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October 2005

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General news

UK Ban Bullying At Work Day Monday 7 November 2005
An opportunity for everyone to get involved: banbullyingatwork/index.htm

Bullycide memorial page
For several years I've had a memorial page at schoolbully/cases.htm listing children and young people who have been driven to suicide by bullying. Now I've started an equivalent memorial page for adults who have been driven to suicide by bullying: stress/memorial.htm 

Workplace Bullying

Chartered Management Institute reveals bullying of middle management rife
Findings confirm what Bully OnLine and others have been saying for a decade: and and

CBI says employers have lost faith in tribunal system
Claims of a rise in weak and vexatious cases:

Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) survey reveals bullying rife in universities
University HR departments protect institutions and help bullies rather than victims say respondents:

Head teacher accused of bullying and nepotism
Former head of St Clement's High School, Terrington St Clement, Norfolk Richard Wealthall faces charges of unacceptable professional conduct at General Teaching Council (GTC) hearing:

Unfairly sacked hospital consultant wins £1.6 million compensation
South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust ordered to reinstate Dr Feyi Awotona:

Sex harassment law strengthened

UK Department of Trade and Industry criticised over whistleblowing secrecy

Work smarter not longer, instructs UK DTI
"Smarter" is not in the bullies' vocabulary though:

School bullying

Another bullycide
An inquest hears that in April 2005 14-year-old Shaun Noonan from Ellesmere Port, Cheshire hanged himself after a long period of bullying which included being head-butted, thrown into a ditch, having an earring pulled out and a 'happy slapping' incident recorded on mobile phones by youths at Sutton High School:

UK government Anti Bullying Alliance (ABA) policy U-turn
Bullies must now be made to understand the harm they cause:

UK government Anti Bullying Alliance (ABA) receives another taxpayers' £600,000 despite lack of accountability

School uniforms a factor in bullying

Bullies parents of bullies sued
Parents of four students accused of bullying a Pawcatuck Middle School (Stonington, Connecticut) student in 2004 may be held legally liable for the actions of their children:

Connecticut bullying lawsuit settled
Greenwich Public Schools have agreed a settlement with Patrice Anibal over the four years of bullying hell endured by her daughter:

School bullying research

Stress, health and PTSD

Bullying is mentioned in latest occupational health statistics

Northern Ireland soldiers 'face combat stress'
Nightmares, flashbacks, terrible sleep problems, and problems with relationships common:

Brains of pathological liars differ from normal people

Media requests

Egomaniacs at work: My name is Monika and I work for Firecracker Films in London. We are making a one-hour prime-time documentary for Channel 4 in the UK, which looks at egomania or "preoccupation with self". We are looking to contact people who have had to deal with an egomaniac in the workplace. Please contact me if you would be willing to share your story on camera or for research purposes only. Please phone 020 7637 9310 or e-mail me at Many thanks!

Media requests are at media/media.htm

Conferences, meetings etc

Tuesday 4 October 2005: Workplace Bullying: Tackling the Menace: Costs, Consequences and Solutions for Businesses, Individuals and Organisations, The Burlington Hotel, Dublin 4. Workplace bullying (including management intimidation and corporate terrorism) costs Irish business billions of euro each year. Conference topics include defining the problem, the psychology of bullying, medical consequences, a case study, legislation and best practice for employers. Speakers include Ms Jacinta M Kitt, Dr Mark Harrold, Dr Paul Heslin, Padraig O'Ceidigh, Senator Mary E Henry and Ms Emer Gilvarry. Details at

Wednesday 12 October 2005: Bullying in the Workplace: an Abuse of Trust; a Denial of Justice, just a few places are now left for the one-day conference on workplace bullying being organised by DAWN (Dignity At Work Now) and supported by the Birmingham Branch, CIPD. Date: Wednesday 12 October 2005. Venue: Carrs Lane Church Centre, in central Birmingham, England. We are pleased to announce that the programme will also include a presentation on the legal implications of bullying in the workplace. Speakers: Professor Charlotte Rayner (University of Portsmouth), Professor Michael West (Aston Business School), David Tong (Senior Researcher, Mercer Human Resource Consulting), Fergal Dowling (Partner in Employment Law, Irwin Mitchell, Solicitors), Kate Brookes, Elsie Gayle, Julie Fagan and Dr Dave Hinton.  Further details, including fees and the availability of concessions, are on the DAWN website (updated since the last notice): , or from Keith Munday at or telephone: 07979732037. 

Saturday 22 - Sunday 23 October 2005: American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) Oregon Chapter presents Issues in Nursing: Violence in the Workplace. Speakers: Dr Gerald Farrell RN PhD, Head Professor, Tasmania School of Nursing, Tasmania, Australia will be sharing his research and his work on horizontal violence in nursing and in health care; Mary Schoessler RN EdD, Portland, Oregon will be sharing her research and her work on a unique intervention to prevent horizontal violence and to decrease staff/career burnout:

Saturday 19 November 2005: Ensuring a Life-Work Balance, UK National Work-Stress Network 6th annual conference, Birmingham, England:

For more meetings and conferences see workbully/conf.htm and workbully/events.htm

Support groups etc

Support groups are listed at resources/groups.htm

Surveys, research requests etc

UK: Andrea Adams Trust National Workplace Bullying Survey
Take part in the Andrea Adams Trust National Workplace Bullying Survey at

Canada: No Bully For Me Survey
Take part in the Canadian No Bully For Me Bullying Survey : visit

See workbully/surveys.htm for more surveys.

Web sites of interest

Awareness training for victims of legal and government abuse
The stress of living in highly regulated societies, with a predatory legal system results in a population which reflects the mental conditions of wounded, exploited, and bullied people:

Mobbing: Sophisticated Bullying in the Workplace
Itís all about power, control and abuse, by Valerie Atkinson Brown:

News of events about bullying and stress in Ireland plus a free monthly newsletter Work Matters concerning effective and fair relationships at work and school.

Achievements of survivors of bullying

What survivors of bullying have gone on to achieve...

Books and articles etc

Workplace Bullying and Harassment
A Toolbox For Managers and Supervisors by Hayden Olsen:

Taming your inner brat
A guide for transforming self-defeating behavior by Pauline Wallin PhD:

Dealing with computer viruses and spam

Are you bombarded with computer viruses and spam?
There's guidance for new (and not so new) users of the Internet regarding viruses, spam and scam: action/newuser.htm

Stockists of books published by Success Unlimited

What readers say about Bully in sight

"I wish I'd bought this book two years ago."

More reader feedback on Bully in sight at successunlimited/books/tstmbis.htm
See reader feedback on Bully in sight at and

See reader feedback on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: the invisible injury at and

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