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September 2001

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New edition of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
The revised and updated edition of David Kinchin's book Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: the invisible injury, 2001 edition is now available. This replaces the previous edition which is now out of print. Details of the 2001 edition are at successunlimited/books/ptsdmain.htm

The main changes are two new chapters, one on Critical Incident Debriefing and one on Recovery from PTSD. There are updates to the text and reference section, and Prolonged Duress Stress Disorder (PDSD) is now referred to as Complex PTSD. This is the type of PTSD that arises from an accumulation of small, individually non-life-threatening incidents such as in bullying, harassment, stalking and abuse; see stress/ptsd.htm for more information.

Knowledge and recognition of PTSD within the medical and mental health professions is still at an early stage, however with the right information and support - which David's book provides - prospects for recovery are good.

You can order the new edition online using the secure web page


(note the "s" on "https" if you type this URL by hand).

July orders
If you ordered a book in the latter half of July and haven't received your copy yet, please submit your order again via the secure web page at successunlimited/books/ccform.htm - this is due to the loss of a computer system in July. Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your forbearance.

PO Box numbers
I've kept my old address (PO Box 77 in Wantage) going for three years but will shortly close it down. Please make sure you have the following address for all correspondence:

Success Unlimited, PO Box 67, DIDCOT, Oxfordshire OX11 9YS, UK

BBC News Online
BBC News Online at is an excellent reference source of news and information about bullying and related issues from around the world. Their search facility allows you to find news items going back three or four years. Currently BBC News Online is running a piece on "How to Survive in the Workplace" at

where you have the opportunity to contribute your views - which some of you have already.

Bullying affects at least 50% of the population
Like abuse, most bullying goes on in secret. Often the target doesn't recognise they're being bullied until their health is severely damaged and it's too late to fight back. The profile of the serial bully at workbully/serial.htm has proved to be uncannily accurate and most people know at least one person like this. Early recognition of this individual and their behaviour is essential, so if you have colleagues, friends, family members or neighbours who you think will benefit from these occasional e-news updates or from knowing about Bully OnLine just let me have their email addresses.

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