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September 2002

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New survey on levels of bullying
One third of workers endure bullying:

Senior vets voice alarm at bullying allegations
Sixteen former presidents of the British Veterinary Association (BVA) have voiced concern about trouble at the top of the organisation after allegations of harassment, staff intimidation, bullying and possible financial mismanagement at its London headquarters:

Bullying and sexual abuse in swimming
British swimming authorities are investigating 20 cases of alleged child abuse by coaches, including two of sexual abuse:

MoD accused of bullying
Army corporals are being bullied out to avoid pension costs:

Another soldier dies in unusual circumstances
Soldier's mother raises concerns of bullying:

UK employment tribunal compensation rises
Compensation payments awarded by UK employment tribunals rose by 10% last year. There was a 98% increase in the number of cases of compensation awarded for sex discrimination. The largest award was £1.4 million whilst the average award increased by nearly 75% to almost £20,000. The average award for disability discrimination increased by 80%:

Targets of bullying discriminated against in law

Firm of solicitors guilty of harassment
Aggravated damages in respect of alleged misconduct in the defence of proceedings:

Bullies face the sack under zero tolerance crackdown on workplace bullying
Research by the Work Foundation (formerly the Industrial Society) concludes that the UK workplace is increasingly becoming a zero tolerance zone for bullies (this is not reflected in calls to the UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line yet!):

Bullying and harassment top the list of UK employee complaints
Bullying and harassment top the list of employee complaints, according to a survey of UK human resource managers by employment research body IRS. 45% of complaints were about harassment and bullying, followed by discipline at 27%. Complaints about new working practices and grading issues comprised 23% and 22% respectively.

Bullying cases involving teachers
Long-serving teacher ousted by head over minor incident:
I receive lots of enquiries from the special needs sector:

Bullying and harassment in nursing
UK government pledges to tackle harassment of nurses by patients: whilst study reveals ongoing recruitment and retention of NHS staff:

ANF Zero Tolerance Policy on violence at work
The Australian Nursing Federation (Victorian Branch) launched its policy in April with the aim of eliminating occupational violence and aggression against nurses in the workplace:

Free workplace bullying workshops in Melbourne, Australia
The Australian Institute of Public Safety will be holding free workshops during Community Safety Month 2002 in October:

Over 5000 vote in OHS bullying poll

UN whistleblower investigator wins case
Nebraska policewoman Kathryn Bolkovac wins unfair dismissal case for exposing sex abuse in Bosnia:

South Carolina Judges Seek to Ban Secret Settlements
Ban proposes end to gagging clauses:

Prison launches bullying hotline

Office rage drives workers to brink of violence

Bullying and wrongdoing go hand-in-hand
Financial misappropriation is so common in bullying cases it can almost be assumed. Recent accounting scandals should ring alarm bells:

As workplace abuse escalates why don't we working people confront it collectively?
Judith L Wyatt has updated her 1988 groundbreaking article, Understanding Work Abuse:

European week on stress

Lincoln Cathedral row continues
Parents and congregation add their voice to the debate:

Haggis now weapon of mass destruction
A Scottish woman at the centre of a possible race attack is attacked by a flying haggis:

Machete attack filmed on CCTV
Revenge attack lands man in court:

Teachers face violence from all sides:

No NHS treatment facilities for Complex PTSD
The UK government is facilitating a new system of patient feedback:

Employment tribunal rejects PTSD as reason for delay
Disabled woman loses claim:

Inquiry into aspects of Australian workers' compensation schemes
Contributor voices fears of improper behaviour: and

1 in 10 New Yorkers Has PTSD
Trauma of September 11 lingers in wide NYC area:

15% of New York children expected to develop PTSD

The campaign goes on
..for justice in the Hillsborough football stadium disaster:

Fat cats go on getting fatter
Bosses' pay sees big rise:

The perils of online dating
Internet stalkers and cyber love rats:

Munchausen Syndrome may also involve pet abuse

Conference papers reprinted
Papers presented at the International Workplace Bullying Conference (Adelaide, February 2002) have been reprinted and include a couple of late items. Details from Sandra Dann, Director, Working Women's Centre SA Inc:

IT workers most likely to forward offensive emails

More on cyber crimes



Support groups

DAWN -- the recently established anti-bullying in the workplace support and campaign group in the West Midlands, England -- will be launching its website on Monday 16th September 2002:
As part of European Health & Safety Week, the West Midlands Hazards Trust and DAWN are jointly organising a 'Dignity at Work' Seminar on Saturday 19th October 2002, 10 am to 2 pm, to be held at T&GWU, Transport House, 211 Broad Street, Birmingham. For more see


Widespread abuse of teachers
Breaking the silence: overcoming the problem of principal mistreatment of teachers, Joseph Blase and Jo Blase, Corwin Press, August 2002: and click the cover or search for the title.

Workplace bullying
From the UK: Fighting Back: overcoming bullies in the work place, David Graves, McGraw Hill:
From the US: The Dragon Complex: strategies for identifying and conquering workplace abuse, Winnifred Taylor PhD, Patrick C Dorin PhD, John Taylor PhD:
From Australia: Bullying in the Workplace - an occupational hazard, Helene Richards and Sheila Freeman, HarperCollins, May 2002:

Toxic Coworkers: How to Deal with Dysfunctional People on the Job
By Alan A. Cavaiola PhD, and Neil J Lavender PhD:

Narcissistic bosses
From the US: Working With the Self-Absorbed, Nina Brown:

Bully in sight sells 7000th copy
Many thanks to all who have invested in a copy and helped support my web site and work: successunlimited/books/bismain.htm


Bullies rapped
A pilot bullying project called RAPP at Sydney Smith School, Anlaby (Hull, UK) is a success with pupils:

BBC presenter tracks pupils
Gaby Roslin follows children as they return to school, and looks at how to deal with bullying:

Bullies stick together
Scottish target of bullying at school Michael McKinnon faces financial ruin by a defamation case in which witnesses were excluded. His advice about holding bullies accountable? "Keep quiet about being bullied. Shut up. Get out of the bully's way. Change schools if need be, but don't whatever you do report it.' More at

Norwegian man compensated for bullying

6 years for boy, 17, who stabbed 'bully' to death and

School can be scary for targets of bullies
Youth violence still not taken seriously enough, experts say:

Text message bullies face expulsion
Government to get tough on mobile phone abusers: and,1383,54771,00.html

GMTV features mobile phone bullying

Scottish web site growing
The Anti-Bullying Network based in Edinburgh has a growing web site and the answered emails section contains lots of advice:

Dress code
School uniforms provide endless opportunities for bullying and exclusion:

All children behave as well as they are treated:

Stressed kids leads to poor diet

Royalty bullied
Swedish Crown Princess Victoria has revealed that she was bullied at school because she suffered from dyslexia:

School bullying in Canada

Who is responsible?
A teenage target of bullying is jailed for 50 years but little mention is made of those who pushed him over the edge, nor of those who failed to stop the bullying: workbullycide/overedge.htm

Banish bullying: Eliminating intimidation
An article by Kathy English:

Anti-bullying posters

New book
Does Your Child Have a Hidden Disability? Jill Curtis, Hodder and Stoughton, September 2002, £7.99. 'Invisible' disabilities are often hard to understand, and there is a section in the book about being extra vigilant about bullying of children with special needs:


Monstrous Bosses ... and how to be one
BBC 1, Thursday 12 September, 9pm: this one-hour documentary focuses on the behaviour and attitude of bosses and the impact of these on employees. Includes retrospective cases highlighting the bullying tactics of which many bosses are guilty.

Bullying of students at university
I'm Kate Crockett and I'm researching an article to pitch to one of the UK national's education sections. I would like to speak to any UK university students who have been bullied or who are being bullied about their experiences and about how they've coped. It's an interesting area which I think hasn't really been looked at. Contact me by email at

Nice Work
I'm Mayo Ogunlabi and I work for a BBC Radio 4 programme called Nice Work, which deals with work place issues. Our series starts on 27th August, and we are looking for someone in the UK to take part in an item about bullying in the workplace. If you are experiencing bullying from your boss or your colleagues, and you want practical advice about how to deal with it, please get in contact. Anonymity will be respected. Email us on if you would like to take part.

New links and reminders

Here's a brilliant antidote to all those corporate cliches

Chief executives should be screened to weed out psychopaths
Robert Hare is one of the few people to understand this subject:

UK ACAS web site has information on bullying and grievance procedures - it has a search facility

ILO "SOLVE" programme to address psychosocial problems at work
Integrating stress and violence into corporate policy:

Canada Safety Council
Bullying in the workplace:

Elaine Sadowski v. City of Pittsburgh
Improper dismissal:

Mental Stress, Physical Illness
High Stress Levels Raise Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke:

National Phobics Society
...provides support and information for those affected by anxiety disorders, including PTSD:

Autism is like living on the wrong planet
Autistic sufferers frequently labelled "useless" but have high IQ:

Autism link to 'geek genes'

I've recently updated my stalking page to include stalker types, Internet stalking, and the typical profile of the male Internet stalker: successunlimited/related/stalking.htm

Dr Irene's verbal abuse site

Symptoms of emotional abuse

Setting boundaries and learning to say no gracefully

More on boundaries
Setting Personal Boundaries - protecting self:

Workplace narcissism
Executives Are Smitten, and Undone, by Their Own Images:

Bad bosses - where do they come from?
The last article at

Coping with a bully boss

Are you dealing with a meeting bully?

The 2001 National Work–Life Conflict Study: Report One
From Canada:

Bullying in the fire service
The intimidator: ambitious, aggressive but whose interests does he really have at heart?

Corruption in the police and

For German speakers
Rechtssprechung, Pressemitteilungen und arbeitsrechtliche Fragen und Antworten zum Thema Mobbing:
Direktlink vom BMA zum Thema Schmerzensgeld/Schadensersatz bei Mobbing: _uuid=2C61F61284A443C7B13D7B86A36372F4

Quotes of the month

"It's not that the bully wants to take our ball. He wants the whole bloody playground." Frank Graves, on a Russian tycoon's efforts to take over a pulp mill.:

"A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car, but if he has a university education he may steal the whole railroad." Franklin D Roosevelt

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