-Wales. Contact Vicky via email at

The London Support Group
The LSG is a group for people who have suffered from workplace bullying and meet at various locations in and around London on a monthly basis. We are a friendly group of like-minded people who meet in a safe environment and discuss the many aspects of bullying including workplace, legal, health and recovery issues. We also see socialising as an integral part of the support/recovery process. Membership of the support group is open to targets of bullying only and we also offer a secure internet forum for keeping in touch between meetings. For further information, please visit the LSG forum home page where there are directions on how to apply for membership.

Attorney General's Department, New South Wales, Australia, support group web site

Have you been bullied out of the Armed Services so the government can save on pension costs?



Keep up to date with the UK government debate on workplace bullying
Type "workplace bullying" into the search facility (you may need to use the advanced search):

Receive daily news alerts from Google on bullying (or anything)

Warwick University research
...shows repeated verbal abuse more harmful than physical assault:

Psychological Abuse At The Workplace
Biderman’s stages of coercion:

Being bossed around is bad for your health
A campaign by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU):

The Infinite Mind: Bullying
Dr Fred Goodwin discuses school bullying:

Falsely Accused Carers and Teachers (FACT)

Sibling Abuse Forums

Bullying managers cause a haemorrhage of staff

The international emergence of legal protections for whistleblowers

New fact sheets on PTSD
...from the National Center for PTSD:

UK workers need guidance on their rights

The complete guide to resigning

Template resignation letters

Workplace bullying and the risk of cardiovascular disease and depression

The links between sleep disturbance and depression

Stress could be a cause of breast cancer
Stress doubles the risk of breast cancer:

Stress link to multiple sclerosis

Must I take this antidepressant for ever?

Resentfulness is common in primates, allegedly
Injustice makes monkeys go ape-s**t:

Online service for bullying victims promotes broadband

Tackling bullying: New approaches battle age-old problem


Conferences, meetings, seminars and training

Establishing Anti-Bullying in the Workplace Support Groups
Establishing Anti-Bullying in the Workplace Support Groups is a seminar being organised by DAWN in Birmingham, England, on Saturday 18th October 2003, 10.15am to 4pm. Cost £10. Updated details available at The event aims to enable those who have set up support groups to share their experiences with those who are in the planning stages of their own support group in their own area. The event has the endorsement of The Andrea Adams Trust and The Field Foundation. For further information, to register your interest and request an application form, email DAWN chairperson Keith Munday at, or ring mobile 07748540332, or write to DAWN, PO Box 11435, Birmingham, B32 2WD. An application form can also be downloaded at

Real Solutions, Real People, Tackling Work-related Stress:
30 October 2003: an HSE conference on stress at The Millennium Conference Centre, Millennium Gloucester Hotel, Harrington Gardens, Kensington, London SW7 4LH. Entry free.

Tim Field shares his insight
Understanding and tackling bullying at work: successunlimited/seminars/s1b.htm
Recovery and re-empowerment after bullying and abusive life events: successunlimited/seminars/s1b.htm

Bullying conference in Australia

Moving Beyond Bullies and Victims
A bilingual conference on bullying across the lifespan; October 1-4th, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada:

National Coalition Against Bullying (NCAB) conference on school bullying
The best years of our lives ... or are they? Melbourne, Australia, November 2003:

Stress and Bullying in the Workplace
A conference organised by Nuexcom at the Albert Halls in Bolton, Lancashire, England on 24 and 25 November 2003. Workplace bullying has been estimated to affect up to 50% of the United Kingdom’s workforce at some time in their working lives, with annual prevalences of up to 38%, and is becoming increasingly identified as a major occupational stressor. Bullying, harassment and abuse cause injury to health and have no place either inside or outside of our working environment and, until now, the issue has been largely ignored or denied by both governments and businesses. Speakers include HSE, RCN, TUC, The Work Foundation, NASUWT, The Field Foundation, TintaVision, NHS confederation, Lawyers, Authors and Councillors. The conference brings together health service management / practitioners, education management / practitioners and commercial management personnel focusing on five core themes:
* Ethical and Cultural Accountability
* Cognitive-behavioural skills
* Implementing policy
* Identifying the key points of stress and bullying
* Employment Law, the DDA and you
For details email



School Mobbing and Emotional Abuse: See It - Stop It - Prevent It
by Gail Pursell Elliott:

Workplace Bullying - a costly business secret
New Zealand's first book on workplace bullying, by Andrea Needham:



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Women getting on top of men worldwide

Hunters and gatherers go shopping
Both sexes display "primeval instincts" in the High Street:


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