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Half the population are bullied ... most only recognize it when they read this

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Protection from Harassment Act: I'm expecting to have to take a case to the European Court of Human Rights sometime during the next 12 months. I'm hoping to hear from people who were convicted under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and who have been placed with a restraining order. I am not seeking just any case but specifically those where the alleged victim has then decided to abuse the protection of the court to exacerbate the situation, rather than let the matter lie. It is my experience that in such situations the new victim of harassment will not receive the same level of protection (if any) as the original complainant - this can lead to severe psychiatric trauma (which is likely to be in breach of Article 3). In such situations the victim will invariably react to their accuser's behaviour and then be rearrested for trying to defend themselves from such provocation due to the restraining order. Through my action, I'm hoping to force a change in the law to prevent such situations from occurring again. My e-mail address is:

Have you taken your trade union to court for unjustifiable discipline? Are there any Union members of any Union who have taken their Trade Union to an Employment Tribunal for ' Unjustifiable Discipline of a Trade Union to a Union member' ? If you are prepared to discuss any case that you have involvement with for such matters or you have read case law that relates to any case that has gone to tribunal please contact me on my e-mail address at I am researching any case law relating to this specific area but have only been able to find one case that was taken to tribunal and was upheld. The case was Beaumont v Amicus (February 2004) This case was upheld after Beaumont appealed against an earlier decision. Please write as soon as possible- your help would be most welcome. Thanks, Beryl Luke.

Abbey National: I am currently going through a dispute with the Abbey National regarding bullying. Whilst they admit to wrong doings by staff, they refuse to call it bullying, although it is clearly defined as such by ACAS. Could anyone else who has been in the same situation please contact me at

Andy Taylor is interested to hear from any past or present employees of DEFRA, Sungard Sherwood, Atos Origin staff or Contractors who have observed, experienced, or are currently experiencing bullying in the workplace. You are not alone, for advice and support contact Andy Taylor +44(0)1444 443088, email

Mike Ryan is interested to hear from any past or present employees of the UK Environment Agency who have suffered or are suffering bullying, stress and victimisation. Tel 01743 366859 or email

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