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videos about bullying

Videos on bullying

Videos on workplace bullying

BBC for Business Bullying at Work

TUC / Industrial Society video No excuse: beat bullying at work. The video, titled A life for Sarah, illustrates different types of bullying behaviour, their effects and outcomes and the negative impact on bullying in the workplace. The full pack includes a video, facilitators guide, and TUC/Industrial Society publications on bullying. The video is also available from The Andrea Adams Trust, cost 795 (preview available), tel 01273 704900, email

Videos on school bullying

Kidscape's publications list including videos.

UK's Department for Education and Employment (DfEE) anti-bullying pack for schools, Don't suffer in silence

BBC 1 Panorama Why bullies win which explores why, with so many initiatives and millions of pounds spent on campaigns, do many children still have nowhere to turn. Copies of this programme are available - send an email to with the subject "Why bullies win video" and you'll be advised how to obtain a copy at cost price.

Tony Jewers Productions specialises in school videos including bullying and discrimination; see email

Resource packs on resolving conflict, morality, citizenship, civil liberties, and crime and punishment including videos are available via the secondary schools resources catalogue from Incentive Plus, 70 Alston Drive,Bradwell Abbey,Milton Keynes,MK13 9HG, Telephone 0845 180 0141 or 01908 326940. The catalogue also makes available books and resources on confidence and esteem building, relationships, handling anger, bullying and discrimination etc. Email or see their web site.

Bullying Video Resource Pack: Positive Responses to Bullying, Carel Press,, email

From Canada: Bully Beware are passionate about keeping children safe. They've written two books and produced a video for schools that deal with the issues of bullying.

From USA: Four videos from Kathy Knoll price $12.95 each.
1) Montel Williams - Powerful points: a boy who took a gun to school to protect himself from his bullies and ended up getting suspended. And a story that made us all cry in the audience of a mother and father whose daughter committed suicide because she was too scared to go to school.
2) Three different shows on Bullying, School Violence, and Self-esteem from Dr Carter's & Kathy Noll's talk show, "New Directions." Includes video from prison of a teen who caused a fatal school shooting and now regrets it... Also Peer Mediators discuss their success stories & advice for kids/parents/teachers on how to deal with Bullies & Improve self-esteem.
3) Shows actual bullying caught on video tape at a high school - the bullies were made to play the "geeks" or "victims" to teach them what it feels like and how their bullying affects others. They really learn their lessons quite emotionally and there is also a touching scene where the victims of school shootings who survived come forward. It is called "Flipped" and is done by award-winning Arnold Shapiro Productions and was aired on MTV.
4) The Ananda Lewis Show features suicide from bullying and discusses the issue with the victims mother and friends who were bystanders that chose not to get involved and now regret it. Also, touching stories of students being bullied because of medical problems. Some are bullied by fellow students AND teachers. Ananda offers strength and powerful advice. 
To order by mail, send orders to Kathy Noll, 3300 Chestnut St., Reading, PA 19605. Shipping is only $2 for all four videos (or 1-4 videos). You can order by credit card or email Kathy Knoll for more information.

You don't have to take it any more: a video on school bullying from Hourglass Productions, New York.

From Australia: Poppy's Head is a 23 minute video for school students aged 11-15 approved by the NSW Dept of School Education which makes students aware of family problems connected with dementia. The strong sub-plot features school bullying. Made as an easy-to-watch drama in the style of "Neighbours" or "Home and Away" the video was short-listed for the 1999 AFI Awards (Australian Film Institute).

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